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Mac OS Ken: 11.23.2011

WSJ: Apple Recruiting Execs with Background in Web-Based Software / Credit Suisse Sees Hard Times for RIM Thanks in Part to the Lower-Cost iPhone 3GS / Jefferies and Co. Analyst Lowers iPad Sales Expectations; Says Bad News Around iPad Overblown / NPD: HP a Surprise Second in US Tablet Sales for First Ten Months of the Year / Apple Approves First Subscription Game App for iPad from Big Fish Games / Royal Caribbean Outfitting a Line of Ships with iPads for Passengers / Apple Takes Ownership of iPhone Related Domains That Had Linked to Porn / Apple’s Grand Central Terminal Store Will Apparently Miss Black Friday / Most Apple Store Opening Between “Kind of Early” and “Wicked Early” for Black Friday / Apple Teases 25 November Sales Event for UK Online Store / Ron Johnson Writes a Retail Manifesto / Aaron Sorkin Considering Writing Screenplay for Steve Jobs Bio-Pic

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