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Mac OS Ken: 11.22.2011

USITC Says Apple Not Violating S3 Graphics Patents / Canalys: Apple Will Be No. 1 PC-Maker by Mid-2012 (If We Count iPads as PCs) / ChangeWave: Amazon Kindle Fire Takes a Sudden and Secure Second-Place in Expected Tablet Sales / Survey: People Who Read Magazines on Tablets Want More Magazines to Read / Ultrabook Makers Turing to Alternatives as MacBook Air Eats All of the Aluminum Unibodies / Sprint Starts iPhone Ads Playing-Up Unlimited Data Offering / All Things D Says Regulatory Testing Seems to be Complete for iPhone 4S in Mainland China / German Site Says Unannounced iOS 5.0.2 Update Delayed for More Testing / Musnter: App Dollars Tiny for Android Compared to iOS / Web-Trackers Say Apple Second Most Popular Retail Site in UK in October / Apple Teases “Black Friday” Sale

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