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Mac OS Ken: 11.17.2011

Iger Gets a Tiny Amount of Money for Iger for Joining Apple Board of Directors / Jobs Bio: New Chairman of Apple Board Thinks Apple Needs to Check Its Hubris / AT&T Says Churn Unchanged Since Loss of iPhone Exclusivity / German Site Says New iOS 5 Update to Really Fix Battery Issues This Time Due By End of Next Week / GMail App for iOS Returns to App Store (Bug Free!) / Juniper Global Threat Center Says Android Malware Up 472-Percent Since July / Samsung Makes a Second Run at Germany with a Slightly Redesigned and Slightly Renamed 10-Inch Galaxy Tab / Chinese Environmentalist Says Apple Working on Cleaning Up Pollution in the Supply Chain / Business Insider Runs Down Features of Google Music / Another Look at Google Music from TechCrunch / T-Mobile Partners with Google Music for Customer Billing / Legendary Photographer Annie Liebovitz Names iPhone “the Snapshot Camera of Today” / Stanford iOS 5 App Development Course Available through iTunes U

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