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Mac OS Ken: 11.10.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off Domain Transfers or New Domains with Hover at / RBC/ChangeWave Survey Shows Kindle Fire “Intent to Buy” Numbers That Could Ding iPad Sales / Apple Shares Fall Wednesday After Far East Report of Possible iPhone and iPad Slowdown / Research Firm Says Verizon Loses More iPhone Share Than AT&T to Sprint Post-iPhone 4S / Wired: Reports Say Second iOS 5.0.1 beta Completely Solves Battery Drain Issue / “Intent to Buy” Numbers from Morgan Stanley Survey Bode Well for the Mac in China / Apple Publishes Support Doc on MagSafe Power Adapter Settlement / Adobe Dropping Development of Flash Player for Mobile Browsers / RIM Commits to Continuing Support for Adobe Flash Player for PlayBook / Google Dropping Support for GMail App for BlackBerry / Walmart Updates iPhone App and Introduces Separate App for iPad / Upcoming Starbucks Holiday App to Feature Fun with Augmented Reality

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