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Mac OS Ken: 11.30.2011

Nielsen: Android Top Smartphone OS in US, Apple Top Smartphone Maker / Wired: Developers Find References to New iPad 2, iPad 3, and iPhone 5 in iOS 5.1 beta / Barclays Analyst Sees an iPad 2, an iPad 2S, and an iPad 3 as Possibilities for 2012 / The Daily: Secret Sources Say Microsoft Working on Office for iPad / Forrester Research Says Microsoft May Arrive Too Late to the Tablet Game / Apple Releases Minor Safari Update / Australian Court Reverses Injunction Against Sale of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1; Issues “Stay of Orders” Pending Apple Appeal / Apple Seeks to Have Sales of Slightly Redesigned Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1N Barred in Germany / Florida Court Denies Motorola Move to Add Products to Ongoing Patent Infringement Suit Against Apple / Apple and Graphics Properties Holdings Play Suit/Countersuit / Apple Approves iTether App for App Store / Apple Pulls iTether App from App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 11.29.2011

Munster “Comfortable” with iPad Projections Based on “Black Friday” Sales / Deutsche Bank Analyst Sees “Black Friday” Sell-Outs of iPhone 4S / Amazon Says It’s Sold a Lot of Kindles and Kindle Fires This Holiday Season Without Saying How Many (As Usual) / Best Buy Cancels a Number of BlackBerry PlayBook Orders; Pulls PlayBook from Site / Report Has RIM Offering PlayBooks to Employees at Ridiculously Low Prices / Best Buy Says It Will Have More PlayBooks Soon; Doesn’t Say Why It Pulled PlayBook from Site and Cancelled Orders / Piper Jaffray Survey: Cash, Clothes, and Apple Gear Top U.S. Teen Holiday Lists / Apple Offers Free Shipping for Online Orders in US Through December 22 / Google Launches Catalogs App for iPad (Just in Time for the Holidays) / Apple Issues iOS 5.1 beta to Developers / Code Monkeys Find Coded Reference to Third-Gen Apple TV in iOS 5.1 beta / iPhone 4 Begins Smoking and Glowing on Regional Express Plane in Australia / TBR and ISIG Analysts Expect 15-Inch MacBook Air Soon / Seagate Says HDD Shortages to Continue for Several Quarters Due to Thai Flooding / Rolling Stone Publisher Bringing Titles to iPad / Original Document Establishing Apple Computer Up for Auction at Sotheby’s Next Month

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Mac OS Ken: 11.28.2011

NPD VP Sees Bad Sales This Holiday Season Thanks to Economy and Changes in Technology / IBM and comScore Say “Black Friday” Buying Online Up About 25-Percent / IBM: iOS Devices Account for 10-Percent of Online Retail Sales on “Black Friday” / 9 to 5 Mac Source Says Apple Smashes “Black Friday” Forecasts and Records / Best Buy Runs Holiday TV Spot Centered Around Apple Gear / Apple Runs Something Rare: A TV Commercial for an iPod / GfK: iPhone Users Most Likely to Stay with Their Smartphone Platform / HTC Lowers Guidance Due to Competition and Economic Concerns / HTC Reconsidering S3 Graphics Purchase After S3 Loss Against Apple / Foxconn Appears to Be Producing iPhones in Brazil for Brazil / Jefferies and Company Analyst Says Work Under Way on Next iPad, iPhone, and Maybe the Apple TV / WSJ Says Sharp Ramping LCD Panel Production for Next iPad / Macotakara Hears Talk of iPad 4 and Unspecified iOS Device with 4-Inch LCD / Apple Posts “Arriving Soon” Sign Outside Grand Central Terminal Store / First Subscription Game App Pulled from App Store on Day of Release / USPTO Presentation Commemorates Inventions and Trademarks of Steve Jobs

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Mac OS Ken: 11.25.2011

Macworld/iWorld is two months away. Today we learn more about it with IDG VP and Macworld/iWorld GM Paul Kent.

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Mac OS Ken: 11.23.2011

WSJ: Apple Recruiting Execs with Background in Web-Based Software / Credit Suisse Sees Hard Times for RIM Thanks in Part to the Lower-Cost iPhone 3GS / Jefferies and Co. Analyst Lowers iPad Sales Expectations; Says Bad News Around iPad Overblown / NPD: HP a Surprise Second in US Tablet Sales for First Ten Months of the Year / Apple Approves First Subscription Game App for iPad from Big Fish Games / Royal Caribbean Outfitting a Line of Ships with iPads for Passengers / Apple Takes Ownership of iPhone Related Domains That Had Linked to Porn / Apple’s Grand Central Terminal Store Will Apparently Miss Black Friday / Most Apple Store Opening Between “Kind of Early” and “Wicked Early” for Black Friday / Apple Teases 25 November Sales Event for UK Online Store / Ron Johnson Writes a Retail Manifesto / Aaron Sorkin Considering Writing Screenplay for Steve Jobs Bio-Pic

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Mac OS Ken: 11.22.2011

USITC Says Apple Not Violating S3 Graphics Patents / Canalys: Apple Will Be No. 1 PC-Maker by Mid-2012 (If We Count iPads as PCs) / ChangeWave: Amazon Kindle Fire Takes a Sudden and Secure Second-Place in Expected Tablet Sales / Survey: People Who Read Magazines on Tablets Want More Magazines to Read / Ultrabook Makers Turing to Alternatives as MacBook Air Eats All of the Aluminum Unibodies / Sprint Starts iPhone Ads Playing-Up Unlimited Data Offering / All Things D Says Regulatory Testing Seems to be Complete for iPhone 4S in Mainland China / German Site Says Unannounced iOS 5.0.2 Update Delayed for More Testing / Musnter: App Dollars Tiny for Android Compared to iOS / Web-Trackers Say Apple Second Most Popular Retail Site in UK in October / Apple Teases “Black Friday” Sale

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Mac OS Ken: 11.21.2011

Apple Extends Window for Buying AppleCare+ iPhone Coverage to 30-Days After Phone Purchase / Metrico Wireless: AT&T Tops for iPhone 4S Data, Verizon Best for Calls / AT&T Raises Price of iPhone 3GS with 2-Year Contract from Free to 99-Cents / DigiTimes Sources Say Mid-Range Tablet Makers Likely to Leave the Field / 9 to 5 Mac Sources Say Apple to Officially Announce Grand Central Station Store Tomorrow / Apple Insider: Apple Seeks 2.7-Billion-Dollar Bail in German Case with Motorola Mobility / All Things D: Judge Questions Bail Amount in Apple/Motorola Mobility Case in Germany / Report Says Replacement First-Gen nanos Are Also First-Gen nanos / Apple Issues Maintenance Update for Xcode / Apple Now Accepting Yaun for App Store in China / Apple VP Greg Joswiak Shares Four Top Lessons from 20 Years at Apple / Rumor: George Clooney and Noah Wyle Both Vie to Play Steve Jobs in Bio-Pic

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Mac OS Ken: 11.18.2011

Needham and Co. Analyst: Mac Now at 5.2-Percent Market Share Worldwide / Mac OS X-Malware “DevilRobber” Morphs; Now Disguised as Pirated PixelMator / DigiTimes Clarifies Report That Seemed to Indicate Drop in iPad 2 Demand / iPhone 4S Still Hard to Get Through U.S. Carriers / Citigroup Analyst Says Amazon Plans a Smartphone of Its Own for 2012 / IHS iSuppli: First Look Puts Kindle Fire Cost-to-Build at 203-Dollars / Apple Amends Suit Against Amazon Over Use of “Appstore” in Kindle Fire Marketing / Samsung Denies Apple Request for Customer Confusion Information / Nielsen: iPad, iPod Touch, and iPhone Top Holiday Wish Lists for US Kids 6-to-12-Years-Old / Shopping Site Finds iPad 2 and iPhone 4S Topping Holiday Wish Lists in the UK / Apple Issues Minor Update for Final Cut Pro X / Apple Issues Minor Update for Second-Gen Apple TV / Apple Pulls Its Texas Hold ‘em App from the App Store / Motorola Mobility Shareholders Approve Acquisition by Google / Porn-Producer Vivid Entertainment Threatens HTC America Over Alleged Trademark Infringement / Microsoft Opens Store in Same Mall as First Apple Store; In-Store DJ Spins with a Mac

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Mac OS Ken: 11.17.2011

Iger Gets a Tiny Amount of Money for Iger for Joining Apple Board of Directors / Jobs Bio: New Chairman of Apple Board Thinks Apple Needs to Check Its Hubris / AT&T Says Churn Unchanged Since Loss of iPhone Exclusivity / German Site Says New iOS 5 Update to Really Fix Battery Issues This Time Due By End of Next Week / GMail App for iOS Returns to App Store (Bug Free!) / Juniper Global Threat Center Says Android Malware Up 472-Percent Since July / Samsung Makes a Second Run at Germany with a Slightly Redesigned and Slightly Renamed 10-Inch Galaxy Tab / Chinese Environmentalist Says Apple Working on Cleaning Up Pollution in the Supply Chain / Business Insider Runs Down Features of Google Music / Another Look at Google Music from TechCrunch / T-Mobile Partners with Google Music for Customer Billing / Legendary Photographer Annie Liebovitz Names iPhone “the Snapshot Camera of Today” / Stanford iOS 5 App Development Course Available through iTunes U

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Mac OS Ken: 11.16.2011

Apple Adds Disney CEO Bob Iger to Board; Promotes Art Levinson to Chairman / All Things D: Levinson and Iger Good Moves for Apple Board / Bernstein Research Analyst Sees Apple Spending Money on Supplier Operations / Australian Court to Hear Samsung Case Against Sale of iPhone 4S in March of 2012 / Wireless Legend Says Jobs Wanted to Replace Wireless Carriers / WSJ: NTT DoCoMo CEO Says Apple Carrier Restrictions Keep iPhone Off of His Network / International Strategy and Investment Group Analyst Thinks Apple Under Cook Will Start Paying a Dividend / Goldman Thinks Surprise Rise for Retail Sales in October Thanks Largely to the iPhone / Apple Sends Next Lion Update beta to Developers / Apple Informs Developers of iTunes Connect Holiday Shutdown From December 22 through 29 / CNET: Changes in Apple TV Listing on Amazon Might Point to Imminent Refresh of the Device / Apple Insider: Korea Times Pulls Story About Screens for Bigger iPhones and Smaller iPads / Former Apple Retail Chief Gets Former Apple Retail CFO to Come to JC Penney

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Mac OS Ken: 11.15.2011

Apple Releases iTunes 10.5.1; Flips Switch on iTunes Match / Fortune: iTunes Match Over-Subscribed in Early Hours / UBS Analyst Sees Big Holiday Quarter for iPhone in the States / NPD: iPhones Are Top Two Smartphones in US in 3Q CY2011 / Reports Have iPhone 4S Landing in India on 25 November / Piper Jaffray Sees Another Record Quarter for Macs in NPD Numbers / Morgan Stanley: MacBook Air Made Up 28-Percent of Mac Sales in October / Macs See Significant European Growth in 3Q CY2011 / Goldman Sachs Sees Potential Weakening of iPad Demand / Appcelerator/IDC Survey Shows Significant Application Developer Interest in Amazon Kindle Fire / Apple and AT&T Hit with New Patent Infringement Suit / Samsung Not Seeking Injunction Against iPhone 4S in South Korea / Korea Times Secret Source Says Apple Plans to Intro Bigger Screened iPhone and Smaller Screened iPad / Apple Opening Eighth Store in Germany This Thursday / Apple Forces to Shut Down Over Five-Years After Forcing a Name Change

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Mac OS Ken: 11.14.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off Domain Transfers or New Domains with Hover at / Apple Looking Into Reports of Battery Issues Post-iOS 5.0.1 Update / iOS 4/iPhone 3G/iBrick Case Tossed Out / Apple Starts Sales of Unlocked, Contract-Free, GSM-Only iPhone 4S / Sprint Starts Locking SIM on iPhone 4S / Claro Puerto Rico Offers 16GB iPhone 4S for 99-Dollars with 2-Year Contract / UAE Carriers Disable iMessage Due to Regulatory Investigation of Service / UAE Site 7 Days Says iMessage Running Again in UAE / Saturday: Apple Nukes iTunes Match Libraries to Prepare for Launch / Later Saturday: Apple Issues New iTunes beta Meant to Improve iTunes Match Stability and Performance / Apple Says Some iCloud Users See Two-and-a-Half Hour Outage on Friday / Apple Offers Replacements for Some First-Gen iPod nanos Due to Overheating and Safety Issues / Australian Court: Apple Does Not Have to Reveal iPhone 4S/Wireless Carrier Contract Details to Samsung / Phil Schiller Gets Slightly Modified Title Change at Apple / Google Invites Media to Suspected Music Store Event / Apple Launches Holiday Gift Guide in Online Store / IBM Coremetrics: Consumers Buy More and Spend More When Shopping Via iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 11.11.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off Domain Transfers or New Domains with Hover at / Report: Hong Kong Apple Store Sells Out of iPhone 4S by Lunchtime / Apple Releases iOS v5.0.1 as OTA Update / iOS Update Patches Vulnerability Recently Revealed by Charlie Miller / iOS Update Fixes iPad 2 Smart Cover Security Flaw / Apple Issues MacBook Pro SMC Firmware Update, Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update, and Airport and Time Capsule Update / Apple Updates iAd Producer to v2.0 / Publicis Exec Pretty Much Likes iAds / Logitech Getting Out of the Google TV Business (for the Foreseeable Future) / Sony CEO Says He’s Finally Ready to Compete Against Steve Jobs / Jobs Biographer Hems and Haws on Apple and Televisions / Apple Rises to Fourth in Greenpeace Guide to Greener Electronics / Report: Apple Matching Gifts Program Earns Combined 2.6-Million Dollars for Charities in Less Than Two Months / WSJ Says Ron Johnson Trying to Hire Former Apple Retail CFO to Work at JC Penney / Want Ron Johnson’s Old Job? Send Your Apple Retail Application to

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Mac OS Ken: 11.10.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off Domain Transfers or New Domains with Hover at / RBC/ChangeWave Survey Shows Kindle Fire “Intent to Buy” Numbers That Could Ding iPad Sales / Apple Shares Fall Wednesday After Far East Report of Possible iPhone and iPad Slowdown / Research Firm Says Verizon Loses More iPhone Share Than AT&T to Sprint Post-iPhone 4S / Wired: Reports Say Second iOS 5.0.1 beta Completely Solves Battery Drain Issue / “Intent to Buy” Numbers from Morgan Stanley Survey Bode Well for the Mac in China / Apple Publishes Support Doc on MagSafe Power Adapter Settlement / Adobe Dropping Development of Flash Player for Mobile Browsers / RIM Commits to Continuing Support for Adobe Flash Player for PlayBook / Google Dropping Support for GMail App for BlackBerry / Walmart Updates iPhone App and Introduces Separate App for iPad / Upcoming Starbucks Holiday App to Feature Fun with Augmented Reality

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Mac OS Ken: 11.09.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off Domain Transfers or New Domains with Hover at / Barclays Analyst Calls iCloud Most Important Apple Service Since iTunes Store / Sterne Agee Analyst Says Apple Store Revenue - Not Technology - Keeps iPhone Off of China Mobile / IDC and Forrester Analysts Say Kindle Fire and Nook Tablet Pose No Threat to iPad / Amazon to Launch Kindle Fire at 16,000 Retail Locations on 15 November / Australian Judge Orders Apple to Reveal Details of iPhone Deals with Carriers Down Under / Apple Insider Says Resellers Keep Selling Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia Despite Injunction Barring Such Sales / Apple Updates Apple Store iOS App with EasyPay and Personal Pickup Options / Consumer Reports Can Recommend iPhone 4S (Though It Likes Some Android Phones Better) / Apple Reportedly Says No Plans for Siri on Older Devices / 9 to 5 Mac: Apple Giving Some End Users Access to Battery-Fix iOS Update for Testing / Apple Adds Titles from The Criterion Collection to iTunes Movies

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Mac OS Ken: 11.08.2011

Sponsor Message: Get 10-Percent Off Domain Transfers or New Domains with Hover at / Security Guy Charlie Miller Uncovers Serious iOS Exploit via “Stealth App” / Apple Boots Charlie Miller from iOS Developer Program / Detusche Bank Analyst Sees No Slowdown Yet of iPhone 4S Demand / Fortune: iPhone 4S Pre-Orders See Unprecedented Demand in Hong Kong and South Korea / CNET Says Apple Holding “Union Awareness” Course for Retail Management Today / VirnetX Files Complaint Against Apple with USITC to Go Along with Lawsuit / Motorola Mobility Wins Preliminary (and Temporarily Meaningless) Injunction Against Apple in Germany / Barnes and Noble Announces Nook Tablet / Canaccord Genuity Analyst Expects Continuing Dominance for iPad / Developer Finds Hidden Panorama Feature in iOS 5 Camera App

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Mac OS Ken: 11.07.2011

comScore Survey: Apple Only Top-Five Phone Maker to Grow U.S. Share in 3Q CY2011 / Canaccord Genuity Analyst: Apple Makes Over Half of World’s Cellphone Profits Selling Less Than a Twentieth of World’s Phones / Taiwan Clears iPhone 4S for Sale / U.S. Cellular Passed on Carrying iPhone / UK-Firm Finds Android Phones Most Prone to Breakage Among Smartphones / Report: EC Investigating Samsung for Possible Violation of EU Competition Laws / Apple Sued Over Alleged VPN-Patent Violation / Apple Issues Second iOS 5.0.1 Battery-Fix beta / Apple Seeds Safari beta with PDF Fix to Developers / Walgreens Piloting Program for In-Store, iPad-Equipped “Health Guides” / Apple VP of Global Security Resigns / CNET: Security Expert Doubts Apple Security VP was Forced Out / Apple Issues New Boatloads of Stock to Many Top Execs / Sanford Bernstein Analyst Thinks Apple Will Make an “Apple TV 3” Rather Than a Full-On Apple Television / HP Offering webOS Developers Discounted TouchPads / “Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview” Headed to Landmark Theatres

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Mac OS Ken: 11.04.2011

Some iPhone 4S Users Report Siri Outages / Ars Technica: Siri Uses Relatively Little Data to Do What It Does / Sprint Says It’s Working on Finding and Fixing 3G-Speed Issues for iPhone 4S / IDC: Estimated Samsung Shipments Make It the Number One Smartphone Vendor in 3Q CY2011 (Maybe) / Canalys Keeps Counting Tablets as Computers, Leading to Decent Growth for Computers in 3Q CY2011 / Engadget Says Leaked Document Show Next Barnes and Noble nook a Powerful Competitor to Amazon Kindle Fire / Barclays Analyst: Apple Not Concerned Over Amazon Kindle Fire / DigiTimes Sources Say Apple to Overhaul Entire Line Next Year; Release Two iPads / CBS CEO May Have Let Some Apple TV Plans Out of the Bag / Apple Click-to-Mortar Pick-Up Option Expands Over All of California / CNET Says Glass Cube at NYC Apple Store Should Re-Open Today

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Mac OS Ken: 11.03.2011

Apple Admits to iOS 5 Problem Draining Batteries on Some Devices / beta to Fix iOS 5 Battery Issues Crashes Some Developer Devices / iOS 5.0.1 beta Fixes Unlikely Smart Cover Security Issue / Apple Issues iTunes 10.5.1 beta 2 to Developers as Work on iTunes Match Continues / Apple to Mac App Store Developers: Everybody in the Sandbox / South Korea Lifts Ban on iOS Games Ahead of iPhone 4S Release There / Czech Division of Telefonica Opts to Drop iPhones / Jony Ive and Other Apple Designers to Be Deposed by Samsung This Month / Apple Loses Case Over Competing Tablet Design in Spain / Jobs Bio Sells 379-Thousand Copies in the US in First Week of Release / Google Launches (Then Yanks) Flawed iOS App for GMail / Business Insider: Google Didn’t Really Care About the GMail iOS App / Fortune: Apple May Have Okayed Faulty GMail iOS App to Make Google Look Bad

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Mac OS Ken: 11.02.2011

Apple Launching iPhone 4S in 15 More International Regions on 11 November / US-Regional Wireless Carrier C-Spire to Start iPhone 4 and 4S Sales on 11 November / Sterne Agee Analyst Sees Strong Sales of iPhone 4S for Verizon and Sprint / RW Baird Analyst Sees iPhone 4S Demand Outpacing Supply in the States / NetApplications: iOS Grows October Market Share to Over 61-Percent / NetApplications: Safari Dominates Mobile Web Browsing; Grows a Bit on the Desktop / Samsung Wants to See iPhone 4S Firmware Code and Apple Deals with  Australian Carriers / DevilRobber: New Multi-Pronged Malware Hits the Scene / Apple Misses “End of October” iTunes Match Release Date / Apple Retail Chief (Finally) Leaves for JC Penney with No Successor Named / GarageBand for iOS Now Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

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Mac OS Ken: 11.01.2011

UBS: China Telecom Likely to Get CDMA-iPhone in First Half of 2012 / Analysts Say Weak HTC Forecast Likely Thanks to Strong iPhone 4S / Rumor: Apple Testing 15-Inch MacBook Air-Type Laptop / Rumor: Apple Considers Dumping Mac Pro Line / Apple Insider: First Machines Claiming to Run Mac OS X 10.8 Show Up in Website Data Logs / Piper Jaffray Analyst Sees Preference for iPads Over Android Tablets in IT for EDUs / South Wales Primary School Sees Anecdotal Results Deploying iPads and iPods / Brazilian Foxconn iPad Plant Could be Slowed by Expensive and Unskilled Workforce / Foxconn Parent Company Breaks Ground on Robotics R&D Facility / Apple Expands In-Store Pick-Up Option to NYC; Says Wider US Expansion of Program ‘Coming Soon’ / Rumor: Apple Store App to Enable Self-Checkout for Some Products at Apple Stores / Barnes & Noble Invites Press to Event Likely for Nook Color 2 Introduction / Acer Chairman Happy HP is Staying in PCs / Pete Townshend Likens iTunes to a “Digital Vampire”

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