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Mac OS Ken: 10.28.2011

Apple Full-Time Staff Up from 49,400 in FY2010 to 60,400 in FY2011 / Apple Grows R-and-D Spending from 1.8-Billion Dollars in FY2010 to 2.4-Billion Dollars in FY2011 / Apple Nearly Doubling CapEx to Eight-Billion-Dollars in FY2012 / Sprint CEO Says iPhone Deal is for Four Years; Valued at 15.5-Billion Dollars / Sprint CEO Praises Efficiency iPhone Data Use / Forrester Reverses Years-Long Stance; Suggests Enterprise IT Support the Mac for Those Who Want It / Apple Issues Aperture Update; Printer Driver Updates for HP and Epson Machines / NYT: Bilton Says Siri the Key to Steve Jobs Cracking the Connected TV Experience / Samsung Granted Appeal Hearing in Australian Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction / HP Decides to Stay in the PC Business / HP Plans to Get Back Into Tablets with Windows 8; Leaves Fate of webOS in the Air / Motorola Mobility Only Ships 100-Thousand Xooms in 3Q

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