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Mac OS Ken: 10.24.2011

Verizon Activates 2-Million iPhones in 3Q; Sells Out of iPhone 4S on Day One / Apple Opens iPhone 4S Pre-Orders to 22 More Countries / UBS Analyst Sees Between 28-Million and 42.5-Million iPhone 4S Units Sold This Quarter / Report: Exec Behind Siri Leaves Apple / 9 to 5 Mac: Smart Cover Security Issue Spotted for iPad 2 and iOS5 / Strategy Analytics: Apple’s Share of the Tablet Market Slips / USITC Dismisses Google and T-Mobile Arguments in Apple v. HTC Case / Xinhua: An Update on the Floods in Thailand / Electronista Looks at Hard Disks, PCs, Apple, and Floods / Yahoo! Data Center Exec Joins Apple / 9 to 5 Mac Source Says NYC Grand Central Station Store to Open by November 25 / Part of Next Summer’s The Avengers Shot on an iPhone / Apple Posts Video of “ A Celebration of Steve’s Life” / Jobs Tells Isaacson He’s “Cracked” the Connected TV

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