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Mac OS Ken: 10.21.2011

Factory That Makes MacBook Air Casing Should Be Back On-Line by November / WSJ Says Suppliers are Currently Filling Orders for Parts for iPad 3 / AT&T Expects This Quarter to Be Best Smartphone Quarter So Far / AT&T Says “Free” iPhone 3GS Seeing Sellouts Across the Country / Apple Insider: WSJ Source Says Samsung Shipped More Smartphones Than Apple in Most Recent Quarter / CNET: There’s a Big Difference Between Smartphone Shipments and Sales / Samsung Considers Seeking iPhone 4S Ban in South Korea / Samsung Case Seeking Ban of iPhone 4S in France Delayed / Apple Announces Tech Talk World Tour 2011 / Apple Reopening Victoria Gardens Store in Rancho Cucamonga This Weekend / Best Buy Launches “App Discovery Center” for iOS and Android Applications / The iPad: 23 October Marks Ten Years in the Public’s Consciousness / Apple Site Goes Back to Business as Usual with iPhone 4S Promo Info / Apple Starts Siri-Centric iPhone 4S TV Ad / Steve Jobs Biography to Be Released Monday (iBookstore Link) / Gore: Jobs Didn’t Want Apple Execs Asking “What Would Steve Do?”

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