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Mac OS Ken: 10.31.2011

The Guardian: Apple Engineers Reaching Out to Some iPhone 4S Users with Battery Issues / The Guardian: iPhone 4S Battery Drain May Be Caused By Bug in Location Services / iOS Developer Ports Fully Functional Siri App to iPhone 4 as Proof-of-Concept / Report: Apple Owns Third Mapping Software Company C3 / RIM Running “Buy Tow PlayBooks, Get One Free” Promo for the Enterprise / All Things D Hears Hints of a Windows 8 Tablet from Nokia (Though I’m Not Sure I Do) / Best Buy Promo Has Chain Selling HP TouchPads with Select Computers / The Guardian Says HP to Shutter webOS Division Soon / HP PSG Head Calls Talk of HP Killing webOS “Unfounded Rumor” / Taiwan Premier Pledges to Help Local Phone-Makers If Apple Sues Over “Slide-to-Unlock” / NYT Runs Mona Simpson’s “A Sister’s Eulogy for Steve Jobs” / Apple Sues German Cafe Over Logo

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Mac OS Ken: 10.28.2011

Apple Full-Time Staff Up from 49,400 in FY2010 to 60,400 in FY2011 / Apple Grows R-and-D Spending from 1.8-Billion Dollars in FY2010 to 2.4-Billion Dollars in FY2011 / Apple Nearly Doubling CapEx to Eight-Billion-Dollars in FY2012 / Sprint CEO Says iPhone Deal is for Four Years; Valued at 15.5-Billion Dollars / Sprint CEO Praises Efficiency iPhone Data Use / Forrester Reverses Years-Long Stance; Suggests Enterprise IT Support the Mac for Those Who Want It / Apple Issues Aperture Update; Printer Driver Updates for HP and Epson Machines / NYT: Bilton Says Siri the Key to Steve Jobs Cracking the Connected TV Experience / Samsung Granted Appeal Hearing in Australian Galaxy Tab 10.1 Injunction / HP Decides to Stay in the PC Business / HP Plans to Get Back Into Tablets with Windows 8; Leaves Fate of webOS in the Air / Motorola Mobility Only Ships 100-Thousand Xooms in 3Q

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Mac OS Ken: 10.27.2011

CNN/Money: Sprint Sees Most Customers Added in 3Q in Five Years (And That’s Pre-iPhone) / Sprint Says iPhone Attracting More New Customers Than It Expected / Gazelle Sees Record-High BlackBerry Trade-Ins After RIM Service Outage and iPhone 4S Launch / Nokia Shows Off Its First WP7 Phones / iPhone Replaces Nokia Phones as Most Desired 3G Phone in China / Morgan Stanley Says Less-Expensive iPhone Would be Huge in China (Where iPhone is Already Huge) / Italian Court Hearing Samsung Case Against Apple Adjourns Until Mid-December / Sophos Spots New Backdoor Trojan Targeting Mac OS X Machines / Apple Issues EFI Updates for a Number of Macs as Well as a Thunderbolt Update and a QuickTime Update for Windows / Apple Issues Bug-Fix Update for iPhoto ’11 / MacBook Unibody Producer Catcher Technology to Be Back to Production Next Week / Apple Warns Developers of iTunes Match Reset Ahead of Anticipated Public Launch / 9 to 5 Mac Says Apple Piloting New Option to Buy Online, Pick Up in Store / Some Jobs Bio iBook Buyers Encouraged to Delete and Re-Download to Fix Formatting Issue / PBS to Air New Steve Jobs Documentary 2 November at 10pm Eastern / Hotel Wifi Provider Says iPad to Blame for Crappy Hotel Wifi / iPads and an “Angry Bird” Doll Headed to International Space Station

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Mac OS Ken: 10.26.2011

ABI Says Tablet Sales Eclipse Netbook Sales for the First Time in 2Q CY2011 / CEA Says Tablets Most Desired Gadget-Gift This Holiday Season / Harris Poll Shows Apple Dominance with Kids in America / Pew Study Shows Majority of Tablet News Seekers Unwilling to Pay / Conde Nast Sees Significant Rise in Subscriptions and Single-Issue Sales with Launch of iOS 5 Newsstand / Shaw Wu Says Content and Licensing Deals - Not Tech - Are Holding Back an Apple Television / Ive Comments in Jobs Biography Indicate Three-Year Pipeline for Apple Products / Rumor Has Sony Pursuing Aaron Sorkin to Write Script for Rumored Film Adaptation of Steve Jobs Biography / Apple Awarded Patent for “Slide to Unlock” Gesture / Report Has Apple Eyeing Solar Power for NC Data Center / The Flaming Lips to Honor Steve Jobs at O Music Awards Next Monday / Director of Photography for The Avengers Says None of Film Was Shot on iPhone After All / Father of the iPod Tony Fadell Launches a Smart and Sexy Thermostat / IDG Reboots Macworld Expo as Macworld/iWorld; Opens 2012 Registration

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Mac OS Ken: 10.25.2011

Morgan Keegan Analyst Thinks iPhone 4S Is Stealing Android Market Share in the States / Some Sprint Users Complain of Slow 3G Speeds for iPhone 4S / Apple Quietly Upgrades MacBook Pro Line / Apple Quietly Updates Part of the Smart Cover Line / Apple Issues Updates for Apple TV (Again) and for Mid-2010 15-Inch MacBook Pro / Bloomberg Sources Say Developer Behind iTunes Leading Full-Sized TV Charge for Apple / Munster Source Says Apple Television Prototypes Are in the Works / ABI: Android Apps Top iOS Apps in Quantity in 2Q CY2011 While Quality (and Money) Go to iOS / One JP Morgan Analyst Loves the Kindle Fire, One Has No Use for It / Steve Jobs Biography Tops Sales Charts for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Apple’s iBookstore / Macworld UK: IHS iSuppli Plants Seeds of Doubt About a Jobsless Apple / Apple Settles Class-Action Suit with Millions for Lawyers; Three-Dollars-and-25-Cents for Consumers

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Mac OS Ken: 10.24.2011

Verizon Activates 2-Million iPhones in 3Q; Sells Out of iPhone 4S on Day One / Apple Opens iPhone 4S Pre-Orders to 22 More Countries / UBS Analyst Sees Between 28-Million and 42.5-Million iPhone 4S Units Sold This Quarter / Report: Exec Behind Siri Leaves Apple / 9 to 5 Mac: Smart Cover Security Issue Spotted for iPad 2 and iOS5 / Strategy Analytics: Apple’s Share of the Tablet Market Slips / USITC Dismisses Google and T-Mobile Arguments in Apple v. HTC Case / Xinhua: An Update on the Floods in Thailand / Electronista Looks at Hard Disks, PCs, Apple, and Floods / Yahoo! Data Center Exec Joins Apple / 9 to 5 Mac Source Says NYC Grand Central Station Store to Open by November 25 / Part of Next Summer’s The Avengers Shot on an iPhone / Apple Posts Video of “ A Celebration of Steve’s Life” / Jobs Tells Isaacson He’s “Cracked” the Connected TV

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Mac OS Ken: 10.21.2011

Factory That Makes MacBook Air Casing Should Be Back On-Line by November / WSJ Says Suppliers are Currently Filling Orders for Parts for iPad 3 / AT&T Expects This Quarter to Be Best Smartphone Quarter So Far / AT&T Says “Free” iPhone 3GS Seeing Sellouts Across the Country / Apple Insider: WSJ Source Says Samsung Shipped More Smartphones Than Apple in Most Recent Quarter / CNET: There’s a Big Difference Between Smartphone Shipments and Sales / Samsung Considers Seeking iPhone 4S Ban in South Korea / Samsung Case Seeking Ban of iPhone 4S in France Delayed / Apple Announces Tech Talk World Tour 2011 / Apple Reopening Victoria Gardens Store in Rancho Cucamonga This Weekend / Best Buy Launches “App Discovery Center” for iOS and Android Applications / The iPad: 23 October Marks Ten Years in the Public’s Consciousness / Apple Site Goes Back to Business as Usual with iPhone 4S Promo Info / Apple Starts Siri-Centric iPhone 4S TV Ad / Steve Jobs Biography to Be Released Monday (iBookstore Link) / Gore: Jobs Didn’t Want Apple Execs Asking “What Would Steve Do?”

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Mac OS Ken: 10.20.2011

Forbes: Analysts Suggest Buying Apple Shares on Wednesday’s Dip / U.S. Regional Carrier C Spire Wireless to Start Selling iPhone 4S “Soon” / Some Apple Insider Readers Say iCloud is Eating Their “Documents and Data” / Rethinking Siri and iPhone 4: It’s Probably Not the Microphone / Sophos Sees Reason for Concern Around Siri and Security / Google’s King of the Androids: I Don’t Believe That Your Phone Should Be an Assistant / Head of Windows Phone 7 Says Siri Implementation Not “Super Useful” While Playing Up Voice Recognition in WP7 / Google Exec Says Google Music Store Will Be Different; Doesn’t Say How / Samsung Exec Says Design of Galaxy Nexus Intentionally Seeks to Steer Clear of Apple Patents / Apple Re-Issues Apple TV 4.4.1 Update / Option to Turn on iTunes Match Turns Up on iOS 5 Devices Though the Service Is Not Live / CNET: Taiwanese Report May Hint at Seven-Inch iPad in the Works / Softbank CEO Says Steve Jobs Worked on Unreleased Products Until Day Before He Died / Apple Celebrates the Life of Steve Jobs with Employees; Posts Public Tribute on its Site / Researchers Use Pieced Together Computer to Figure Pi to 10-Billionth Digit / Former Short-Time Apple Exec Mark Papermaster Lands Gig at AMD

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Mac OS Ken: 10.19.2011

Apple Reports Record Mac and iPad Sales for 4QFY2011 / Apple Shares Drop 6.68-Percent in After Hours Trading Post Earnings Report / Fortune Looks at Misses on Expectations for iPhone Sales and Revenue / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Brian White Encourages Clients to Buy Apple Shares on “Any Weakness” / Get the Apple Quarterly Earnings Call Podcast on iTunes Here / Report: Apple Retail Locations in the States to Close for a Few Hours Today to Honor Steve Jobs

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Mac OS Ken: 10.18.2011

Apple Says iPhone 4S Sales Top 4-Million Units in First Three Days / Wired Puts Stunning iPhone 4S Sales Numbers in Context / Apple Initiates iPhone 4S Reservation Requirement for US and Canada / iPhone 4S Turns Up on Chinese Grey Market for Between 13-Hundred and Two-Thousand Dollars / Some iPhone 4S Buyers Complain of Issues with Screen / CNET: Some iPhone 4S Users Still Seeing Trouble with Siri / Apple to Release Fourth-Quarter and Fiscal Year 2011 Earnings Today / Macworld Marks Todays Earnings Call as the First Under CEO Cook / Samsung Sues to Stop iPhone 4S, iPhone 4 and iPad 2 Sales in Australia and Japan / USITC Says Apple Did Not Violate Patents in One HTC Case / Pollution Problem at Chinese Plant Could Disrupt Product Shipments for Apple and a Number of Other Companies / Sears Gives Employees iThings and Customers In-Store WiFi

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Mac OS Ken: 10.17.2011

Munster Expected iPhone 4S Sales of Up to 2.5-Million Over the Weekend; Yankee Group Says 4-Million / Analysts Looks at Who’s Dropping What for iPhone 4S / Sprint and AT&T Trumpet iPhone 4S Sales on Release Day / AT&T Customers See (the Usual) Day-One iPhone Activation Issues / Softbank Sees Three-Hour Activation System Outage on First Day of iPhone 4S Sales / Apple Closes at a Record-High 422-Dollars on Day One of iPhone 4S Sales / CNET: Some See Trouble with Siri on Its First Night Out / Apple Gives Siri Attitude / Mobile Developer Hacks Siri into an iPhone 4 / Ticonderoga Analyst Sees Lower Priced iPad Early Next Year / CNET: Unnamed Industry Source Says Chatter Picking Up for 7-Inch iPad / Susquehanna Analyst Hears iPad 3 Production Should Start By End of Year / Foxconn and Brazil Say iThings Factory is a Go / Dutch Court Rejects Samsung Request for Ban on Sale of iThings

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Mac OS Ken: 10.14.2011

All Three Carriers in the States Sell Out of Pre-Order iPhone 4Ses (Even Sprint!) / Munster Sees 18.8 Million Existing iPhone Owners Upgrading to iPhone 4S / TUAW: Apple Extends Time to Buy AppleCare+ for Some Who Pre-Ordered New Phones / Apple Updates iPhoto to v9.2 / Apple Updates iWork Apps for iOS with iCloud Integration and Various Tweaks / Apple Updates iMovie for iOS, Remote, and Find My iPhone / Apple Updates iPhone Configuration Utility to v3.4 / Apple Releases New iOS Apps Cards and iTunes Movie Trailers / Appel Releases New iOS Apps “Find My Friends” and “AirPort Utility” / Apple Starts Selling 99-Cent Alert Tones for iOS Devices / Electronista Says MacBook Pro Update Looks Likely Soon / Judge in Apple v. Samsung Case Says Galaxy Tab 10.1 Does Violate Apple Patents, But She’s Not Sure Those Patents are Valid / Samsung Lawyers Cannot Tell iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1 Apart from Ten-Feet Away / Apple CEO Tim Cook Reportedly Gives Cupertino-Crew Full Week Off for U.S. Thanksgiving / Bloomberg/Businessweek Profiles Apple iOS Lead Scott Forstall / Statements Around the Original “Ice Cream Sandwich” Postponement / Samsung Sets Up Pop-Up Shop Near Apple Store with 2-Dollar Smartphones / Samsung and Goole Reschedule “Ice Cream Sandwich” Event for Wednesday 19 October

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Mac OS Ken: 10.13.2011

Gartner: Mac and iPad Sales Disrupt Status Quo in PC-Land / IDC: Mac and iPad Sales Disrupt Status Quo in PC-Land / Apple Insider Reader Gets iPhone 4S Delivery on Wednesday / Australian Court Imposes Temporary Injunction Barring Sales of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Down Under / Samsung Says It’ll Upgrade Phones to Beat Sales Ban in the Netherlands / LA Times: Sources Say Apple Working to Take Movies into iCloud / Apple Updates Lion to v10.7.2 / Apple Updates Safari to v5.1.1 / Apple Releases iOS 5 / Many See Snags Upgrading to iOS 5 / MacNN: iOS 5 Addresses 95 Security Vulnerabilities / Apple Update Second-Gen Apple TV with iOS 5 Support and Hockey!

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Mac OS Ken: 10.12.2011

Sell Your Gadgets to Buy New Gizmos with Mac OS Ken Sponsor! / Mossberg Impressed, Though Apparently Not Overwhelmed with iPhone 4S / Pogue on iPhone 4S: Apple Has Done an Excellent Job / CNET: Pundits Pour Praise on iPhone 4S / The Loop’s Dalrymple Calls iPhone 4S a Product “Other Companies Just Can't Compete With” / A Little Bird Says A5 + New Mic in iPhone 4S Both Key to Siri / Deutsche Bank Analysts Expects iPhone 4S to Steal Android Sales / German Telekom Customer Gets Early Delivery of iPhone 4S / Apple Releases iTunes 10.5 One Day Ahead of iOS 5 and iCloud / Apple Seeds iTunes 10.5.1 beta to Developers About an Hour After the 10.5 Release / Apple Issues Minor Update for iBooks / comScore Says Just Over 97-Percent of US Web Surfing Via Tablet COmes Via iPad / Upper House of Dutch Parliament Ditches Paper for iPads / Facebook App for iPad (Finally) Goes Live / Apple Applies for Patent Covering “In Application Purchasing” / Apple CEO Sets 19 October as Day for Company to Celebrate the Life of Steve Jobs / Guys Who “Found” and Sold Prototype iPhone 4 in 2010 Get Probation, Community Service, and 250-Dollar Penalties

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Mac OS Ken: 10.11.2011

iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Top One Million in First 24 Hours / AT&T Sees 200-Thousand iPHone 4S Pre-Orders in First 12 Hours While Sprint Orders Exceed Carrier Expectations / Sprint CEO Pins Turnaround Expectations on iPhone / Sprint Shares Tumble as Wall Street Reacts to Cash Plans / Sprint Still Has 32GB and 64GB iPhone 4S Available in Both Colors (Which Can’t be Good News for Sprint) / Apple iPhone 4S Shipping Dates Slip to 1-2 Weeks After First 24-Hours of Orders; 16GB Models First to Run Low at Sprint and Verizon / Unlocked iPhone 4S Available in UK, France, and Germany Now; US Next Month; GSM-Only / Report: AT&T Would Like “4G” Indictor at Top of iPhone 4S Screen (Event Though It’s Not True 4G) / AT&T Says Theoretical HSDPA Speeds Rarely Met by Compatible Devices on Network / Google and Samsung Postpone Ice Cream Sandwich Android Phone Event After Passing of Steve Jobs / Google and T-Mobile USA Ask ITC to Not Ban HTC Phones (Even if They Violate Apple Patents (No Foolin!)) / Apple Loses Bid to Suspend Motorola Mobility Patent Cases During Motoroogle Deal / Windows Phone Exec Expresses Surprise Over Apple Releasing Just One New iPhone / Macotakara: Lion and iTunes Updates Could Hit Today

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Mac OS Ken: 10.07.2011

Munster, White, and Wu Voice Support For Apple Despite Passing of Jobs / Canaccord Genuity Analyst Likes Apple and CEO Tim Cook Going Forward / Apple Stock Ends Off a Fraction the Day After Jobs’ Death / Release Date of Official Jobs Biography Moved to 24 October / Apple Insider: Analysts Wednesday Line Up Behind iPhone 4S / Fortune: Analysts Weigh-In on iPhone 4S / JMP Analysts Starts Countdown to “True” Fifth-Gen iPhone (and Makes Me Hulk Angry) / Samsung Plans Court Cases in France and Italy to Block Sale of iPhone 4S / Samsung Stacks Galaxy S II Specs Against Those of iPhone 4S / Sprint Confirms Unlimited Data Plan Option for iPhone 4S / iPhone 4S Pre-Orders Get a Late Start and Long Waits

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Mac OS Ken: 10.06.2011

Steve Jobs - 1955 - 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 10.05.2011

Sell Your Gadgets to Buy New Gizmos with Mac OS Ken Sponsor! / Apple Announces iPhone 4S / iPhone 4S to Feature AirPlay Mirroring / iPhone 4 Drops to 99-Dollars While 3GS Goes Free / Apple Adds KDDI as Second iPhone Carrier in Japan / Apple Offers AppleCare+ with Accidental Damage Coverage for iPhone / Siri - the App - Nixed for Siri - the iPhone 4S Feature / iOS 5 and iCloud to Go Live October 12 with iTunes Match Hitting Later in the Month / Apple Announces “Find My Friends” App for Release Next Week / Apple Announces “Cards” App / Apple Issues GM of iOS 5 and Updated 10.7.2 beta to Developers / Apple Calls for iOS 5 and Lion 10.7.2 Compatible Apps / Apple Updates and Lowers Prices for iPod nano and iPod touch / Apple Makes iPhone Event Available as a Podcast

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Mac OS Ken: 10.04.2011

Reuters Says Former Apple CEO Jobs Expected at Oct 4 Event But he May Not Be There and That’s Cool Too / Ticonderoga Analyst Expects Record Sales of Next iPhone in First Three Days / Janney Capital Analyst Sees Huge 2012 for iPhone / Vodafone Germany Site Indicates 16, 32, and 64GB iPhone 4S Models / WSJ: Sources Say Sprint Make “Bet the Company” Deal for Next iPhone / CNET: Most Important New Thing from Apple is iCloud Not a New iPhone / Apple PR: No Live Stream of iPhone Event / Code in iTunes beta Shows Apple Mulling iOS App Rentals / Apple and Google Among Companies Lobbying for Corporate “Tax Holiday” / BBC: Samsung Offers to Pull Features and Functions to Get Galaxy Tab 10.1 Okayed for Sale in Australia / Apple Rejects Samsung Proposal in Australian Case / Target Adds Barnes and Noble Nook and Nook Color to Store Shelves / The Microsoft Zune: 2006 - 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 10.03.2011

Radio Shack Inventory System Indicates iPhones for Sprint / Apple Issues Ninth beta of iTunes 10.5 to Developers / Apple Insider: References to iPhone 4S Found in iTunes 10.5 beta / Apple Issues New betas for iWork Apps for iOS / AT&T Upping Device Insurance Cost Same Day as Apple iPhone Event / MacRumors: Apple Reportedly Opening Seven New European Countries to Apple TV / Apple Quietly Kills Access to Clickwheel Games in iTunes / Safari Cracks 5-Percent Browser Share Worldwide / iOS Responsible for Nearly 55-Percent of Mobile Browsing Worldwide / Report: Apple and Samsung Talk Temporary Deal for Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales in Australia / U.S. Judge Accepts “Friend of the Court” Briefs from Verizon and T-Mobile in Apple v. Samsung v. Apple Proceedings / 7-Inch HTC Flyer Sees Permanent Cut from 500-Dollars to 300-Dollars

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