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Mac OS Ken: 09.29.2011

Amazon Announces the 199-Dollar Kindle Fire / Amazon VP Coyly Keeps Mum About Larger Successor to 7-Inch Kindle Fire / Amazon Introduces Silk Browser Technology for Kindle Fire / Barnes and Noble Drops Price of nook color in Wake of Kindle Fire Announcement (Still Priced Higher) / Piper Jaffray Analyst Says Kindle Fire Could Hurt Sales at Best Buy / Best Buy Hiring Half as Many Temporary Holiday Workers as it Did Lasy Year / Forbes: Kindle Fire an All Out Assault on Apple / Forbes: Kindle Fire No Threat to iPad (Yes the Same Forbes) / Piper Jaffray’s Munster: Kindle Fire Impressive But Not an iPad Yet / Piper Jaffray's Keith: Survey Shows Interest in Fire Versus iPad / Ticonderoga Analyst: iPad and Fire Competing for Different Buyers / Computerworld: TBR and Gartner Analysts See Little Worry in the Fire for iPad / Jefferies and Co Analyst Hears (Questionable) Talk of January 2012 Launch for iPad 3 / Apple Insider: Talk of Multiple iPhones Cooling in Wake of Event Invitation / 9 to 5 Mac: Secret Source Says New iPod touch and iPhone SKUs Show Up in Apple Retail Inventory System

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