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Mac OS Ken: 09.26.2011

Barclays Capital Analyst Ups Apple Target to 555-Dollars on Apple’s Power as “Disruptive Force in Hardware” / Fortune: Jefferies Analyst Advises Clients on Oct 4 Event (About Which Apple Has Not Yet Advised Anyone Officially) / All Things D Sources Say Oct 4 Event to Be Held on Apple Campus / Amazon Invites Press to Event in NYC This Wednesday, 28 September / The Next Web: Twitter Events May Indicate Release of iOS 5 by Oct. 10 / Apple Insider: Apple Employee Vacation Blackout Dates May Indicate iOS 5 Release on Oct 10 and New iPhone Release on Oct 14 / Apple Joins Consumer Protection Group DDP / S3 Sues Apple for Alleged Patent Infringement / Samsung Files Four New Suits Against Apple in the Netherlands / Verizon Files Amicus Brief Asking US Court to Not Ban Certain Samsung Products / All Things D: Samsung App Display Uses Icons for Mobile Safari and iOS App Store

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