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Mac OS Ken: 09.02.2011

Eddy “The Tunes” Cue Promoted to SVP Internet Software and Services / Business Insider: Not Buying the Latest iPhone Prototype Lost in a Bar Story / Cult of Mac: Apple Loses Confidential Info at a Genius Bar? / Apple Opening Three New Stores and 100th International Store This Weekend / Apple Gives Developers Sample Twitter Code for iOS 5 / Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey Promotes Upcoming Twitter Hooks in iOS 5 / Apple Selling Remaining Stock of Final Cut Studio Via TeleSales / Apple Outs Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update 3.8 / Lenovo Tries to Out Air the MacBook Air with U300S Ultrabook / Toshiba Tries to Out Air the MacBook Air with Protege Z830 / Toshiba Intros iPad Wannabe That’s Lighter and Thinner Than the iPad 2 / Lenovo Intros 7-Inch Android Tablet Starting at Under 200-Dollars / BlackBerry PlayBook Sees Serious Price Reductions at Best Buy / Apple Outs New iPad 2 Ad Called “Learn” / Google Chairman: We’re Buying Motorola for the Hardware Too / Google Chairman Praises Steve Jobs as Best CEO in 50 Years

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