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Mac OS Ken: 07.29.2011

Nielsen: Android Top Smartphone OS in U.S. While Apple is Top Smartphone Builder / iPhone and iPad Help Softbank Grow Net Income Nearly 500x Y-o-Y in 2Q / Nintendo Dropping Price of 3DS Likely Thanks to Sales Pressure from iThings / Motorola Ships 440,000 Xooms to Retailers in 2Q CY2011 / Google TV Looks to Be a Disaster for Logitech / Bernstein Analyst Likes Apple’s Chances in IP Suits Against Android Phone Makers / Apple Versus HTC: An Attempt to Untangle the IP Suits / Microsoft: Complete Lionization of Office for Mac 2011 Likely to Take Months / BGR Publishes Super-Shaky Rumor of Apple Buying Barnes and Noble / Gleacher and Company Analyst Argues Against Rumor of Apple Buying Barnes and Noble / BBC iPlayer App for iPad Hits 11 European Countries and Misses U.S. (for Now) / Amazon Buys Interactive TV App and Services Provider Pushbutton / Business Insider Source Says Fabled Amazon Tablet Aimed More at nook Than iPad / Vietnamese Site Tinhte Has Picture Purported to be of Plasticized iPhone 4 / Weintraub Was Looking at a Picture of Something That May or May Not Have Been an iPhone 5 (Not an Actual iPhone 5)

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Mac OS Ken: 07.28.2011

9to5Mac Founder Tweets About iPhone 5 Sighting / Macquarie Securities Sees 27-Million iPhones Sold in 3Q CY 2011 and 40-Million in 4Q / Barclays Analyst Sees Stellar September Quarter for Apple / Research Firm Sees iPad Outselling Android Tablets Through 2015 / UBS Analyst Expects Sales of Just Under 38-Million iPads in CY2011 / Analysys International: iPad Accounts for 74-Percent of Tablet Sales in China in 2Q CY2011 / Some Lion Buyers Using PayPal Apparently Charged Multiple Times / EA CEO: iPad Currently Fastest Growing Platform; Consoles in Flux / Distimo: “Freemium” Changes the Game for Games / Apple Amends Request to Intervene in Lodsys Cases After Lodsys Targets More Companies / Lodsys Seeks to Block Apple Intervention in Developer Suits / Affinity Labs Sues Apple Over Alleged Patent Infringement / Apple Being Sued by Bankrupt-Retailer Ultimate Electronics / Kentucky City Makes First Big Buy of MacBook Airs for Public Schools / Apple Opening New Store in Glendale, CA 600-Feet from Other Apple Store in Glendale, CA / Microsoft Opening Seattle Microsoft Store Across a Parking Lot from Seattle Apple Store

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Mac OS Ken: 07.27.2011

“Buy Button” Rules Go Into Effect for High-Profile iOS Applications / Kobo Turning to HTML5 Reader in Wake of iOS “Buy Button” Ban / Apple Brings iOS App Store and Mac App Store Access to 33 Additional Countries / Apple Issues “Supplemental” Snow Leopard Update / Office for Mac a Bit Buggy for Lion / Recent iWork Updates Deal with Vulnerabilities Associated with Office Files / Apple Updates iOS to Patch Security Hole in Certificate Validation / Apple Seeds iOS 5 beta 4 to Developers as Over-the-Air Update / Apple Seeds 10.7.2 beta to Developers for iCloud Testing / Apple and Nuance Add Access to More Lifelike, Regional Voices in Lion / Apple Replacing 1TB Seagate Hard Drives in iMacs Bought May 2011 through July 2011 / Apple Reportedly Settles Patent Infringement Suit with Walker Digital / Verizon Exec: Big Red Had Expected New iPhone This Summer Too / Verizon Activates 2.3 Million iPhone 4s in 2Q CY2011 / Apple Reportedly Staffing Up for Late Summer/Early Fall / AT&T Reportedly Asks Retail Management and Staff to be Ready at Full Force for September / comScore: iPhone Top Mobile in UK (for Now) / Reuters: Patrons of Fake Apple Stores in China Upset by Fakery / Two Fake Apple Stores in China Shut Down (Though Not for Imitating Apple) / Report: Apple Gets NYC Grand Central Station Store for 10 Years / All Things D: Sources Says Apple Not a Serious Contender for Hulu / Apple Shares Close Above 400-Dollars for First Time Ever / Make-A-Wish Game Allied Star Police Hits the App Store (for Free)

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Mac OS Froggy: 07.26.2011

Sad Froggy is sad

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Mac OS Ken: 07.22.2011

Apple Says Lion Downloaded Over One Million Times in First 24 Hours of Availability / Apple Tops Nokia in Number of Smartphones Sold for 2Q CY2011 / AT&T iPhone Sales Hold Steady in 2Q / Bloomberg: Secret Sources Say Apple Mulling Purchase of Hulu / Apple Takes Volume App Purchasing for Business Live / Fortune: Steve Jobs Skips the Skies for 3Q FY2011 / Silicon Alley Insider: Apple Bringing Patents to a Robot Fight / Judge in (One of the) Samsung Case(s) Denies Apple Request for Expedited Decision on Product Ban(s) / Judge Allows Class Action Suit Against Apple and AT&T Over “Unlimited” iPad 3G Data to Proceed / Personal Audio Comes Back for Seconds with “New” Patent Case / WSJ: Some Apple Board Members Reportedly Talk CEO Succession with Outside Recruiters / In China: Fake Apple Stores So Real, Employees Think They Work for Apple

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Mac OS Ken: 07.21.2011

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.7 Lion / Apple Updates MacBook Air with Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge, and Backlit Keyboard / Apple Updates Mac mini with Thunderbolt, Sandy Bridge, and Discrete Graphics / Apple Yanks Optical Drive from Mac mini / Apple Insider: Apple Declares Most Retail Software “End of Life” / Apple Kills MacBook White for All But Education Institutions / Apple Announces First Thunderbolt Display / Apple Releases iWork, iTunes, and Remote Desktop Client Updates / Apple Fixes 58 Security Vulnerabilities with Safari 5.1 Update / Apple Updates Xcode to Version 4.1; Makes it Free in Mac App Store / Check out Xcode 4.1 Here / Lists Mac Apps and WHether They’re Ready for Lion / Fortune: Analysts Fall Harder in Love with Apple Post 3Q Earnings

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Mac OS Ken: 07.20.2011

Apple Reports (Yet Another) Record Quarter / Traderhood’s Nicholae Mihalache Comes Closest to Apple Earnings Numbers / CFO Oppenheimer: “Neat Stuff” Coming to iTunes Video Content / Apple Insider Hears Hints of Next iPhone in September Quarter / Apple 3Q iPhone Sales Widen Lead on Research In Motion / Apple Breaks 400-Dollar Mark After Earnings Call / Apple Posts Earnings Call as Podcast (iTunes Link) / Apple Releases Migration Assistant Update in Preparation for Today’s Lion Launch

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Mac OS Ken: 07.19.2011

NPD: 3Q FY2011 Could Be Best Quarter So Far for Mac Sales / Apple Insider: Source Says Lion Set for Wednesday Release / CNET: Various Reports Say Way Is Being Made for Imminent Arrival of Lion / ChangeWave: While More People Buy Androids, More iPhone Owners are “Very Satisfied” / Apple Gear and Software Rack Up PC Mag Readers’ Choice Awards / iOS Earns More Ad Impressions in Europe than Nokia in 2Q CY2011 / BGR Source Says Says iPhone 3GS Could Stay as “Low Cost” iPhone After Next iPhone Launches / USITC Sides Against Apple in Countersuit Against Kodak / Borders to Close; Victim of “eReader Revolution” and “Turbulent Economy”

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Mac OS Ken: 07.18.2011

Apple Updates iOS to Fix PDF-Reading Security Vulnerability / iPhone Dev Team Has Tethered Jailbreak Out for Updated iOS / Pro and Unpaid Analysts Agree: iPod Sales to Drop 7.2-Percent Y-o-Y / Apple Shares Hit All-Time High Ahead of Anticipated New Products and 3Q Earnings / Delivery Times Drop to 1-to-3 Days Through Apple’s Site / Accidentally Advertises 69-Dollar iPad (Cancels Orders) / AT&T Drops Refurbished iPhone 3GS Price to 9-Dollars with a 2-Year Contract / USITC Judge Issues Preliminary Ruling Saying HTC Violated 2 of 10 Apple Patents with Android Phones / Patent Expert Says USITC Ruling Against HTC Could Be Trouble for All Android Devices / Reuters: Apple Taps TSMC for Trial Run of A6 Processors / Citigroup Analyst Downgrades Best Buy on Weakness in TV Sales

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Mac OS Ken: 07.15.2011

Lion-Compatible Apps Showing Up in Mac App Store / All Things D: Secret Sources Say New MacBook Airs Due Late Next Week / Fortune: Analysts Expect Mac Sales of Between 3.8-Million and 4.6-Million Units / UK Recruiter Seeks Temporary iPhone Sales Staff for Apple to Start in Mid-August / Screenshot Shows iPhone 4 in Inventory System of Fry’s Electronics / Apple Pays Plaintiff in SKorean Case Over iOS Location Logging / Lodsys Sues Developers That Cross-Promote Applications Via In-App Purchase / Changes Come Midweek to US and International App Stores / Apple Updates Aperture 3 to Version 3.1.3 / NYT: Secret Source Says Amazon’s Trip to Tablettown Fraught with Trouble and Compromise

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Mac OS Ken: 07.14.2011

IDC Says Mac Takes Third in US Computer Sales for 2Q CY2011 / CNET: Resellers Drop Prices on MacBook Airs Ahead of Expected Refresh / iPhone Sales Expectations: Somewhere Between 15-Million and 20.25-Million Units / UBS Analyst: Apple 3Q Call May Show Impact of Nokia Settlement / Citi Analyst: Expect “Stellar Back Half” of Year for Apple and Its Shares / TUAW: Hints of Bluetooth Activation for Apple TV2 in iOS 5 beta / CNBC: An Actual Apple Television Could Hurt the Cable Industry / Retail Analyst: Apple Retail Accounts for 20% of Retail Sales Growth in States in 1Q CY2011 / Microsoft to Open 75 More Retail Stores in 2 or 3 Years / Apple Files Second Suit Against HTC to Go Along with Second USITC Complaint / Apple and Other Big Tech Companies Sued Over GPRS 3G Data Transfer Patents / Apple (Finally) Obtains and / WSJ: Secret Sources Say Amazon Putting Out a Tablet and Two News Kindles By October / IDC: Barnes and Noble’s Nook Beats Amazon’s Kindle in Sales in 1Q CY2011 / Retrevo Survey Finds One-Third of iPhone 4 Respondents Things They Have 4G Service

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Mac OS Ken: 07.13.2011

Electronista: Leaked AT&T Memo May Indicate New iPhone for First Week of October / Piper Jaffray Analyst Thinks Next iPhone will Fly on All Four Carriers in the States / JP Morgan Analyst Thinks Apple 3Q FY 2011 Earnings Will Beat the Street’s Expectations (as Well as His Own) / Ticonderoga Analyst Ups iPad and iPhone Sales Expectations Ahead of 3Q FY2011 Earnings Call / Fortune: Pros and Amateurs See Between 6-Million and 9.5-Million iPads Sold in 3Q FY2011 / UBS Analyst Plays Story Time with Apple Televisions and “Genius Squads” / Reuters: Apple's Top Patent Attorney Quitting (Replacement Already Hired) / Samsung Seeks to Have Some of Apple’s External Lawyers Booted from Case / CNET: Rash of Malware Targeting Android Spotted Over Past Week / Canaccord Genuity: Android Phones Owners Prefer iPads Over Android Tablets / Intego’s VirusBarrier for iOS App Approved for the App Store / Pandora Rolling Out HTML5 Version of Service / HP Announced Second TouchPad with 4G-Connectivity and Faster Processor for This Summer Just Two Weeks After Starting Sales of the First One

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Mac OS Ken: 07.12.2011

Deutsche Bank Analyst: The Future of iOS is Sticky (in a Good Way) / Apple Gives Dev-Types iOS 5 beta 3 / Munster Eyes the State of Apple’s App Store Today / Apple Urges Mac Developers to Get Their Lion Apps in for Approval / Apple Updates iLife ’11 Apps / Apple Updates iDVD and iWeb / Judges in US and Canada Approve Nortel Networks Patent Auction Results / Apple Files Second Complaint Against HTC with USITC / IDC’s Bob O’Donnell Blows My Mind (and Not in a Good Way) / Hon Hai Dropping 1.6-Billion Dollars on Apple Authorized Reseller Shops in China / Jon Rubinstein Replaced as HP Global Head of webOS Platform

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Mac OS Ken: 07.11.2011

Canaccord Analyst Sees iPhone Losing More Market Share and Making More Money Through 2012 / Apple Outs Two News iPhone Ads Focusing on AirPlay and FaceTime / Delivery Times Down to 3-to-5 Business Days for iPad 2 in the States / IDC Ups Tablet Shipments Expectations for 2011 to 53.5-Million Units / Apple Sends Cease-and-Desist Letter to GetJar Over Use of Term “App Store” / The Washington Post: Source Says FTC and/or DoJ May Look Into Nortel Patent Purchase / Rumor: No More webOS for Sprint / Apple Loses Patent Case Over Downloadable Playlists / Borders Pulls “Buy” Button from iOS App

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Mac OS Ken: 07.08.2011

Apple Says App Store Downloads Top 15-Billion Mark / Apple Insider Sources Say Lion Launches Next Week (and Maybe a New MacBook Pro) / This Is My Next: Sources Says iPad HD Due Out This Fall / TWC Updates iPad App With More Channels and Blocks Jailbroken Devices / Report: Final Cut Pro 7 Licenses Said to Be Returning for Enterprise Users / Bloomberg Sources Say Apple Drops Cost of Entry for iAds / Apple Releases Canon Printer Driver Updates for Snow Leopard / Fortune: Apple v. Samsung v. Apple a Truly Confusing Brew / Citigroup Downgrades HTC on News of S3 Graphics Buy / Nintendo Plans to Keep Developing for its Own Hardware Only / Artist Hijacks Cameras on Macs in Apple Stores (and Gets a Visit from the Secret Service)

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Mac OS Ken: 07.07.2011

Global Equities Research: Macs Beating Windows Machines in Back-to-School Sales 4-to-1 / WSJ: Apple Ordering Parts for 25-Million Next-Gen iPhones to Be Delivered This Year / Analysts Catches Peter Pan/Tinkerbell Syndrome Around the iPhone and Sprint / FBR Capital Markets Analyst Hears (and Doubts) Rumors of Another iPad in 2011 / Nielsen: iPhones Most Used for Samrtphone Games / Apple Files New Complaints Against Samsung with USITC / Microsoft Sues Samsung for 15-Dollars Per Android Device Sold / HTC Buys S3 Graphics (and Possible Leverage Against Apple) / Judge Denies Apple Request for Preliminary Injunction Against Amazon’s Use of Term “Appstore” / BlackBerry App World Adds Full Support for Mac / Offers Browser-Based Jailbreak for Recent iThings / German Officials Warn of “Critical Weakness” in iOS in Wake of Jailbreak Exploit

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Mac OS Ken: 07.06.2011

DigiTimes: Sources Say Apple Orders 5-Million iPad Touch Sensors for July Delivery / DigiTimes: Sources Say Pegatron Gets Orders for 15-Million New iPhones for September Delivery / GigaOm’s “The Apple Blog” Likes the September/Pegatron/New iPhone Talk / Former Flextronics Exec Pleads Guilty to Selling Apple Secrets to Hedge Fund Traders / Verizon Nixes Unlimited Data Plans for New Smartphones Effective 7 July / AT&T Offers Insurance on New iPhone Beginning 17 July / comScore: Android Widens Lead on iOS on Smartphones in U.S. / Global Equities Research: iTunes Store(s) Could Generate 13-Billion-Dollars in Revenue in 2013 / Judge Tells Apple 5 August Hearing for Samsung Bans May Be Too Soon / HP’s Jon Rubinstein Bolsters Team in Wake of Mediocre TouchPad Reviews / Jobs’ Official Biography Gets Simpler and More Elegant Title

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Mac OS Ken: 07.05.2011

Apple Seeds GM of Lion to Developers / Fortune: Net Applications Survey Finds iPad Competition Online “Negligible” / Business Insider Looks at How Apple is Able to Stay Ahead of Other Device Makers / Samsung Withdraws Countersuit Against Apple in U.S. Federal Court / Apple Seeks to Have Four Samsung Products Pulled from Sale in the States / USITC Preliminary Ruling Finds Apple Violating Two Patents Held by S3 Graphics / One Apple Site Apparently Hacked / YGN Ethical Hacker Group Says Vulnerability on Apple Developer Site is Patched / Adobe Cuts CS5.5 Costs in Half to Lure Final Cut Pro Users

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Mac OS Ken: 07.01.2011

Nielsen: Apple is Now Driving Smartphone Growth / comScore: Androids Overtake iPhone in Japan / DigiTimes: Apple Prepping 12-14 Million iPad 2s for 3Q CY2011 / Fortune: Three Counts Put Number of iPad-Specific Apps Over 100k / IFOAppleStore: Apple to Close Manhattan SoHo Store During Renovation / Consortium Including Microsoft, RIM, and Apple Wins Nortel Patent Auction / Apple, RIM, and Kodak Play “Win, Lose, and Draw” with USITC / BGR: Anonymous RIM Exec Sends Open Letter to Co-CEOs Outlining Ways to Save RIM / RIM Issues Response to Anonymous Letter without Actually Addressing Its Points

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