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Mac OS Ken: 06.23.2011

Judge Says Apple Likely to Lose Appstore Versus App Store Fight with Amazon / Judge Denies Samsung Request to See iPhone 5 and iPad 3 / Lodsys Seeks More Time to Respond to Apple’s Motion to Act as Defendant in App Suits / The Loop: Lodsys Amends Request for More Time / CNET: Apple Awarded “Key Patent” for Touchscreen Devices / BTIG Research: iPhone Still Number One at Both Verizon and AT&T / T-Mobile USA: Over a Million iPhones on Our Network / Meraki: Apple Hardware is Big on Burger King WiFi / Hudson Square Analyst Doubts Full-On Apple Television Talk / Apple Opening New Store in England’s Reading / Rumor: Tim Cook Spotted at Headquarters of China Mobile / CNBC Titans Premiers Tonight with Profile of Apple CEO Steve Jobs

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