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Mac OS Ken: 06.21.2011

In-Stat: Tablet Shipments to Beat E-Reader Shipments Next Year / Bernstein Research: People Don’t Want Tablets, They Want iPads / Hulu-Plus App Updated for Apple’s Subscription Rules Changes / Business Insider: Apple’s Subscription Rules Changes for iOS Apps Lead to “Un-Apple-Like” Experience / Flurry: Apps Beating Mobile-Web for Cellphone Time-Suck / Battleheart Developer Weighs Experiences in Android and iOS Ecosystems / Read the Full Battleheart Developer Post at / TUAW: Best Buy Giving Away 100-Dollar Gift Card with Back-to-School Mac Purchase / MacRumors: Multiple Sources Says Next MacBook Air May Come in Black Aluminum / Samsung Exec Says Company Not Working with Apple to Settle Differences / Apple Takes Control of AirDrop Trademark / MacRumors: iCloud to Sell Storage Above the Free 5GB / North Carolina: Data Center Central / Former Sony Exec Says Apple Likely the Future of Video Games

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