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Mac OS Ken: 06.08.2011

TechCrunch: Apple Plays the Numbers at WWDC / Devs Says Infinity Blade Has Taken in 10-Million Dollars in First Six Months / Piper Jaffray Analyst Expects 8 Million iPads Sold This Quarter Based on WWDC Keynote Numbers / Fortune: Analysts Mostly Positive on WWDC Keynote Announcements / Morgan Keegan Analyst Downgrades RIM Thanks (in Part) to iMessenger in iOS 5 / Citi Analyst Says Intel Working Its Way Into iThings by 2013 / Verizon iPhone Locked Out of iCloud beta Features / Apple Updates iBooks with Kid-Friendly Features / Apple Updates Find My iPhone App to Deal with Offline Devices / Walmart Drops Price of 16GB iPhone 4 to 147-Dollars Through End of June / FT Circumvents iTunes Subscription Terms with New Web App / The Steve Jobs Show Returns to the Mac OS Ken Posterous Page at

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