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Mac OS Ken: 05.31.2011

ARM Holdings Expects to Dominate Mobile PCs by 2015 / Apple Launches Free Bottom Case Repair for Recent White MacBooks / Nielsen: Android Lead Over iOS Stagnates in the States / Android Developers Reportedly Hit with Lodsys Letters Too / Nokia Plans New Windows Phones Every Two to Three Months / Samsung Exec Downplays Legal Fight(s) with Apple / Apple to Open Seventh Store for France in Lyon on Saturday / Alaska Airlines Becomes First US Carrier to Use iPads as Flight Manuals / Kid in White iPhone 4 Case Learned of Apple Legal Action Through Media Reports

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Mac OS Ken: 05.30.2011

Report: Big Media Push for WWDC Said to Be Thanks to iOS / Macotakara: Secret Source Reportedly Sees A5-Powered MacBook Air / CNET: No ARM-Based MacBook Anything Anytime Soon / Apple Seeds Third Build of Next Snow Leopard Update to Developers / MacNN: Nielsen Norman Spring 2011 Study Sees Dismal State of Affairs in iPad App Design / Wired: Nielsen Norman Spring 2011 Study Sees Great Improvement in iPad App Design / Samsung Copies Apple in Copying Suit

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Mac OS Ken: 05.27.2011

Intego Warns of New “No Password Required” MACDefender Variant / Apple Sued for Alleged Racial Discrimination at NYC Store / Apple Sued for Selling a Video Phone / Apple Files Suit (and Files for Dismissal of Suit) Against Kid WHo Made White iPhone 4s / USITC Agrees to Review Two Patent Claims by Nokia Against Apple / Apple Stores Target of Tax Protest Next Weekend / Electronista: Chile, Argentina and Taiwan Getting iPad 2 Today / Amazon Launches “Mac Download Store,” Potential Competition to “Mac App Store” / Intel CFO Says Company (Kind of) Open to Building Non-x86 Chips

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Mac OS Ken: 05.26.2011

Piper Jaffray Analyst: Why Apple Share Price Has Stalled and Why it Should Move Higher Soon / UK Tech Site Electricpig Thinks It Sees Hints of New iPhone at WWDC / Tomorrow: iPhone 4 in India and iPad 2 in Ukraine / Tomorrow Too: Brazil and Russia Reportedly Getting iPad 2 / China Unicom Seeks to Stem Unlocked iPhone Trend with 10-Dollar Monthly Plan / Senator Franken Calls on Apple and Google to Enact Privacy Policies for All Apps in Their Catalogues / Russian Tech Forensics Firm Says It Can Bust iOS 4 Encrption / Wedbush Analyst Sees Tough Times for BlackBerry PlayBook / Sprint and Motorola Holding Media Event During Week of WWDC

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Mac OS Ken: 05.25.2011

IHS iSuppli: Tablets Hurt PC Sales (to Some Extent) in 1Q CY2011 / Brazil Changes Laws for Tablet Makers to Attract Foxconn iPad Production / France Telecom CEO Compliments and Complains of iPhones and iPads / Mobile Review Editor: iPhone 3GS Won’t Get iOS 5 / Apple Outside Counsel Gets Sneak Peek at Upcoming Samsung Kit / Apple Acknowledges MacDefender Malware, Issues Removal Instructions and Promises Automatic Fix / MacBooks Win Every Category in Latest Consumer Reports Laptop Ratings / iOS App Store Unofficially Hits Half-a-Billion App Approvals / Conde Nast Adds iPad Subscriptions for Wired and GQ / Apple Updates the Apple Store iOS App / Apple Updates Logic Pro and Logic Express with GarageBand for iPad Compatibility

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Mac OS Ken: 05.24.2011

Apple to Lodsys: Lay Off iOS Developers / Apple Insider: Foxconn and Analysts Downplay iPad 2 Production Issues in Wake of Chengdu-Plant Explosion / Forbes: Barclays Capital Analyst Not Worried Over iPad 2 Production Post Chengdu Explosion / IHS iSuppli Says Chengdu Explosion Could Lead to a Half-Million iPad 2 Shortfall / DigiTimes Says Next iPhone Could Have Curved Glass Screen / Apple’s Trailers Site Down Since Sunday Night / HP Europe Exec: TouchPad to Be “Better Than Number One” in Tablets

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Mac OS Ken: 05.23.2011

Shaw Wu Ups Apple Target Based Partly on Uptick in iPad 2 Production / Apple and Foxconn Working to Suss Out Cause of Explosion at Chendu Plant / Engadget: Chengdu Explosion Results in Third Fatality / RBC Capital Analyst Looks at How Chengdu Explosion Might Impact Apple Shares / Report: Sony Joins Warner and EMI in Apple’s Cloud Music Whatzit / Mossberg Likes “Scan and Match” Method for Cloud Music Service / Patently Apple Spots Apple Patent for “Snippet to Cloud” Hand-Off for Streaming Music / One Professor and One Analyst: Music Subscription Likely for Apple’s Cloud / Apple Counters Amazon in Case of App Store Versus Appstore / AT&T Sued for Allegedly Overcharging iThing Owners for Data Usage / Report: Apple Phone Support Offering Very General Help on Defending Against MacDefender / Early: Apple Applying for Trademark for Intel’s “Thunderbolt” / Later: Apple Reportedly Transferring Trademark for Intel’s “Thunderbolt” to Intel / Two U.S. Senators Call for Laws on Mobile and Online Consumer Privacy / EU Publishes Non-Binding Opinion on Data Location Gathering and Consumers / Apple Rolls Out iPad Signs to Replace Paper Signs in Apple Retail / As Apple Retail Hits One Decade Apple Asks Retail Workers “What’s so special about yesterday?” / Some Apple Retail Employees Reportedly Look to Unionize

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Mac OS Ken: 05.20.2011

Apple Sends Second beta Build of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / Intel Exec: Apple Helps Shape Our Road Map / China Mobile Chairman Hints at 4G iPhone for His Company / Logitech Launches Tablet Keyboard for iPad and Android Tablets / Microsoft Giving Away Free Xbox 360 with Back-to-School PC Purchase / Kindle Titles Now Outselling Tradition Books Through Amazon

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Mac OS Ken: 05.19.2011

CNET: Two of Big Four Record Labels on Board for Apple’s Cloud Music Service / Report: Apple Leases Significant Data Center Capacity in Silicon Valley / Gartner Analyst Says Tablets Cannibalizing Additional PCs, Not Primary PCs / 9 to 5 Mac: Tipster Says Overnights and All-Hands Planned for Australian Apple Retail Locations This Weekend / 9 to 5 Mac: Tipster Outlines Alleged Changes Headed to Apple Retail / 19 May Marks Tenth Anniversary of Apple Retail Stores / Apple Adds More Easily Accessible “Returns” Link to Online Store / DigiTimes Says Refreshed MacBook Air to Hit in June or July / Report: Apple Taps LG Exec to Serve as GM for Apple Korea / TMO: Apple Not Exhibiting at BookExpo America

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Mac OS Ken: 05.18.2011

FBR Capital Markets Says iPhone 5 Production to Begin in 3Q CY2011 / Reuters: Orange Says Apple Proposes More micro than micro-SIM / iPad and iPhone 4 Displays Win Awards / “PlayStation Phone” Lands on Verizon as “Xperia Play” on 26 May / Apple Gets a Booth at Publishing Convention “BookExpo America” / Apple Issues Digital Camera Raw Update 3.7 / Apple Issues ProKit 7.0 / Apple “Invited” to FCC and FTC Forum on Benefits and Risks of Location-Based Services / HP Passes on Thunderbolt for Now / Jobs Tells Nike CEO to Cut the Crap (in a Good Way) / Survey Says: Businesses Want Tablets (Though Not Exactly Sure Why)

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Mac OS Ken: 05.17.2011

Credit Suisse Addresses Five Investor Concerns Over Apple / BMO Capital Analyst: iPad 2 Demand “Very Strong,” Next iPhone Not 4G / Electronista: Apple Job Posting Hints at iPhone for Sprint / MobileMe Mail Hits Monday Snag / Apple, Google, and Facebook Called to Second Senate Hearing on Privacy and Mobiles / Fortune Article “Inside Apple” in Top 20 for Paid Kindle Titles / Conde Nast Flips Switch on iPad Subscriptions for Allure, Glamour, Golf Digest, and Vanity Faire / Apple Extends Free Repair Service for Quake Affected Apple Kit in Japan Through End of June / Lodsys Explains Why It’s Taking Action Against Developers and Not Against Apple / Seagate Officially Announces GoFlex Protable, Wireless Drive for iThings / Barnes and Noble Says nook Color Owners Download Over One-Million Apps in Less Than a Month / Rumors of Something Big This Weekend for Apple Retail’s 10th Birthday

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Mac OS Ken: 05.16.2011

Jeffries And Company Analyst: iPhone 5 to be iPhone 4S with No LTE/4G Support / Goldman Sachs Analyst Reworks Tablet Expectations for Next Two Years / Apple Seeds Build of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / Apple Releases Lion Preview 3 and Xcode 4.1 Preview 5 to Developers / Findings in Latest Lion Build Add Credence to Apple/Nuance Deal / Apple Patents Text-to-Speech/Speech-to-Text Conversion System / Company Targets Developers for Use of iOS In-App Purchase for Upgrades / MacNN: Resellers Expanding Apple Footprint Across Asia / FCC Filing May Reveal Seagate’s “Perfect Companion” for iPad / Guinness Gamer Edition Give Four Top Spots to Apple Products

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Mac OS Ken: 05.13.2011

Barclays Analyst: Google and Amazon Cloud-Music Services May Shield the Way for Apple “iCloud” / The Hollywood Reporter: Why Google Did What it Did with “Music Beta” / Silicon Alley Insider: Scammers Offering Bogus Music Beta by Google Invites / Nielsen: Wanna Grow Music Sales? All You Need is Beatles / US ITC: Latest Nokia Complaint Against Apple to Wrap Up Just Before the End of the Mayan Calendar / US ITC Sides Against Apple in Patent Infringement Case Against Kodak / Microsoft, HTC, Nokia, and Sony Ericsson Appeal to EU to Block Apple Trademark of Term “App Store” / OWC Says 3rd-Parties Cannot Upgrade Primary Hard Drive in 2011 iMacs / Electronista: Apple Retail Moves Reported for Bellevue, WA, U of Deleware, and Bordeaux, France / Amazon CEO Plays Coy on Tablet Possibility / Netflix Adds Captions Option to Movies in iOS Apps / Ericsson Survey: 35-Percent of Android and iPhone Owners Check an App Before Getting Out of Bed

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Mac OS Ken: 05.12.2011

Canaccord Genuity Analyst: iPhone 4 Top-Selling Smartphone at AT&T and Verizon in April / Canaccord Genuity Analyst: iPhone 3GS Outsells Many Newer Androids on AT&T / CNET: Music Insiders Says Apple’s Cloud Music Service will be Better than Amazon’s and Google’s (Assuming it Actually Launches a Cloud Music Service) / Forbes: 50-Percent of iOS Magazine Subscribers Allow Apple to Share Info with Publishers / Developers Kill iFlow Reader, Blame Apple’s In-App Purchase Rules / Linex Sues Apple, HP and Others for Allegedly Violating Its Wireless Patents / Apple Issues Performance and Bug-Fix Update for 2nd-Gen Apple TV / Apple Issues Minor Update for iPhoto / Ballmer Pledges Continued Support for Skype Beyond Microsoft Operating Systems / Coldwell Banker Becomes 100th iAd Customer / Report: Apple Kills iAds for Kids’ Apps

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Mac OS Ken: 05.11.2011

DoJ Advocates for Consumer Tracking and Data Retention by Cell Carriers / Apple Exec Answers iOS Privacy Questions on Capital Hill / Apple Sued (Again) Over Alleged Misuse of iPhone UDID / Apple Top Smartphone Maker in Japan While Android Tops Smartphone Operating Systems / iSuppli: iPhone Sales Grow While Smartphone Sales Shrink Quarter-Over-Quarter / NPD Analyst Says iPad is Not Seriously Hurting Consumer PC Sales / Microsoft Relaunches “I’m a PC” Marketing Campaign / Google: 400k Android Activations a Day / Google: Android-Unifying Ice Cream Sandwich OS Due in 4Q CY2011 / Google: Google TV to Get Android 3.1 and Access to Android Market Soon / Google Launches Music Beta by Google - Music Locker in the Cloud / Official: Microsoft to Buy Skype for 8.5 Billion Dollars / Microsoft Gets Video Streamer Qik in Skype Buy

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Mac OS Ken: 05.10.2011

Goldman Sachs Analyst: Stop Worrying and Buy Apple Shares / CNN Money Invites you to “Meet Apple’s All-Stars” / Shares of Nuance Communications Pop on Speculation of Buyout by Apple (Which Most People Do Not Expect) / TechCrunch Expects Nuance Deal to Involve Apple-Owned Siri, the NC Data Center, and iOS 5 / WSJ: Sources Say Microsoft Close to Buying Skype / Verizon Sees Huge Q1 2011 Bump Likely Tied in Part to Arrival of iPhone / Japanese Wireless Carrier SoftBank Sees Big Quarter Thanks to iPhone and iPad / Conde Nast Starts Subscription to “The New Yorker” via iPad App / Apple Reportedly Settles with Injured Consumers at Sanlitun Store in China / Ohio Apple Store Scene of Another Smash-and-Grab / IDC Health Insights: Big-Pharma Buys iPads for Sales Reps / BrandZ Study Says Apple Most Valuable Brand in the World / YouTube Gets More Big-Time Hollywood Rentals / Historic Estate Up for Grabs in Silicon Valley / The Sun: The Queen Would Like an iPad Please

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Mac OS Ken: 05.09.2011

Apple Breaks Fortune 500 Top 50; Arrives at 35 / Current Issue of Fortune Takes Readers “Inside Apple” / Apple Breaks Barron's 500 Top 10; Arrives at 4 / Baseball, Apple, and the W.C: A Popularity Contest / Violence Greets ipad 2 Launch at Apple Sanlitun Store in China / Vulnerability Found in Skype 5 for Mac (Fix Already Available) / Report: Condé Nast to Add In-App iPad Subscription Option to Eight Magazines This Month / Apple Exec to Appear Before Senate Committee on Mobiles and Privacy Tomorrow / Guitar Center Starts Weekly Classes on GarageBand / Amazon Cloud Player Now iOS-Friendly via Mobile Safari / Secret Sources Say Apple Ditching Intel Inside Mac Laptops for ARMs in Two to Three Years

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Mac OS Ken: 05.06.2011

Nielsen: iPad Owns 82-Percent of Tablets in U.S. - Steals Usage from a Range of Devices / Morgan Stanley Analyst Leaves Meeting with Apple Execs Super Stoked / 9 to 5 Mac: Secret Sources Say OTA Updates and Syncing Coming to iOS 5 / The Apple Blog: 4 Hurdles to Clear for OTA Updates and Syncing in iOS 5 / Forbes: OTA Syncing and Updates Could (FInally) Turn iPad into Personal Computer / The Daily Telegraph Out of the UK Joins the iTunes Subscriptions Parade / Apple Goes Deeper on Consumer Opinion with “Apple Consumer Pulse” / Intego: MACDefender-Type Malware Proliferates / Microsoft Launches Bing iOS SDK

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Mac OS Ken: 05.05.2011

Apple Releases iOS Updates to Address Location Logging Bugs / Shaky Story Sides with Talk of No New iPhone This Summer / NPD Analyst Sees Short-Lived Bump Coming from Updated iMacs / Reports: New iMacs Get Early Access to Unreleased Intel Platform Controller Hub / Apple Issues a Slew of Thunderbolt-Related Updates / Apple Insider: Mac OS X 10.7 to Be Sold Through Mac App Store / Hearst Signs On for iTunes Subscriptions for Popular Mechanics, Esquire, and O / News Corp Says “The Daily” Loses 10-Million-Dollars in First Quarter / Research Firm Says U.S. Doctors Into Apple Tech for Tablets and Smartphones / DigiTimes: iPad Competitors Run Risk of Sitting on Many Unsold iPad Alternatives / Seagate Promises “Perfect Companion” for iPads and Other Tablets Later This Month / Apple at Center of California Class Action Suit Over “Non-Poaching” Agreements / Warner Bros. Agrees to Buy Social Movie Site Flixter

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Mac OS Ken: 05.04.2011

Apple Stuns No One - Releases Updated iMacs with Thunderbolt I/O and Intel Sandy Bridge CPUs / Apple Updates Boot Camp to v3.2 for Brand New iMacs / Apple Offers Either Magic Mouse or Magic Trackpad Included with New iMacs / UBS Analyst Stoked Over Updated iMacs / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Pumped Over iMac Refresh / Canaccord Securities Analyst: Apple Makes Half of All Profits of Top Eight Cellphone Makers in 1Q CY2011 / Australia Still Seeing In-Store Stock-Outs of iPad 2 / Korean Carriers KT and SK Telecom Suspend Online Orders for iPad 2 / iPad 2 “Currently Unavailable” Through Apple Site for Singapore / Apple Launches Second TV Ad for iPad 2: If You Asked / South Korean Police Visit/Raid Google Offices in Seoul Over Privacy Concerns and AdMob / Microsoft Lands Deal to Make Bing Default Search Agent for BlackBerry / EA Buys “Flight Control” Developer Firemint / Apple Bars Recipients of Promo Codes from Reviewing Those Apps in App Store / Judge in NVIDIA Class Action Settlement Says Sub-500-Dollar Compaq  Laptop Suitable Replacement for 17-Inch MacBook Pro

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Mac OS Ken: 05.03.2011

MACDefender: Malware in Disguise / Report: Minor iOS Update Associated with Location Data Expected Within Two Weeks / Best Buy Runs Sale on All Macs Through Its Website / Consumer Reports: White iPhone 4 Not Thicker Than Black iPhone 4 / Accelerometers, Gyroscopes, and Microphones Make Apple Number Two in MEMS Purchases in 2010 / Rumors Point to Amazon Making Some Kind of Tablet / DEG: Movie Rentals Shift from In-Store to Subscription / TV Ownership in the States Drops for First Time in 20 Years / PopCap Teams with 9-Year-Old Boy to Make a Game as Part of Make a Wish Foundation

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Mac OS Ken: 05.02.2011

NPD: Apple Fourth-Largest Cellphone Maker Worldwide / ABI Research: iPhone Could Knock Nokia to Third in Smartphones by Year’s End / Microsoft Creates New API Mapping Tool to Aid in Importing iOS Apps to WP7 / NetApplications: Mac, iOS, and Safari See Gains in Web Surfing / Apple Insider Expects New iMacs This Tuesday / Apple Releases Update 2 of Preview 2 of Mac OS X 10.7 / Apple Releases Preview 4 of Xcode 4.1 / Google Sued Over Android Location ‘Tracking’ / Senator Franken: Apple and Google to Attend Mobile Phone and Tracking Hearing / Subscribers to Some Time Inc. Mags to get Free iPad Access / Apple Wins Preliminary FTC Ruling Against Elan Microelectronics / Fake iPad 2 Jailbreak Teaches (Maybe) and Enrages (Definitely) / Report: Apple VP Schiller Denies That White iPhone 4 is Slightly Thicker Than Black iPhone 4

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