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Mac OS Ken: 03.31.2011

Apple Sets 2Q FY2011 Earnings Call for 20 April / Pacific Crest Analyst Anticipates Unusually Conservative Guidance from Apple for 3Q FY2011 / Wu Worries That Apple May (Eventually) Get Too Big to Grow / Needham and Company Analyst No Longer Wonders Whether iPad is Fad / Microsoft Exec Not Sure Tablets are Here to Stay / Dell Exec Uses Fuzzy Math and FUD to Predict Failure for iPad in the Enterprise / Blogger Counts 17 Apps Made Specifically for Android 3.0 / Apple Releases Second Developer Build of Lion / Apple Issues Patch to Fix iTunes Issue on 13-Inch MacBook Air Running Latest Version of Snow Leopard / Morgan Stanley/AlphaWise Survey: Chinese Consumers Would really Like a Less Expensive iPhone / Nokia Charges Apple with Infringement of Seven More Patents / Amazon Launches “Cloud Drive” Media Locker Service / Apple TV-competitor Roku Makes Major Push into Brick-and-Mortar Retail / Microsoft Head of Marketing Moving On

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Mac OS Ken: 03.30.2011

No show today. Please join me for Mac OS Ken: Live tonight at 10PM EDT/7PM PDT on

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Mac OS Ken: 03.29.2011

Apple Announces WWDC 2011 for June 6 through 10 in San Francisco / WWDC 2011 Sells Out in Under 12-Hours / ADA Says Yes to Mac Apps (as Long as They Are in an Apple App Store) / The Loop: No New iPhone at WWDC 2011 / All Things D: No New iPhone at WWDC 2011 / The Apple Blog: “No iPhone at WWDC” Reports May Be More Than Coincidence (But They Still Expect and iPhone at WWDC) / Apple Not Yet Buying Components for Fifth-Gen iPhone / Forbes: Analysts Guess Between 5-Million and 8.8-Million iPads Sold in Apple 2Q FY2011 / 500 Busiest RadioShack Stores to Start Carrying iPad 2 Today / WSJ: Apple Support Offices Evacuated After Bomb Threat / Apple Opening Store in Dresden, Germany This Thursday / BST Change Plays Merry Havoc on Some Alarms for iOS Device Users in UK / Jobs Tops Barron’s Top 30 CEOs List for 2011 / Unused (Still in Box) 20th Anniversary Macintosh Up for Bids on eBay

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Mac OS Ken: 03.28.2011

Sellouts and Rumors of Sellouts as iPad 2 Goes Global / Munster: Disasters in Japan to Have Less Effect Than Feared on iPad 2 Supply / iTunes Sell “Songs for Japan” Benefit Album / USITC Judge Says Apple Did Not Violate Five Nokia-Held Patents / USITC to Take a Second Look at Kodak Claims Against Apple and RIM / Apple Releases Minor Updates iOS 4.3.1 and Xcode 4.0.1 / TechCrunch: Golden Master-1 of Mac OS X Lion May be Nearing / TechCrunch: iOS 5 Could Be Pushed to Fall Release / Technologizer: Muddy Waters Around Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Presentation

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Mac OS Ken: 03.25.2011

iLounge: Online Orders Open for iPad 2 in 25 More Countries While US Wait Times Shorten / iPad 2 Lines Started Wednesday in Sydney and Thursday in London / The Apple Blog: Verizon Selling First-Gen Wifi-Only iPads for 200-Dollars Off / Forrester CEO Sees Stellar Growth for Apple for at Least the Next Two Years / Morgan Stanley Analyst Plays “What If” with Apple and Smart TVs / Samsung Says Galaxy Tab 10.1 Made Thinner Because of iPad 2 / RIM Sees Massive Sell Off on Disappointing Outlook / RIM Adds Android 2.3 App Support to Upcoming PlayBook / Google Holding Back on “Open Sourcing” Honeycomb

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Mac OS Ken: 03.24.2011

CNET Says Some LA Stores See Easing in iPad 2 Supply Constraint / Electronista Says Some iPad 2s Set for April Delivery Shipping Early / NPD Sees Growth for Larger Screened Smartphones / Bernstein Analyst Plays “What if” with North Carolina Data Center / Jobs Micromail: Apple has No Plans to Kill iPod Classic / Report: Time Warner Cable Receiving Cease and Desist Letters from Content Providers Over iPad Streaming App / Bloomberg: Apple Could License AirPlay for Video Devices Sometime This Year / WSJ Experiments with Single Issue Sales Through iPad App / Jobs Beats Opposition to Stay on Walt Disney Co. Board / Bertrand Serlet - Senior VP of Mac Software Engineering - Leaving Apple / Serlet Announcement Comes Nearly 10 Years to the Day After Initial Release of Mac OS X / All Things D: Nothing Surly in Serlet Departure

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Mac OS Ken: 03.23.2011

Apple Announces (Again) the International Launch of iPad 2 This Friday 25 March / Best Buy Canada Sales Set for Friday at 5 PM Local Time / iPad 2 and Backlight Bleed: A Listener’s Tale / iPad 2 and Backlight Bleed: The Electronista Account / Electronista: Upcoming Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Thinner Than iPad 2 / Engadget: Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Matches 16GB and 32GB iPad 2s on Price / 7-Inch RIM PlayBook Set for Mid-April Launch at iPad 2 Prices / Wedge Partners Analyst Predicts Limited to No Success for RIM PlayBook / Amazon Appstore for Android Apps Goes Live / Apple Sends Cease-and-Desist to Adult-Novelties Store for Use of  Term “App Store” / Rumor: Thunderbolt Port and Sandy Bridge Processors for iMacs Around Beginning of May / Apple Issues Minor Update for Second-Gen Apple TV / Apple Issues Minor Update for Aperture / Robocast Sues Apple for Alleged Patent Infringement

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Mac OS Ken: 03.22.2011

Apple Says iPad 2 Still On-Track for 25 March International Launch / Electronista Says Czech Republic iPad 2 Page Now Shows 25 March Launch Date / Report: Best Buy Canada to Carry ipad 2 Starting Friday / Apple Releases Snow Leopard Updates / Problems Reported with Overheating Early 2011 MacBook Pros / Apple and Six Other Phone-Makers Sued Over Image Patents / Apple Sues Over “App Store” Trademark / Jobs Ordered to Answer Questions in Six-Year Old iTunes Antitrust Suit / Microsoft Sues Barnes and Noble, Foxconn, and Inventec in Continuing Campaign Against Google / The Apple Blog: Cases on Chinese Site Indicate Little Physical Change for Next iPhone / BGR: Unmentioned Source Says Minor iOS Update Coming Soon? / The Daily Mail: Source Says Ive Not Leaving Apple / Apple Reportedly Sends Man a Free iPad 2 After “Wife Said No”

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Mac OS Ken: 03.21.2011

AT&T Wants to Buy T-Mobile USA for $39-Billion in Cash and Stock / Get More Info on the Proposed AT&T-Mobile Merger at / Sprint Not Exactly Pleased by AT&T-Mobile Deal / Electronista Says AT&T-Mobile Could Hurt Android / AT&T Rooting Out Unauthorized Smarthphone Tethering / AT&T Drops Another Hundred Dollars from the Price of 1st Gen “Plus 3G” iPads / BMO Analyst Says Verizon iPhone Sales “Solid, But Not Spectacular” / Apple iPad 2 Site for Czech Republic Indicates 25 April Launch / Foxconn Says It Will Not See Components Shortages Despite 11 March Disasters in Japan / Rumor Redux: Foxconn Mulls Brazilian Plant for Apple Product Production / Rumors Resurface of Big Changes to MobileMe / CNET Looks at Potential for Sandy Bridge Processors in MacBook Air / Rumor: Sony Outing New VAIO to Target MacBook Air / Distimo Examines the Mac App Store Two Months In

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Mac OS Ken: 03.18.2011

Fortune Tears JMP Analyst a New One as Credit Suisse Initiates Apple Coverage with 500-Dollar Target / CLSA Analysts Dismiss JMP Downgrade (But Worry Over Short-Term Supply Issues Thanks to Disasters in Japan) / Piper Jaffray: Japan Disasters Short-Term Concern for Apple (Though Product Demand Stronger than Ever) / Pacific Crest Securities: Apple Should Weather Component Concerns in Wake of Japanese Disasters / Jobs Offers Emotional and Logistical Support to Apple Staff in Japan / iPhone Tops JD Power and Associates Survey / New iPhone Ads Seem to Acknowledge Android Lead Without Acknowledging Android / Forbes Tech Reporter Hears Rumors of NFC Technology for Upcomming iPhone / Authorities Say Gizmodophone Investigation Nearing Its End / Blaze Mobile Browser Tests Spark Controversy Then Flame Out / iLounge Tests Show Better Audio Recordings from WiFi Only iPad 2 Than from Plus 3G Models / Apple Forum Points to Problems Between MacBook Pro and iTunes Home Sharing / NYT Taking Content Behind Tiered Pay-Wall on 28 March 2011

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JMP Analyst Downgrades Apple on Foxconn Slowdown / Oppenheimer Analyst Argues Against JMP Downgrade of Apple / Apple Reportedly Randomizing Order Numbers for iPad 2 / Motorola Mobility Launching WiFi-Only Xoom on 27 March

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Mac OS Ken: 03.16.2011

Ticonderoga Analyst: Lines Again Tuesday for too Few iPad 2s / New Orders for iPad 2 Via Apple Slip to 4 to 5 Weeks / TUAW: AT&T Offering One Month of Free 3G Data for Compatible iPads / Canalys Sees Increased Adoption of Tablets at Home and Work in 2011 / Apple Delays iPad 2 Launch for Japan / Apple Steps Up for Workers in Japan Post-Earthquake / Report: Verizon Nixing 35-Dollar Activation Fees for Xooms and Galaxy Tabs / Apple Updates Remote App for iThings / Software Fix for Apple TV Issues Said to be Coming Soon / Some iPod Touch Owners See Video Glitches After 4.3 Update / Netflix Tops in Streaming/Download Video in the States (Apple in Three-Way Tie for Third) / Apple, PayPal, and Victoria’s Secret Sued Over One-Click Shopping / Zune Honcho Issues Another Vague Statement on Future Zune Hardware

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Mac OS Ken: 03.15.2011

Apple Says First-Weekend Demand for iPad 2 “Amazing” / Three Analysts Sing Songs of Woe for Would-Be iPad Competitors / Apple Solicits “Old” iPad Donations for Teach for America / Wireless Carrier Three Set to Sell iPad 2 in UK in “Coming Weeks” / MacNN Says Users Can Re/Activate Multi-Touch Gestures in iOS 4.3 / Munster Sees Current Quarter Mac Sales at Low-End of Expectations / Apple Seeds Eight Build of Next Snow Leopard Update to Developers / Source for The Independent Says No NFC Technology for Next iPhone / Apple Inc. Seeks Ownership of Apple Corps’ Granny Smith Logos / Pew/Knight Foundation Study Says Internet Overtakes Newspapers for News Consumption / Blooomberg Source Says No More New Models of Microsoft Zune / Bon Jovi Blames Blames Steve Jobs for “Killing the Music Business”

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Mac OS Ken: 03.14.2011

iTunes Posts Red Cross Donation Page to Aid in Earthquake and Tsunami Relief / Lines Abound for iPad 2 on Day One / Macworld: iPad 2 Orders Slip from Days to Weeks / CNET: iPad 2 Orders Slip from Weeks to More Weeks / Piper Jaffray Analyst Says As Many as Half-a-Million iPad 2s Sold Friday / Creative Startegies, Gleacher and Co Call for Roughly Half-a-Million iPad 2s Sold Over Weekend / Ticonderoga Securities: Apple Could Sell One-Million iPad 2s Over Launch-Weekend / Munster Excited by Number of New Buyers of iPad / iFixIt Breaks an iPad 2 (for the Greater Good) / iSuppli Says Dell Regains 2nd Place in PC Sales from Acer Thanks to iPad / iPhone 4 Falls in Pwn2Own Competition (Not Updated to iOS 4.3) / Apple Pulls Post from Forum Calling for Continued Security Support for Older iOS Devices / Apple VP Schiller Rekindles Talk of White iPhone / Apple Opens Shop-in-a-Virgin Megastore in UAE This Wednesday 16 March / Virgin Founder Praises Apple CEO

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Mac OS Ken: 03.11.2011

Apple Reminds Planet that iPad 2 Goes On Sale in U.S. 11 March at 5 p.m. Local Time / iPad 2s Spotted on Thursday on Walmart Store Shelves (Though Not on Sale Then) / AT&T Selling iPad 2 Online Now / Rumor: Apple Opening Pop-Up Store in Downtown Austin, TX to for iPad 2 Sales for SXSW / ChangeWave Survey Shows 95-Percent Satisfaction Rating with First iPad / Reviews Out for iPad 2 (And They Seem to Be Good) / IDC Says Apple Will Continue to Dominate Tablet Market in 2011 / Forrester Analyst: Business Model for iPad Competitors “Fatally Flawed” / Apple Outs GarageBand for iPad and iMovie for iOS Update One Day Early / Some App Developers Drop Prices Ahead of iPad 2 Launch / iOS 4.3 Requires Re-Entering Password for In-App Purchases / Sophos Says 1st and 2nd Gen iPhones and iPod touches Officially Unprotected by Apple Security Updates

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Mac OS Ken: 03.10.2011

Apple Releases iOS 4.3 a Couple of Days Early / Security Issues Addressed in iOS 4.3 Update / Apple Updates Safari for Windows and Mac / TMO: Safari Update Plugs 62 Security Vulnerabilities / Safari Exploit Fells Mac in Five Seconds at Pwn2Own Competition / Apple Updates Software for Second-Gen Apple TV / Apple TV Software Update Addresses Some Security Issues / Apple Releases Xcode 4 (and Sells it to Anyone in Mac App Store) / Apple Updates iPhone Configuration Utility for Enterprise / Devs See Signs of A5 for iPhone 5 in iOS 4.3 Code / Apple Email Urges Customers to Get iPad 2 at Apple Retail / Apple Posts 14 iPad 2 Guided Tour Videos on its Site / Guinness Book of World Records Deems Microsoft Kinect for Xbox 360 Fastest Selling CE Device Ever / Acer Says It Cannot Currently Fill All of the Orders for its Tablets / Global Equities Analyst Issues Research Note Tearing Honeycomb Tablet OS to Shreds / Microsoft Says Apple Colored Outside the Lines in App Store Counter-Argument

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Mac OS Ken: 03.09.2011

Rumors of Early iOS 4.3 Release Yesterday (False) and Today (Maybe) / German Mac Site Expects iOS 5 and MobileMe Event Next Month / Apple Hiring Over 24 iOS Developers with Emphasis on Location Services / Munster Says Higher Demand But Shorter Lines Expected for iPad 2 / Orange and T-Mobile Says They Will Sell iPad 2 in UK Beginning 25 March / JP Morgan Analyst Says iPad 2 Could Burst Would-Be iPad Killers’ Bubble / RIM Ties Up with 7digital for PlayBook Music Store / CDMA iPhone 4 Headed to SK Telecom on Wednesday 16 March / IDC Says Only Apple and RIM Grow Phone Shipments in Western Europe Y-o-Y in Q42010 / Apple Updates iTunes with iOS 4.3 Support (Again) / Apple Posts Java Updates for Leopard and Snow Leopard / Apple Releases Seventh Build of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / iTunes Giving Away 23 Track South By Southwest Sampler Ahead of Conference / Adobe Releases Experimental Flash to HTML5 Converter to Developers / EA Founder Blasts App Store at GDC for Overcrowding

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Mac OS Ken: 03.08.2011

Target Says It Will Have iPad 2 Beginning Friday / First iPad 2 Line-Sitter (Camper) Spotted in Dallas, Texas / Best Buy Denies Kitting All Sales Associates  with iPads (for Now) / Delta Eyeing iPad for Use in Cockpit / Metrico: iPhone 4 Performance By Network in US Depends on Usage Scenario / Electronista: Hong Kong Grey Market Yields 64GB iPhone 4 Prototype and White iPhone 4 In-Box / Rumor: Apple Going Back to Aluminum Back for iPhone 5 / The Loop: Apple Reducing Third-Party Peripherals to Make Space in Retail / Apple TV Sees Sustained Sales on Amazon Post-Holidays / Study Says Gadgets and Gizmos Keep 95-Percent of Americans from Getting Good Sleep

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Mac OS Ken: 03.07.2011

Forbes Thinks Best Buy is About to Kit Its Sales Staff with iPads / AT&T to Honor iPad Unlimited Data Plan for iPad 2 Upgrades / TUAW Says No Canadian Carrier Lock-In for 3G iPad 2 / Conde Nast Transferring GQ, Vanity Fair, and Glamour to New Apps / Apple Insider Says New MacBook Pros Shipping with TRIM Support / Electronista: Problems Reported Between 24-inch Cinema Displays and New 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pros / Samsung Exec Questions Features and Price of Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Wake of iPad 2 / Samsung Says It Will Ship Galaxy Tab 10.1 On Schedule (No Schedule Announced) / Apple Seeks Trademark on Ping Bubbles Symbol / Check out the Drobos and the special offers on them at

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Mac OS Ken: 03.04.2011

A Bevy of Analysts Weigh-In on iPad 2 / Gartner Lowers PC Growth Expectations for Next Two Years Due to Consumer Enthusiasm for Tablets / Apple Seeds iOS 4.3 GM to Developers / Best Buy to Have iPad 2 on Day One / Orange and T-Mobile Say They Will Sell ipad 2 in UK When It Becomes Available / CNET Says Apple Refunding 100-Bucks for Recent iPad Purchases / AT&T Adds Subscription Option for Data Plans for iPad (and Other Tablets) / Nielsen: Various Views of the US Smartphone Space / Apple Releases GM 2 of Xcode 4 / Apple Officially Launches “Joint Venture” / Apple Negotiates for FaceTime Trademark and Domain / Apple Tops Fortune List of Most Respected Companies for Fourth Year Running

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Mac OS Ken: 03.03.2011

Apple Announces iPad 2, SmartCover, iMovie, and GarageBand for iPad for 11 March Release in US / The Apple Blog: Buyers Have to Choose Potential 3G Carrier Before Buying iPad 2 in US and Canada / Apple Outs Digital AV Adapter for iOS Device to TV Output / Apple Outs iPad 2 Dock After Yerba Buena Event / Apple Announces iOS 4.3 for 11 March Release / Apple Insider: iOS 4.3 Not Slated for Verizon iPhone on 11 March / Jobs Explains the Difference Between iPad and Other Tablets / Jobs Gives Numbers on the State of Apple and iOS / Random House Brings Its Catalogue to the iBookstore / Jobs Beats Up Samsung with “Quite Small” Misquote / Three Analysts Go Thumbs-Up on Apple Event / Apple Issues iTunes 10.2 Update with Support for iOS 4.3 / A T and T to Offer Personal Hotspot/Tethering Plan for iPhone 4 from 11 March / Apple Puts First-Gen iPads on Clearance in Online Store

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Mac OS Ken: 03.02.2011

Report: iPad Deleted from Best Buy Inventory System / Ticonderoga Analyst Calls iPad 2 “Crucial Product Launch” / Cult of Mac Source Says iPad 2 Not a Major Redesign / All Things D Sources Say Jobs May Make Appearance at San Francisco Event / SAI Source Says Apple May Have Social Media App Up Its Sleeve for Today / Apple Event at Same Time as Nintendo President Speech (on Same Block in SF) / Verizon Exec Indicates Tiered Pricing for iPhone Data Plans by Summer / Apple Wins Patent for Toughening Stainless Steel Devices / US Attorney Says Former Apple Exec Pleads Guilty in Kickback Scandal / Apple Submits Counter-Argument to Microsoft Objection in Move to Trademark the Term “App Store” / The Telegraph: Former Member of Parliament Says Knighthood for Jobs Nixed by Former PM

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Mac OS Ken: 03.01.2011

Rumors Out of Far East Around iPhone 5 / Sanford Bernstein Analyst Thinks Less Expensive iPhones Are Coming After Meeting with Apple Execs / Ars Technica Rounds Up a Few iPad 2 Rumors / Goldman Sachs Sets Its Expectations for iPad 2 / FBR Capital Analyst Expects Apple to Ship 2-Million iPad 2s by End of March / SAI: Apple to Announce “Joint Venture” Small-Business Tech Support Tomorrow / FT Parent Threatens to Ditch iPad in Face of iOS Subscription Rules / SAI Says Amazon and Netflix May Be Exempt from iOS Subscription and In-App Purchase Rules / Random House Changes Could Land Publisher in iBookstore / Three Apps That Seem to Pirate Music Show Up in iOS App Store / Moto CEO Says More Tablets Coming by End of Year

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