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Mac OS Ken: 01.14.2011

Images in iOS 4.3 beta Indicate Still and Video Camera Functions for Next iPad / Code Monkeys Find References to ‘Find My Friends’ Feature in iOS beta / Has Some Hard-to-Believe iPad 2 Rumors / Minor Changes Noted in Apple TV iOS beta / Verizon Kills ‘New Every Two’ Loyalty Discount Program Ahead of iPhone Arrival / Analysts See hard Times for Droids on Verizon Thanks to Verizon iPhone / All Things D: ‘The Daily’ Launch Delayed for Weeks / Description for ‘The Guardian’ App Seems to Confirm Subscriptions Coming to iTunes / Apple Sued for Alleged Display Technology Patent Violations / Apple Shareholders Meeting Scheduled for February 23 / Apple Releases Epson Printer Drivers Update for Snow Leopard / RIM Says battery Life will be Fine for PlayBook

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