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Mac OS Ken: 01.31.2011

Hello everyone!

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Mac OS Ken: 01.25.2011

Heading to Macworld

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Mac OS Ken: 01.24.2011

Apple iPhone 4 Ad Highlights Both US Carriers / 10-Billionth App Downloaded Through iOS App Store / 10 Billion iOS Apps: SAI Plays with Numbers / 10-Billionth App Winner Hangs Up When Apple Calls / Nuance Opening Dragon Mobile SDK to iOS and Android Developers / Apple Replacing Phillips Screws on Repaired iPhone 4s with Security Screws / Rumors Have Apple Hiring Serious Security Guy / iOS 4.3 beta-Probers Find Reference to 1MP Camera for iPad / Toshiba Ridicules Lack of Flash-Support on iThings / SF MUNI Bus Stops Host Citywide Video Game Competition

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Mac OS Ken: 01.21.2011

Apple Releases First Build of 10.6.7 to Developers / More Hints at Camera/s for Second-Gen iPad in iOS beta / iPodNN: Calendar Icon in iOS beta Could Put Second-Gen iPad Announce on the 9th of February or March or Some Other Month / Apple Updates iWork Apps for iPad / Apple Updates iMovie and Ships Updated Brother Printer Drivers / MacRumors Thinks the 3.9-Billion Apple is Spending is on LCD Panels for iThings / First Verizon Video Spot Shows Up Online / Apple Shipping Apparent Universal Bumper for Both Verizon and AT&T iPhone / Apple Counter-Sues Nokia Over Touchscreen Scrolling Patents / Chinese Environmental NGOs Criticize Apple for Lack of Supplier Oversight / Google CEO Stepping Aside (Not Leaving Company) / Apple Patent Points to Computer Input Devices with Built-In Displays / iMacworld App for iThings Updated for 2011 Expo

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Mac OS Ken: 01.20.2011

RBC Ups Apple Target to 425-Dollars / Gleacher, Barclays, and UBS All Up Apple Targets / Unaffiliated Analysts Beat the Pros on Apple 1Q FY2011 / IDC: iPad Drives Tablet Growth Up 45-Percent Between 2QCY2010 and 3QCY2010 / Ovum Says Android Tablets to Eclipse iOS Tablets by One-Percentage Point in 2015 / iPodNN says iOS Appears to Have Retaken Mobile OS Lead from Android / Apple Insider Says Apple Beats Nokia in Mobile Phones by Revenue / Gruber Says No Retina Display for Second-Gen iPad / DigiTimes Has Unnamed Parts People Saying iPad 2 WILL Sport Super High Resolution Screen / Apple Issues Second beta of iOS 4.3 (And Nixes 4 and 5-Fingered Gestures for Final Release) / Latest iOS beta Indicates Auto-Lock Feature for iPad / More Hints at Social Services in Latest iOS beta / Apple Issues Software Updates for iDVD and Some Recent-Model MacBook Airs / AT&T Cell Plans Look Poised to Be More Restrictive (and Expensive) / Dell Announces Event on 8 February between 7 February Sptint Event and 9 February HPalm Event / HP Files for ‘HP Touchpad’ Trademark Protection / Starbucks Expands Pay-By-Phone Program / Systemgraph v. Papadimitriadis: Greek TragiComedy

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Mac OS Ken: 01.19.2011

Apple Recovers Some Losses in Wake of Jobs Health Announcement / Fortune: Analysts on Jobs Medical Leave (Pre-Earnings Report) / Apple Posts Record Mac, iPad, iPhone, Revenue and Earnings in 1Q FY2011 / Notes on the Apple 1QFY2011 Earnings Call / Apple Spending 3.9-Billion-Dollars Over Next Two Years on Mystery Component / Cook Beats Up on Tablets Other Than the iPad / Verizon Kind of Helping Recent Phone Buyers Out on Verizon iPhone Cost (Kind of) / Mac Rumors: Best Buy Inventory May Indicate White iPhone 4 for End of February / iPad eMail Skimmers Charged by NJ DA / Microsoft Launches OneNote for iOS

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Mac OS Ken: 01.18.2011

Steve Jobs Announces Another Medical Leave of Absence from Apple / Apple Stock Drops in Germany in Wake of Jobs Leave Announcement / Fortune Takes a First Look at the Jobs Announcement and Apple / Munster and Abramsky Weigh-In on Jobs News / White and Wu Weigh-In Too (On Jobs Leave of Absence News) / 32 Financial Firms Say Samsung and Apple Big Holiday Winners in Cell Phones / Apple Insider: Verizon iPhone 4 Upgrade Eligibility Screen Turn Up on Apple Store EasyPay System / comScore Sees Tough Times for Android in Face of Verizon iPhone / Consumer Reports Beats Up on Verizon iPhone / Indications of White iPhone 4 Show Up in German Vodafone Inventory System / Disney Getting Branded Android Phone for Japan / Code Monkeys Find Hints of Upgraded Graphics Processor in iOS 4.3 beta / Engadget Hears Tell of Better Display and CDMA/GSM Hybrid Chip for iPad 2 / Apple Insider: Dummy SKUs for iPads Appearing in Best Buy Inventory System / Apple Stages Giveaway to Celebrate 10-Billionth iOS App Download / Boot Camp for Mac Drops Mention of All Windows Versions Except Windows 7 / Wikipedia Founder Blasts Closed Nature of iOS App Store / Nokia Mostly Killing Phone Subscription Music Service / Beatles Sell 5 Million Singles and 1 Million Albums Via iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 01.14.2011

Images in iOS 4.3 beta Indicate Still and Video Camera Functions for Next iPad / Code Monkeys Find References to ‘Find My Friends’ Feature in iOS beta / Has Some Hard-to-Believe iPad 2 Rumors / Minor Changes Noted in Apple TV iOS beta / Verizon Kills ‘New Every Two’ Loyalty Discount Program Ahead of iPhone Arrival / Analysts See hard Times for Droids on Verizon Thanks to Verizon iPhone / All Things D: ‘The Daily’ Launch Delayed for Weeks / Description for ‘The Guardian’ App Seems to Confirm Subscriptions Coming to iTunes / Apple Sued for Alleged Display Technology Patent Violations / Apple Shareholders Meeting Scheduled for February 23 / Apple Releases Epson Printer Drivers Update for Snow Leopard / RIM Says battery Life will be Fine for PlayBook

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Mac OS Ken: 01.13.2011

Gartner Sees Huge Growth for the Mac in December-Quarter / IDC Numbers Show Tablets Shaking Up Worldwide PC Rankings / RBC Capital Analyst Predicts Record Holiday Sales for Macs and iPads and iPhones / Barclays and Pacific Crest Both Up Apple Expectations / Verizon Strengthens 3G Network in and Around NYC / Kaufman Brothers Analyst Thinks Verizon will Promote iPhone at Expense of Other Devices / Sprint and T-Mobile Schedule Media Events / T-Mobile Reminds Electronista of Verizon a Few Months Ago / Sprint Dropping Price of Samsung Galaxy Tab / Engadget Says New iOS beta Allows Video Streaming to Apple TV via AirPlay / MacNN Says New iOS beta Allows Changing iPad Button Back Into a Screen Lock / Ars Technica Talks Multi-Touch Gestures and FaceTime Icons for iPad in new iOS beta / BGR Source Says iPad and iPhone Home Buttons Could Eventually Go Away

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Mac OS Ken: 01.12.2011

Apple and Verizon Announce iPhone 4 for Verizon: The Apple Press Release / Apple and Verizon Announce iPhone 4 for Verizon: The Verizon FAQ / Apple Insider Says Apple Will Not Pre-Load Verizon Crapware on iPhone / Verizon iPhone OS Includes Personal Hotspot Feature for Up to Five Devices / A T and T ‘Not Speculating’ on Whether it will Add Personal Hotspot Feature / A T and T Talks Up Its Strengths on Day of Verizon iPhone Announcement / COO Cook Says Current LTE Chipsets Would Have Required too Many Design Compromises for iPhone 4 / Apple COO Says Verizon iPhone Deal Multi-year Though Not Exclusive / Morgan Stanley Analyst Excited About Possibility of CDMA iPhones Worldwide / Verizon Wireless to Sell iPad with Built-in CDMA Chispet / Microsoft Opposes Apple App Store Trademark with USPTO

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Mac OS Ken: 01.11.2011

JP Morgan Analyst Says Verizon iPhone Could Cost a Little More Than AT&T iPhone / Verizon Tweets Message Using Twitter for iPhone App / UBS Analyst Sees as Many as 13 Million Verizon iPhones This Year / Analysts Says Verizon to Pay Between 3-Billion and 5-Billion-Dollars in Subsidies to Apple This Year / Apple Insider Looks at Munster and Wu Expectations for Verizon iPhone and Carriers / Gleacher and Co and Pacific Crest Analysts See Tough Year for A T and T / NYT Notes Renewed Interest in Apple from WalL Street Ahead of Verizon Announcement / Apple Drops 8GB iPhone 3GS to 49-Dollars / Target Drops 8GB iPhone 3GS to 49-Dollars / CNET Says Apple Retail to Nix Restocking Fees Beginning Today / Cutline: Apple CEO and News Corp CEO to Intro ‘The Daily’ in SF Around 19 January / Forbes Fleshes Out Some of the Rumors Around ‘The Daily’ / TUAW: Rumor Has Apple Adding Genius Bars to Some Best Buy Locations / Apple Adds Sharing and Storage features to beta / Wisconsin Nokia/Apple Suit Transferred to Delaware / Apple Posts XCode 4 Preview 6 / Apple Updates Remote Desktop and Adds Dashboard Widget / iPodNN Highlights 10 Years of iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 01.10.2011

Verizon Holding Event Tuesday Expected (by Most) to Reveal Verizon iPhone / WSJ Says Tuesday IS Verizon iPhone Day / WSJ Source Says Verizon iPhone Should be on Sale by End of January / WSJ Source Says Verizon will Offer Unlimited Data Plans for iPhone / A T and T Exec Questions Speed of iPhone on CDMA Network / The Loop’s Dalrymple Says Verizon Rather Than Apple Announcing Verizon iPhone Makes Sense / Analysts Stoked Over Verizon iPhone Potential / All Things D Sources Say Steve Jobs “Likely” at Verizon iPhone Event / Mac App Store Tops One Million Downloaded Apps in First 24-Hours / Apple Sued for Patent Infringement by Ancora Technologies / Apple Publishes 2011 Proxy Statement Online / The Telegraph Says Apple COO Cook Awarded 59-Million-Dollars for Filling in for Jobs in 2009

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Mac OS Ken: 01.07.2011

Apple Opens Mac App Store with Over 1,000 Apps / Mac OS X 10.6.6 Centered On Mac App Store with Few Other Inclusions / Mac OS X 10.6.6 Fixes One Security Issue for Snow Leopard Machines Only / Macworld UK Eyes Savings on Apple-Made Software in Mac App Store / The Loop Note a Lack of iDVD and iWeb in Mac App Store / Apple Updates iWork 09 / TUAW Breaks Down Apparent Price Ranges in Mac App Store / Silicon Alley Insider Looks at the Likely Evolution of Pricing on the Mac App Store / SAI Looks at How Mac App Store Could Lead to More Macs Sold / Computerworld Examines Concerns Some Developers Have Over Mac App Store / Apple Insider Hears Tell of Three-Week Vacation Blackout at Apple Retail / A T and T Drops 8GB iPhone 3GS to 49-Dollars with Two-Year Contract / Bloomberg Says Apple Courted Blackstone Exec for CFO (Apple Denies It) / Bloomberg Says Blackstone Approach Could Mean Apple has an Appetite for Acquisition / Windows President Bashes Apple Devices at CES Address / Ballmer Address to CES Almost Completely Ignores Tablets

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Mac OS Ken: Please try the Live thing

No news show today. Many apologies. Please consider giving Mac OS Ken: Live a try. Back to news tomorrow. And thanks. You rock.

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Mac OS Ken: 01.05.2011

Deutsche Bank Analyst Ups Mac, iPhone, and iPad Holiday Sales Expectations / Deutsche Bank Analyst Ups Apple Target to 410-Dollars / RIM Outs PlayBook Videos Focused on Web Surfing and the SDK / Wu Still Says PlayBook to Be Hobbled by Short Battery Life / Reports Says Microsoft Set to Make New Run at Digital Living Room / Microsoft Streaming CEOs CES Address Wednesday Night / HP Invites Press to webOS Event in San Francisco on 9 February / Forrester More Than Doubles Tablet Sales Expectations Through 2015 / Apple Updates iMovie and GarageBand for iLife 11 / Japanese Government Reportedly Seeks Content Filtering on iPhones / KPN Reportedly Challenging iPhone Exclusivity in Belgium with Sales Through Subsidiary

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Mac OS Ken: 01.04.2011

Apple Hits Market Cap of 300-Billion-Dollars / Munster Lays Odds on Various Apple Announcements in 2011 / Orange UK Reportedly Sees Slow Sales for Subsidized 3G iPads / Oppenheimer Analyst Ups Apple Target on Continued Belief in iPhone Subsidies / Fun with Numbers: Who’s on First and What’s on Second in Smartphones / iOS and Windows 7 See Decent Growth in December NetApplications Report / WSJ Says Google Kicking Around Idea of Digital Newsstand for Android with Publishers / NYT Blog Says iPhone Alarm Bug Rolls Into New Week for Some / Sony Testing New Extras on Films Purchased Through iTunes / Samsung Galaxy S Tops 10-Million Units Sold / Apple Authorized Reseller in Greece Sues Consumer for Posting Complaint Online

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Mac OS Ken: 01.03.2011

Mobile Review Editor Hears Word of USB Port for 2nd-Gen iPad / B2B Site Alibaba Takes Down Apparent 2nd-Gen iPad Case Pics After “Legitimate Request” / Caris and Company Analysts Sees iPad Holding Two-Thirds of Tablet Market Through 2011 / Circulation Numbers Indicate iPad Not Setting Digital Magazines on Fire / Bloomberg/BusinessWeek Source Says Verizon iPhone Announcement Could Come by 14 February / Verizon Trademark Services Secures Some Verizon iPhone Related Domains / Verizon Drops Price of Contract-Free Samsung Galaxy Tab by 100-Dollars / RIM Repudiates PlayBook Battery Problem Reports / Citibank Expects Apple to Take in $2B in Gross Revenue from Apps This Year / Apple and Other Tech Companies Sued for Allegedly Violating Patent Involving Double Clicking Things / Gleacher and Company Analyst Says iTunes Video One-Tenth of Netflix Video / Gleacher and Company Analyst Would Like to See Apple Buy Netflix / McAfee Says Apple, Social Media and Mobile Tech to Be Bigger CyberTargets in 2011 / Barnes and Noble Servers Buckle Under Christmas Day nook Demand / Publishers Marketplace Sees Signs of Trouble for Borders / Apple Greets New Year with Old iOS Alarm Issue

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