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Mac OS Ken: 12.29.2010

Wedge Partners Analyst Says iPad is Awesome and Other Tablets are “Junk” / DigiTimes Hears Tell of a CDMA 2nd-Gen iPad / iPhone 4 Tops eBay Top Ten Sales Items for 2010 / RadioShack Restarts iPhone Discount Sales Promotion / AT&T Expanding Public WiFi Hot Zones in NYC and SF / Paul Allen Re-Files Patent Infringement Case Against Apple, Google, and 11 Other Online Companies / Apple Sued for Allegedly Sharing Personal Info with Ad Networks via iOS Apps / UK VAT Adjustment to Drive Prices Up for iThings / Kaufman Brothers Analyst Hears Tell of Battery Problems for RIM PlayBook / KMart and Sears Teams for Online Video Sales and Rental Service / Android Market Reportedly Approaching 200k Apps Available / Angry Birds Developers Says iOS will Be Number One with Developers for a While / CNN Puts Antennagate and Ping on Top 10 Tech Fails of 2010 List

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