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Mac OS Ken: 12.28.2010

Tapulous Says Christmas 2010 Download Traffic Up 2X Versus Christmas 2009 / Facebook for iPhone Sees 1.6 Million New Users Since 24 December / Apple to Hold 1Q FY2011 Conference Call on 18 January / Secret DigiTimes Sources Say CDMA iPhone for 1Q CY2011 / Apple Confirms One-Million Apple TVs Sold / Softbank Offers Free 16GB 3G iPad in Japan with 2-Year Data Contract / Economic Daily News Says Foxconnn Likely to Stay Only iPad Manufacturer for Apple / French Journalist Revisits Foxconn and Says it Still Sucks to Work There / Samsung Outing Android-based Competitor to iPod touch at CES / Amazon Says Current Kindle is its Best Selling Product Ever / Kobo Issues Me-Too Press Release in Wake of Amazon Kindle Announcements 

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