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Mac OS Ken: 12.20.2010

JP Morgan Says Apple to Make Majority of Tablets in 2011 / Apple Launches iPad in the Philippines / Best Buy Giving Away 3G and 4G Routers with WiFi iPad / UK Retailer TK Maxx Pulls a TJ Maxx with a Few iPads for Sale / New Rumor Gives “The Daily” a 17 January 2011 Launch / TUAW Says 99-Cent EA Games Could Be Land Grab for Holiday Sales / Former Apple and Current HPalm Exec Jon Rubinstein Joins Amazon Board / iTunes Digital-Download Market Share Grows in 2010 / iTunes Music Exec leaves for EMI / Sony Cordially Reminds CNET That They Sell eReaders as Well / Apple Releases Six Free Books for Mac and iOS Developers Through iBookstore / Apple Hiring Four Developers with Navigation Software Experience / RIM Updates BlackBerry to Mac Syncing Utility to Version 2.0 / Artist Offers Limited Edition Prints of Original Mac Icons for Sale

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