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Mac OS Ken: 12.17.2010

Apple Opening Mac App Store on 6 January 2011 / CES Starts 6 January 2011 / Shaw Wu Ups Apple Target to 395-Dollars / JP Morgan Analyst Ups Apple Target to 420-Dollars / Nokia Takes Apple Patent Fight to UK and Europe / Apple, Oracle, EMC, and Microsoft in Novell Patent Deal / Flextronics Exec Accused of Selling Insider Info on Apple / Flextronics, Dell, AMD, and TSMC Execs Accused of Selling Inside Information / Nikkei Says Sharp Building Plant to Make LCDs for iPhone / Rogers and Fido Offering iPhone Unlock Service in Canada / Apple Updates AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule Firmware and AirPort Utility / Apple Releases Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.5 / EA Drops Prices of 68 iOS Games to 99-Cents for Holiday Sale

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