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Mac OS Ken: 12.14.2010

Hackers Steal Usernames and Passwords from Gawker Sites / Goldman Sachs Restarts Apple Coverage with 430-dollar Target / NYT Blog Says Ballmer to Show a Slew of Slates at CES / Goldman Sachs Sees Tough Year Ahead for Microsoft Due to Weaknesses in Tablets and Phones / Judge Dismisses Allen Patent Suite Against Apple and Others for Being Too Vague / Apple Reportedly Investing in Toshiba LCD Panel Factory for iPhones / Apple and Other Handset Makers Said to Be Bidding on Nortel Networks 4G IP / MacDaily News Posts a Host of Early 2011 Verizon iPhone Rumors / Enderle and Gold Say “No Way, No How” on Post-Christmas LTE Verizon iPhone / Microsoft Updates Office for Mac 2011 with Three Bug Fixes / Cydia Developer Plans Cydia for Mac to Compete with Mac App Store / Google Latitude App Hits iOS App Store / Apple Pulls SSD Option from Xserve Orders / Amazon Says It Has Sold “Millions” of Kindles in the Past 73 Days / Samsung Set to Offer One-Thousand-Dollar Galaxy Tab with Case and Bluetooth Headset and Nothing Else Extra / Reports Say Infinity Blade Takes in at Least 1.6 Million-Dollars in First Five Days

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