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Mac OS Ken: 12.08.2010

Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster Asks and Answers 12 Questions About Apple / A T and T CFO Stresses Eventual End to Hardware Exclusivity Deals / Other A T and T Exec Says He Is Not Worried About Eventual Loss of iPhone Exclusivity / Sprint CEO Sure Would Like the iPhone for Sprint / Ticoneroga Analyst Says iPhone Still Super Hard to Get in China / Two Firms Downgrade RIM on Competition from iPhones and Androids / DigiTimes Says Foxconn to Ship iPad 2 in Next 100 Days / DisplaySearch Says If the iPad is a Computer Then Apple Wins Big / Samsung Aims for Big Share Gains in Phone in 2011 / IDC Says Apple Overtakes Nokia as Number One Smartphone Vendor in Australia / Apple Updates QuickTime 7 with Security Fixes / Google Gingerbread Talk Indicates Slowing Growth for Android Devices / Google Exec Andy Rubin Teases Android 3 Tablet OS / Rubin Defends Android ‘Craplets’ and Bags on WinPhone 7 and Praises iPhone / Rubin Disses iTunes as Music Buying Experience

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