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Mac OS Ken: 12.29.2010

Wedge Partners Analyst Says iPad is Awesome and Other Tablets are “Junk” / DigiTimes Hears Tell of a CDMA 2nd-Gen iPad / iPhone 4 Tops eBay Top Ten Sales Items for 2010 / RadioShack Restarts iPhone Discount Sales Promotion / AT&T Expanding Public WiFi Hot Zones in NYC and SF / Paul Allen Re-Files Patent Infringement Case Against Apple, Google, and 11 Other Online Companies / Apple Sued for Allegedly Sharing Personal Info with Ad Networks via iOS Apps / UK VAT Adjustment to Drive Prices Up for iThings / Kaufman Brothers Analyst Hears Tell of Battery Problems for RIM PlayBook / KMart and Sears Teams for Online Video Sales and Rental Service / Android Market Reportedly Approaching 200k Apps Available / Angry Birds Developers Says iOS will Be Number One with Developers for a While / CNN Puts Antennagate and Ping on Top 10 Tech Fails of 2010 List

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Mac OS Ken: 12.28.2010

Tapulous Says Christmas 2010 Download Traffic Up 2X Versus Christmas 2009 / Facebook for iPhone Sees 1.6 Million New Users Since 24 December / Apple to Hold 1Q FY2011 Conference Call on 18 January / Secret DigiTimes Sources Say CDMA iPhone for 1Q CY2011 / Apple Confirms One-Million Apple TVs Sold / Softbank Offers Free 16GB 3G iPad in Japan with 2-Year Data Contract / Economic Daily News Says Foxconnn Likely to Stay Only iPad Manufacturer for Apple / French Journalist Revisits Foxconn and Says it Still Sucks to Work There / Samsung Outing Android-based Competitor to iPod touch at CES / Amazon Says Current Kindle is its Best Selling Product Ever / Kobo Issues Me-Too Press Release in Wake of Amazon Kindle Announcements 

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Mac OS Ken: 12.27.2010

Apple Wins Big on Amazon Most Gifted Items Lists / Apple Says Early Last Week That It Is Close to Selling a Million Apple TVs / Shaw Wu Says So What to Apple TV Press Release / AT&T Now Selling 3G iPad Online / AT&T Offers Deep Discounts on Refurbished iPhones / China Unicom Starts Sales of Contract-Free iPhone 3GS / iPad Available for Sale in Israel / Alcatel-Lucent Patent Holding Co Sues Apple and Others Over Video Compression IP / Hybrid Audio Sues Apple, Dell, and HTC for Alleged Patent Infringement / Apple Updates Remote App to Version 2.1 / Apple Updates iPhoto 11 with Stability Fixes and a Few New Features / Mossberg Names iPad Best Tech Product of 2010 / NPR Names Ping One of the Worst Ideas of 2010 / Reports Have Microsoft Talking New Mobile Internet Device OS at CES / The Financial Times Names Steve Jobs Person of the Year / President Obama Cites Jobs as Exemplary Business Leader

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Mac OS Ken: 12.21.2010

comScore Sees Huge Growth in Online Computer Hardware Holiday Sales Thanks in Part to iPad / Munster Says Android Tablets to Come Close to iPad in Market Share in 2012 / iPad Clamcase Finally Available for Order / Motorola Tablet Teaser Teases iPad and Galaxy Tab / Sam’s Club Cuts 52-Dollars Off Cost of iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS / Walmart Giving Away 50-Dollar Gift Cards with iPhone Purchases / Verizon Wireless Twitter Account Teases 4G and Android at 6 January 2011 CES Address / Apple Killing Mac OS X Downloads Site with Launch of Mac App Store / Samsung Galaxy S Sells 2 Million Units in South Korea in First Six-Months / iPhone 4 Still Hard to Get in China / Apple Launches “iAd Producer” Application for the Mac / Please Download the iAd-Supported Secret Crypto Wonder Badge for Free from the App Store / Roku Sees Renaissance in Face of Apple TV and Google TV / Epic Games Updates Infinity Blade

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Mac OS Ken: 12.20.2010

JP Morgan Says Apple to Make Majority of Tablets in 2011 / Apple Launches iPad in the Philippines / Best Buy Giving Away 3G and 4G Routers with WiFi iPad / UK Retailer TK Maxx Pulls a TJ Maxx with a Few iPads for Sale / New Rumor Gives “The Daily” a 17 January 2011 Launch / TUAW Says 99-Cent EA Games Could Be Land Grab for Holiday Sales / Former Apple and Current HPalm Exec Jon Rubinstein Joins Amazon Board / iTunes Digital-Download Market Share Grows in 2010 / iTunes Music Exec leaves for EMI / Sony Cordially Reminds CNET That They Sell eReaders as Well / Apple Releases Six Free Books for Mac and iOS Developers Through iBookstore / Apple Hiring Four Developers with Navigation Software Experience / RIM Updates BlackBerry to Mac Syncing Utility to Version 2.0 / Artist Offers Limited Edition Prints of Original Mac Icons for Sale

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Mac OS Ken: 12.17.2010

Apple Opening Mac App Store on 6 January 2011 / CES Starts 6 January 2011 / Shaw Wu Ups Apple Target to 395-Dollars / JP Morgan Analyst Ups Apple Target to 420-Dollars / Nokia Takes Apple Patent Fight to UK and Europe / Apple, Oracle, EMC, and Microsoft in Novell Patent Deal / Flextronics Exec Accused of Selling Insider Info on Apple / Flextronics, Dell, AMD, and TSMC Execs Accused of Selling Inside Information / Nikkei Says Sharp Building Plant to Make LCDs for iPhone / Rogers and Fido Offering iPhone Unlock Service in Canada / Apple Updates AirPort Base Station and Time Capsule Firmware and AirPort Utility / Apple Releases Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.5 / EA Drops Prices of 68 iOS Games to 99-Cents for Holiday Sale

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Mac OS Ken: 12.16.2010

ChangeWave Survey Says 78-Percent of Businesses Planning to Buy Tablets in Q1 2011 Plan to Buy iPads / Best Buy Drops Dell Streak Price to 100-Dollar with Two-Year Contract / T-Mobile Drops Prices of Samsung Vibrant and Samsung Galaxy Tab / Munster Buys the Idea of a Verizon iPhone in 1Q CY2011 / CNET Takes a Look at Munster and His Take on Verizon iPhones / Reports Say Apple in Fifth in Cellphones in Japan / Report Says iAds to Debut in Europe Next Week / Apple Issues iTunes Update to Address Crashing and Syncing Issues / Apple Insider Says Some Users Having Problems with iTunes Update Downloaded Through Software Update Utility / Apple Updates iBooks App for iThings / NYT Says Over 100 Illustrated Books Added to iBookstore Along with iBooks Update / Apple Issues Snow Leopard Driver Updates for Some Canon, FujiXerox, and Lexmark Printers / Apple Updates 27-inch LED Cinema Display Firmware / Canadian Ministry Formally Approves iBookstore Canada Paving the Way for More Homegrown Content

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Mac OS Ken: 12.15.2010

Goldman Analyst Says Apple Would Work Without Cook or Jobs / Morgan Stanley Still Recommends Apple But Not as a Best Idea / Best Buy Sees Weakness in TVs and Strength in Smartphones and Tablets / Apple Ships Minor Software Update for Apple TV / BMO Capital Analyst Ups Apple Target to 355-Dollars a Share / NPD Expects as Many as 4.3-Million Macs Sold This Quarter / Imagination Technologies Buys Caustic Graphics / 3 Set to Offer Unlimited Mobile Data Plans in the UK / Toshiba Kind of Denies Apple LCD-Panel Plant Rumor / Japanese Publishers Bash Apple for Copyright Infringement in App Store / WSJ Says Epic Games Releasing Unreal Development Kit for iOS Tomorrow / Apple Announces Return of 12 Days of Christmas iTunes Promo for UK and Parts of Europe / Google Voice Updated with Some Support for iPad and iPod touch / Android Update to Make Barnes and Noble Nook Color into Full Anroid Tablet / Nokia Plans 4 to 5 Revamps of Symbian OS Over Next 15 Months / TRON: Legacy Shows Up as First iPad-Specific iAd

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Mac OS Ken: 12.14.2010

Hackers Steal Usernames and Passwords from Gawker Sites / Goldman Sachs Restarts Apple Coverage with 430-dollar Target / NYT Blog Says Ballmer to Show a Slew of Slates at CES / Goldman Sachs Sees Tough Year Ahead for Microsoft Due to Weaknesses in Tablets and Phones / Judge Dismisses Allen Patent Suite Against Apple and Others for Being Too Vague / Apple Reportedly Investing in Toshiba LCD Panel Factory for iPhones / Apple and Other Handset Makers Said to Be Bidding on Nortel Networks 4G IP / MacDaily News Posts a Host of Early 2011 Verizon iPhone Rumors / Enderle and Gold Say “No Way, No How” on Post-Christmas LTE Verizon iPhone / Microsoft Updates Office for Mac 2011 with Three Bug Fixes / Cydia Developer Plans Cydia for Mac to Compete with Mac App Store / Google Latitude App Hits iOS App Store / Apple Pulls SSD Option from Xserve Orders / Amazon Says It Has Sold “Millions” of Kindles in the Past 73 Days / Samsung Set to Offer One-Thousand-Dollar Galaxy Tab with Case and Bluetooth Headset and Nothing Else Extra / Reports Say Infinity Blade Takes in at Least 1.6 Million-Dollars in First Five Days

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Mac OS Ken: 12.13.2010

Best Buy Starts Online iPad Sales / Apple Hiring for Verizon iPad Systems Engineer / Radio Shack Reportedly Runs Out of iPhone 4s During Sales Promotion / Collapse of BlackBerry May Pressure Verizon on iPhone Deal / HTC Expects to Triple Handset Shipments  to 60 Million in 2011 / Verizon Totally Killing Kin Features by 31 January 2011 / Apple Adds Playlist Creation and Publication to Ping / Apple Uses Addresses to Shorten Tweeted Links / Apple Disables Jailbreak-detecting API in iOS / Gorillaz Giving Away Album Crafted on iPad on Christmas Day

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Mac OS Ken: 12.10.2010

Best Buy Offers Free iPhone 3GS to Qualified Customers Friday 10 December Only / Analysts Up Apple Targets Based (In Part) on Verizon iPhone Expectations / Ben and Jerry’s Giving Away Free iPhone Cases in Singapore / Ad Firm Chitika Says iPad to Account for Over 2 Percent of US Web Traffic By End of 2011 / Apple Takes Four of Top 10 Gadgets of 2010 List from Time Magazine / Barnes and Noble Chairman Says 18k nook Color Devices Made Every Day / iTunes US Sees Arrival of 90-Second Song Previews / Costco Phasing Out Apple Inventory / Apple Updates Aperture Photography Software / Apple Games Guru Goes Back into Games of His Own / Infinity Blade from Epic Games Hits the App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 12.09.2010

Bernstein Analyst Keeps on Keeping on Calling for Apple to Pay Dividends / Stifel Nicolaus Analyst Ups Apple Target to 390-Dollars / Interpret Says iOS Poised to Dominate Handheld Gaming / Apple Drops Prices on Refurbished iPads / Apple Drops Appeal in OPTi Patent Infringement Loss / The Loop Says the Mac App Store Will Launch in January of 2011 / European Wireless Carriers Want Content Providers to Share Network Upgrade Costs / RIM Co-CEO Praises Choices Made for PlayBook Versus iPad / RIM Giving PlayBook App Developers a Free PlayBook / Rubin Tweets Google Activating 300k Android Phones Per Day / Nokia Exec Praises iPhone and Disses Reality Distortion Field / Apple Releases Software Update for MacBook Air / Microsoft Updates Office 2008 for Mac with Security and Stability Fixes / iOS App Promo Codes Go Global / Reports Say Apple is Emailing Some iTunes Customers Free Movie Rental Coupons / Fortune Says China Nabs iThing Smuggling Housewives / MarketWatch Dubs Steve Jobs CEO of the Decade / Data Robotics Would Like to Ask You About Data Storage and Podcasting at

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Mac OS Ken: 12.08.2010

Piper Jaffray Analyst Gene Munster Asks and Answers 12 Questions About Apple / A T and T CFO Stresses Eventual End to Hardware Exclusivity Deals / Other A T and T Exec Says He Is Not Worried About Eventual Loss of iPhone Exclusivity / Sprint CEO Sure Would Like the iPhone for Sprint / Ticoneroga Analyst Says iPhone Still Super Hard to Get in China / Two Firms Downgrade RIM on Competition from iPhones and Androids / DigiTimes Says Foxconn to Ship iPad 2 in Next 100 Days / DisplaySearch Says If the iPad is a Computer Then Apple Wins Big / Samsung Aims for Big Share Gains in Phone in 2011 / IDC Says Apple Overtakes Nokia as Number One Smartphone Vendor in Australia / Apple Updates QuickTime 7 with Security Fixes / Google Gingerbread Talk Indicates Slowing Growth for Android Devices / Google Exec Andy Rubin Teases Android 3 Tablet OS / Rubin Defends Android ‘Craplets’ and Bags on WinPhone 7 and Praises iPhone / Rubin Disses iTunes as Music Buying Experience

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Mac OS Ken: 12.07.2010

Kaufman Brothers Analyst Says Verizon May Deal to Keep iPhone from T-Mobile and Sprint in the States / A T and T Ranks Last in Consumer Reports 2010 US Wireless Carrier Survey / Rumor Puts Mac App Store Opening at Next Monday / CNET Says iOS 4.3 with Subscription Support Could Hit on Thursday / Google Launches eBook Store / Electronista Argues for the Importance of the Google eBook Store / Google Confirms Samsung-Built Nexus S for US and UK in Next Two Weeks / Amazon to Demo Kindle for Web Today / Signs in Apple Retail Stores Reiterate White iPhone for Spring 2011 / Apple Reportedly Taps Architect Norman Foster to Design New Cupertino Campus

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Mac OS Ken: 12.06.2010

Apple Expands Number of Patents in Motorola Case to 24 / Caris and Company Analyst Sees More Apple Growth from iPad than from iPhone in 2011 / NetApplications Sees Huge Online Growth for iOS Throughout 2010  / Radio Shack Cuts iPhone Prices by 50 Bucks for This Week / Chinese Regulators Eye China Unicom Rules Around iPhone 4 / Apple to Bar beta and Demo Software from Mac App Store / Samsung Says Galaxy Tab Hits Sales of One Million Units / Bloomingdale’s Promoting Shopping with “Free” iPads

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Mac OS Ken: 12.03.2010

Canaccord Genuity Analyst Like Apple in Mobile Space for 2011 / Munster Says Apple Not Likely to Control Online Video the Way it Did/Does Online Music / Wintek Upping 10-inch Touch-Panel Production Ability / Apple Seeds Second beta of Snow Leopard 10.6.6 to Developers / Ping Hosts World Premier of Michael Jackson Single / Old Navy Stores Testing Apple Point of Sale System / Adobe Outs Flash Player 10.2 beta with Purported Resource Improvements / Dell CFO Says Tablet will Likely Cannibalize Business PCs at Some Point / RIM Buys The Astonishing Tribe to Work on BlackBerry and PlayBook UIs / CVS and iPads and the Art of No Commenting / Please take a sec to answer a question about unfriending at the Spark Minute website

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Mac OS Ken: 12.02.2010

Nielsen Survey Shows Mixed Messages in Smartphone Platform Desirability / StatCounter Says RIM OS Beats iOS for US-Mobile Web Usage in November / Nokai Siemens Networks Says Tech in iOS 4.2 Could Ease Congestion on Cell Networks / Safari Takes Fourth in Net Applications Browser Market Share for November / Apple Partner PhotoFlash Drops 256GB Upgrade Kit for MacBook Air / MacNN says iPad to Hit Thailand This Friday 3 December / Google Editions Set to Go Live in the Sates by End of Year / Amazon Advertises Device Independence of Kindle Books / Early Bird Registration for Macworld Expo 2011 Ends Friday 3 December / Apple Awarded Patent for Glasses-Free Multi-Viewer 3D Projection System

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Mac OS Ken: 12.01.2010

Security Researcher Outlines Vulnerability in Mobile Safari for iOS Devices / Olivier Sanche - Director of Global Data Center Operations for Apple - Passes Away at 41 / iPad Lands in 10 New Countries in Asia and Europe / Apple Insider Looks at Subsidized iPads / Bloomberg Looks at Financial Sector Move from RIM to iOS Devices / Barnes and Noble Trumpets nook Success Without the Benefit of Numbers / ChangeWave Says iPad Gaining Quickly on Kindle in Two-Horse eReader Race / Project Digital-Only Magazine Hits the App Store / Morgan Stanley Analyst Says iPhone Outselling Nokia N8 Six to One in Europe / Apple Requires True Names for iOS Game Center / First-Month Sales of Microsoft Kinect Beat First-Month Sales of Apple iPad

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