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Mac OS Ken: 11.22.2010

RBC Analyst Sees Reduction in CDMA-iPhones and Increase in iPad Production / Wedge Partners Analyst Sees More and Stronger iPads in 2011 / Apple Applies for Carbon Fiber Casing Patent / Scandinavian iPad Release Appears Imminent / Code Monkeys Find Hints of Free MobileMe Services in Latest iOS GMs / The Telegraph Says Apple Has Scrapped Integrated SIM-Card Plans / Foxconn Workers Reportedly Stage Protest for Higher pay and Against Relocation / Amazon Wirless Offers Android Phones for One Penny Through Today / ChangeWave Says One-Third of Smartphone Buyers Who Cannot Buy an iPhone Really Wish They Could / Jobs Reportedly Says TJ Maxx is Not an Apple Authorized Reseller / Piper Jaffray Analyst Applauds Apparent TJ Maxx iPad Move / Reports of Jobs and Uncle Rupert’s New News Machine / Please subscribe to Mac OS Ken: Live in iTunes

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