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Mac OS Ken: 11.18.2010

Apple and HTC and RIM Sued for Alleged Patent Infringement / Apple Names Former Northrop-Grumman CEO to Board of Directors / Retrevo Survey Finds US Shoppers Spending More on Gadgets and Seeking Tablets / Report Says Law Requires Apple to Offer Two-Year Warranties on iPads in China / Books from Pearson and Peachpit Show Up in the iBookstore / Google Makes Google Docs Editable on iOS Devices / Hulu Plus Lowers Price and Offers One-Week Free Trial / Netflix CEO Says Tablets Not Terribly Important to His Company Right Now / Netflix CEO Does Not See Hulu Plus as Competition Right Now / News Corp Exec Confimrs Plans for Tablet-Only News Source / Dell Exec in Charge of Phones is Out / Please subscribe to Mac OS Ken: Live in iTunes

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