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Mac OS Ken: 11.09.2010

TiPb Test Shows iOS 4.2 Speeding Up iPhone 3G / TMO Expects iOS 4.2 Out to the Masses in the Next 48 Hours / Apple Seeds Yet Another Build of Mac OS X 10.6.5 to Developers / Toshiba to Offer Same Type of Flash in MacBook Air to Other Computer Makers / Jobs Reportedly Says Hardly Anyone Was buying Xserve / Apple Server Exec Posts Then Deletes Message After Apple Ditches Xserve / KT to Sell iPad in South Korea Sometime This Month / Apple Insider Sources Say iWork ’11 to Hit Along with Mac App Store / Google Giving Away WiFi on AirTrans/Delta/Virgin America Flights in the US Over the Holidays / The Washington Post Posts Free(ish) App for iPad / FT Rumors Say HTC Hiring for App Store of Its Own / Adobe CTO Takes Issue with Flash as MacBook Air Battery Killer Stories

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