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Mac OS Ken: 11.04.2010

USITC Staff Sides with Nokia in Ongoing Apple Patent Lawsuit / Apple Sued Over iOS4 Performance on iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 3GSs / Apple Acknowledges DST Bug and Says It Will Be Better on Sunday / PayPal Updates iOS App to Patch Security Vulnerability / Apple Puts Out the Call for Mac App Store Submissions / HP Exec Talks Touchscreen PCs Post Apple CEO Dismissal of the Category / CNET Says Big-Four Labels Signed Off on 90-Second iTunes Previews in August / Warner Digital Lawyer to Be iTunes and Apple Internet Services Lawyer in Europe / Apple Signs Publishers to iBookstore Australia / Best Buy Mobile to Start iPad Sales Sunday 7 November / Facebook Talks Mobile Initiatives / Facebook CEO Says iPad is More Computer than Mobile Device / Creative Labs Set to Enter the Tablet Fight / nPad Manufacturer Backs Down in Face of Apple Legal Threat / BGR Sources Say Apple Makes AppleCare Protection Plans Transferable to New Purchases / Skyfire Hits the App Store a Day Early / Skyfire Sells-Out in Five Hours

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