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Mac OS Ken: 11.30.2010

Deutsche Bank and Piper Jaffray See Strong Black Friday Sales for Apple / Macs Score Big on PCWorld Reader Survey / Gartner Sees Tablets Impacting PC Sales in a Small Way This Year and in a Much Bigger Way by 2014 / ZDNet Looks at Why the USB/iPad Rumor Might be True / Survey Says Smartphone Owners Worldwide Not Overly Loyal to Their Phone Platform / IDC Predicts Android Overtaking iOS and Symbian in Europe in 2011 / UK Site Says HTC Phones More Searched for Than iPhone 4 on Its Site / Apple Support Forums Show Issue with Random and Unaided FaceTime Calls / Bloomberg Says Apple Lawyering Up for Phone Fights / Richard Branson to Launch Tablet-Only Magazine Today / Reuters Report Says Microsoft Making Concerted Effort for Digital Living Room Dominance

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Mac OS Ken: 11.29.2010

More Far-East Rumors Around 2nd-Gen iPad / ChangeWave Survey Sees Increased Laptop Purchase Intent Thanks to Apple / NPD Says 11-Percent of Consumers Surveyed Plan to Get iPad in Next Three Months / Financial Times Says Early 2011 Launch More Likely for The Daily Than December 2010 / Jobs and Bezos Share Spot on Foreign Policy Global Thinkers List for Work in eReaders / App Developer Says Android News App Rejected for Being About Android / Apple Blocks Popular Unlock with iOS 4.2.1 / Acer CEO Wants to Take Lead in Tablets from Apple in 2 to 3 Years / Australian Survey Shows Kids Craving iPod touch / Apple Buys More Offices in Cupertino

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Mac OS Ken: 11.25.2010

Today we feature a shortened sample edition of Mac OS Ken: Day 6 during which we talk with Paul Kent - executive at IDG in charge of the Macworld Conference and Expo. Please enjoy! And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mac OS Ken: 11.24.2010

USITC to Investigate Apple Patent Infringement Claims Against Motorola / iOS 4.2 Includes a Slew of Security Fixes / Apple Adds WebSockets and Accelerometer Support to Mobile Safari via iOS 4.2 Update / Rumors Put Subscription-Focused iOS 4.3 in First Half of December / Gruber Kind of Confirms Reports of News Corp Daily for Tablets / Some Users See Problems with Sony and Philips TVs and 2nd-Gen Apple TV / Apple Announces Black Friday Sale for UK Shoppers / Apple Announces Black Friday Sale for US Shoppers / US Survey says 6-to-12-Year-Olds Wants iPads More Than Anything / Apple Hiring and Poaching RIM Execs for Enterprise Sales / Acer Announces Three Tablets for 2011 and an iTunes-esque Store / Sony Teases Reader Apps for iPhone and Android / Beatles Sales Top 450k Albums and 2-Million Singles in Week One / Apple 1 Sells at Auction for Nearly a Quarter of a Million Dollars

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Mac OS Ken: 11.23.2010

Apple Releases iOS 4.2 for iPhone and iPad and iPod touch / John Martellaro of The Mac Observer Hits Starter Points for iOS 4.2.1 and iPad / Apple Updates iWork for iPad Apps with iOS 4.2 Support / Some Have Issues Seeing Content on iThings After iOS Upgrade / Apple Updates Apple TV with Support for AirPlay and VoiceOver / iPad to Hit South Korea on 30 November / Samsung Claims 600k Galaxy Tabs Sold So Far / Orange UK Announces Plans for Subsidized iPads with New Data Contracts / Gleacher and Company Analyst Expects Second-Gen iPad in April 2011 / TJ Maxx Exec Says Chain Bought iPads at Retail / Restaurant Operator Puts iPads at Delta Gates in JFK / Saab Reportedly Giving Away iPads with 9-4X Pre-Orders / Oprah Says iPad is Her Number One Favorite Thing Ever / Google Kicks Chrome OS Devices into 2011 / Amazon Launches Price Check - Comparative Shopping App - Just in Time for the Holidays

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Mac OS Ken: 11.22.2010

RBC Analyst Sees Reduction in CDMA-iPhones and Increase in iPad Production / Wedge Partners Analyst Sees More and Stronger iPads in 2011 / Apple Applies for Carbon Fiber Casing Patent / Scandinavian iPad Release Appears Imminent / Code Monkeys Find Hints of Free MobileMe Services in Latest iOS GMs / The Telegraph Says Apple Has Scrapped Integrated SIM-Card Plans / Foxconn Workers Reportedly Stage Protest for Higher pay and Against Relocation / Amazon Wirless Offers Android Phones for One Penny Through Today / ChangeWave Says One-Third of Smartphone Buyers Who Cannot Buy an iPhone Really Wish They Could / Jobs Reportedly Says TJ Maxx is Not an Apple Authorized Reseller / Piper Jaffray Analyst Applauds Apparent TJ Maxx iPad Move / Reports of Jobs and Uncle Rupert’s New News Machine / Please subscribe to Mac OS Ken: Live in iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 11.19.2010

Apple Ships Golden Master of iOS 4.2.1 to Developers / Apple Tweaks Safari with Security and Reliability Fixes / Apple Upadtes Boot Camp and Firmware for MacBook and 13-Inch MacBook Pro / Apple Expanding iAd Coverage to UK and Europe / SAI Impressed by Start for iAds But Wonders About Recurring Ad Sales / Reduced-Price ipads Spotted at Some TJ Maxx Stores in the Northeast / Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 to Get Discount Pricing 25 November through 29 November / Ticonderoga Analyst Diagnoses China with Apple Fever / Financial Times Says European Carriers Concerned Over Possibility of Integrated SIM Cards in iPhones / UBS Analyst Looks at Near-Term Future for the Tablet Space / What Woz Said Versus What Woz Meant: The iOS Versus Android Edition / Please subscribe to Mac OS Ken: Live in iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 11.18.2010

Apple and HTC and RIM Sued for Alleged Patent Infringement / Apple Names Former Northrop-Grumman CEO to Board of Directors / Retrevo Survey Finds US Shoppers Spending More on Gadgets and Seeking Tablets / Report Says Law Requires Apple to Offer Two-Year Warranties on iPads in China / Books from Pearson and Peachpit Show Up in the iBookstore / Google Makes Google Docs Editable on iOS Devices / Hulu Plus Lowers Price and Offers One-Week Free Trial / Netflix CEO Says Tablets Not Terribly Important to His Company Right Now / Netflix CEO Does Not See Hulu Plus as Competition Right Now / News Corp Exec Confimrs Plans for Tablet-Only News Source / Dell Exec in Charge of Phones is Out / Please subscribe to Mac OS Ken: Live in iTunes

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Mac OS Ken: 11.17.2010

Apple Finally Lands The Beatles on iTunes / EMI Says Beatles Downloads Exclusive to iTunes Into 2011 / Apple Approves Google Voice iOS App / Sams Club Starts Sales iPad with Slight Discounts / Inquirer Sees Significant Price Drops for Samsung Galaxy Tab in UK / Adobe CEO Talks Apple and Would-Be Flash Killers / Adobe CEO Says Company Working on Optimized Version of Flash for MacBook Air / RIM Posts Video Pitting PlayBook Against iPad / RIM Co-CEO Argues for Web Development Versus Apps in Tablets / Facebook CEO Says Apple Has to Get on the Social Bus / HPalm Exec Jon Rubinstein Compares Palm in 2007 to Apple 1997 / Oprah Magazine Lands on the iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 11.16.2010

Apple Promises Unforgettable Day / Munster Sees Cloud-based iTunes Today / Apple Insider Says Today May or May not Bring Some Sort of Cloud-based iTunes Service / All Things D Says Probably No Cloud-based iTunes Service Today / WSJ Says Apple to Announce The Beatles in iTunes / Billboard Says Apple to Announce The Beatles on iTunes / Rodman and Renshaw Analysts Sees iPad Sales of 5-Million for Holiday Quarter / Munster Sees Another Record Quarter for Mac Sales / UBS Analyst Reiterates Buy Rating After Meeting with Apple Execs / Waits for Apple Products Shorten in China / Apple Pulls Snow Leopard Server Update from Site / Apple Returns Snow Leopard Server to Site / Forbes Deems Scott Forstall a Name You Need to Know in 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 11.15.2010

Apple Issues Second GM of iOS 4.2 to Developers / iPhoneHellas Source Puts iOS 4.2 Release at 16 November / Source for The Telegraph Puts iOS 4.2 Release at 24 November / Apple Releases iTunes Update / Apple Pushes Ping Support to iPad / Apple Uses URL Shortener for Twitter/Ping Posts / Apple and Oracle Secure Future for Java SE in Mac OS X / WSJ Says iAd Increases Overall Interest in Mobile Advertising / Mark Papermaster Lands VP Gig at Cisco Systems / HP Says Extraordinary Demand Pushes Slate 500 Shipments to Early 2011 / Engadget Source Says Extraordinary Demand for HP Slate 500 Capped at Nine-Thousand Units / iPad Makes Time List of Top 50 Inventions of 2010 / News Corp Sees Paper Sales Decline in Face of iPad and Appears to Be Cool with That / Gorillaz Member Making Next Album on an iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 11.12.2010

ZDNet Looks at the Issue Around 10.6.5 and AirPrint / Jobs Says AirPrint Not Pulled from Nascent iOS Update / The Ars Technica Take on AirPrint and 10.6.5 / Security Update for Leopard Patches CFF Vulnerability / Ping Activity Integrated into Twitter / Apple Launches iTunes Movies in Japan / Apple Expands International Availability of Apple TV / Apple Hiring Seven Mac App Store Application Reviewers / Steve Jobs Calls App Developer Over Private APIs / NYT to Start eBook Best Seller Lists in Early 2011 / Electronista Says There Are Plenty of Windows Phone 7 Phone to be Had / Computerworld Says Supplies of Windows Phone 7 Phones Are Tight / Verizon Set to Reintroduce Kin One and Kin Two with Less Service / Auction House Expects 240,000-Dollars for Apple-1 Computer

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Mac OS Ken: 11.11.2010

Apple Updates Snow Leopard / Apple Outs Security Update 2010-007 for Leopard / Apple Insider Says Nearly Half of Vulnerabilities Addressed in Security Update Tied to Adobe Flash Player Plugin / Apple Updates MainStage / Apple Alerts Devs to iTunes Connect Closure Over Week of Christmas / SquareTrade Dubs iPhone 4 Most Reliable and Most Breakable Smartphone / Apple Teams with Dentsu Group to Take iAd Platform to Japan / Bluetooth Headphone Maker Wi-Gear Not Purchased by Apple / Sprint to Sell ZTE Peel 3G Case for iPod touch Beginning This Sunday / RIM Says PlayBook Will Sell for Under 500-Dollars in 1Q of 2011 / iLounge Spots iBook Gift Cards at Apple Retail / UK Shopping Site Says iPad and iPhone 4 Top Two on Christmas Wish Lists / CEA Christmas List Sees Either Peace/Happiness or a Laptop as Number One Wish

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Mac OS Ken: 11.10.2010

Consumer Reports Rates Every Laptop Apple Makes the Best in Their Respective Size Categories / Apple Pulls iPhone 4 Slider Cases from Its Retail Stores / MacStories Says iTunes and Mac OS X Updates Today and iOS 4.2 on Friday / Core Security Technologies Outs Vulnerability in Leopard / Boonana: Now with Less Koobface and More Evil / Some See Signs of Verizon iPhone in Verizon-Produced Ad for iPad / UK Survey Surprises World with Popularity of iPhone Over Androids / TheStreet Sees Super Slow Start to WinPhone7 Sales in the States / BGR Says Apple Looking Past LCIs for Damage in iPods / Apple Reportedly Buys Bluetooth Headphone Maker Wi-Gear / Apple Opening Stores in Ohio and Indiana This Weekend / Microsoft Ships First Update for Office 2011 for Mac / Adobe Releases Public beta of Audition for Mac / Hasbro Plans Spring Release of My3D Clip-On for iPhone and iPod touch

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Mac OS Ken: 11.09.2010

TiPb Test Shows iOS 4.2 Speeding Up iPhone 3G / TMO Expects iOS 4.2 Out to the Masses in the Next 48 Hours / Apple Seeds Yet Another Build of Mac OS X 10.6.5 to Developers / Toshiba to Offer Same Type of Flash in MacBook Air to Other Computer Makers / Jobs Reportedly Says Hardly Anyone Was buying Xserve / Apple Server Exec Posts Then Deletes Message After Apple Ditches Xserve / KT to Sell iPad in South Korea Sometime This Month / Apple Insider Sources Say iWork ’11 to Hit Along with Mac App Store / Google Giving Away WiFi on AirTrans/Delta/Virgin America Flights in the US Over the Holidays / The Washington Post Posts Free(ish) App for iPad / FT Rumors Say HTC Hiring for App Store of Its Own / Adobe CTO Takes Issue with Flash as MacBook Air Battery Killer Stories

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Mac OS Ken: 11.08.2010

Bloomberg says BofA and Citigroup are Testing iPhone and Androids in Blow to RIM / Apple Seeds Additional Mac OS X 10.6.5 Build / Apple to Nix Xserve on 31 January 2011 / Apple Intros Mac Pro Server to Fill Imminent Xserve Void / 14th Suicide Victim Found at South China Foxconn Factory / Skyfire to Sell Flash Viewing App for iOS in Batches / Wired Names iPad 3G Best Mobile Product of 2010 / Rumor Has Apple Shooting Ad/Ads for Second Edition of iPad / Cult of Mac says Xbox Kinect Could Have Belonged to Apple

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Mac OS Ken: 11.05.2010

Boonana Trojan Variant Discovered in the Wild / Gartner VP Urges CEOs to Adopt iPad in Their Businesses / ARM CEO Stoked About Tablets and ARM Dominance in Them / Seattle PI Has Microsoft Exec Saying Tablets are Cannibalizing Netbooks / BGR Says Apple Quietly Looking Into MacBook Air Issues / Benchmarks Indicate Adobe Flash Sapping MacBook Air Battery-Life / Apple Reportedly Expanding Offices in NYC for iAd Staff / iAds Apparently Rolling Out on a Worldwide Basis / iOS 4.2 to Bring Full MIDI Support to iThings / iPhoto 11 Update Returns Calendars and Adds New Letterpress Card Themes / Apple Seeding 10.6.6 beta to Developers Ahead of 10.6.5 Release / Apple Ships HP Printer Driver Update / Apple Sends Out Reminder Email About Ping / Deutsche Telekom Bemoans Lack of iPhone for TMobile USA / Apple Patents Interactive iPhone Gaming System / Jobs 17th Most Powerful Person on Forbes Super Power List 2010

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Mac OS Ken: 11.04.2010

USITC Staff Sides with Nokia in Ongoing Apple Patent Lawsuit / Apple Sued Over iOS4 Performance on iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 3GSs / Apple Acknowledges DST Bug and Says It Will Be Better on Sunday / PayPal Updates iOS App to Patch Security Vulnerability / Apple Puts Out the Call for Mac App Store Submissions / HP Exec Talks Touchscreen PCs Post Apple CEO Dismissal of the Category / CNET Says Big-Four Labels Signed Off on 90-Second iTunes Previews in August / Warner Digital Lawyer to Be iTunes and Apple Internet Services Lawyer in Europe / Apple Signs Publishers to iBookstore Australia / Best Buy Mobile to Start iPad Sales Sunday 7 November / Facebook Talks Mobile Initiatives / Facebook CEO Says iPad is More Computer than Mobile Device / Creative Labs Set to Enter the Tablet Fight / nPad Manufacturer Backs Down in Face of Apple Legal Threat / BGR Sources Say Apple Makes AppleCare Protection Plans Transferable to New Purchases / Skyfire Hits the App Store a Day Early / Skyfire Sells-Out in Five Hours

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Mac OS Ken: 11.03.2010

Apple Hits 24-Hour Shipping Time for iPhone 4 / Broadband Genie Suggests Quick Fix for iOS Daylight Saving Time Alarm Bug / Strategy Analytics Says Apple Owns 95-Percent of Tablet Space in 3Q 2010 / ChangeWave Says iPad Eating Into Planned Purchases of Netbooks / Apple Drops Prices for Mac mini in UK and Europe / Reports Surface of Troubles with New MacBook Airs / Apple Nixes Personal Shopping Service / Morgan Stanley Analyst Predicts Triple Growth for Apple in China in Next Two Years / MacNN Says Next Update of Snow Leopard is Finished and Should Be Out Soon / MacNN Eyes Changes in the iOS 4.2 Golden Master / More Details on iOS 4.2 GM / Apple CEO Reportedly Says iTunes LP and iTunes Extras on the Way to Apple TV 2 / Skyfire: App for Viewing Some Flash Files on iOS Devices Set to Go Live in App Store This Week / TechCrunch Says 90-Second Song Previews Coming Soon to iTunes US / Apple Confirms 90-Second Song Samples to CNET

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Mac OS Ken: 11.02.2010

Net Applications Says Safari Still Fourth in Five-Horse Browser Race / Net Applications Says iOS Steals from Mac OS X Worldwide not in US / Canalys and NPD Both See Gains for iPhone and Android / Target to Start iPhone Sales Sunday 7 November / iOS 4.2 Goes Gold Master / Daylight Saving Time Goes from Down Under to Europe and the UK / Apple (Apparently) Settles iAd Suit with Money in the Millions / Hypermac to Change Name to HyperJuice as Part of October Settlement with Apple / Former AdMob CEO Leaves Google / Insider Tells Silicon Alley Insider That Goog/Mob Integration is Not Going Great / Apple and Google Rumored to Be Wooing the Same Mobile-Payment Start-Up / VLC Contributor Calls for VLC Media Player App to Be Pulled from App Store

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Mac OS Ken: 11.01.2010

Apple Sues Motorola Over Patent Infringement / Fortune Joins List of Publications Calling for Verizon iPhone in Early 2011 / UBS Analyst Sees Possibility of Verizon iPhone Soon / Investment Firm Says Next iPad to Use Two Image Sensors from OmniVision / Sprint CEO Sees Benefit from iPad Without an iPad Deal for Sprint / Microsoft Shifts Online Focus from Silverlight to HTML5 / Ingram Micro to Sell iPads to the Enterprise / Apple Updates Most Recent Edition of iPhoto / Apple Patents Way to Toughen Stainless Steel Devices / Jobs Says USB 3 Quite There Yet

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