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Mac OS Ken: 10.27.2010

Apple Opens Online Retail Store in China and Makes App Store Accessible in Simplified Chinese / Apple Adds Gift-Wrap Service and Laser Engraving Options to iPads Ordered Online / Apple Updates Apple Store App for iPhone / Reuters Says Apple Pushes White iPhone 4 to Spring of 2011 / Latest PRO Kit Update Kills Soundtrack 1.5 / Amazon Releases Windowshop Shopping App for iPad / Greenpeace Lowers Apple Ranking in Latest Greener Electronics Guide / Barens and Noble Nook Color is Part eReader and Part Tablet / Barrons Reporter Savitz Says Sony Spikes Thanks to a Misunderstanding of Savitz / TechCrunch Says Apple and Spotify in Early Acquisition Discussions / The Gleach Wants Apple to Buy Netflix / Mac OS Ken: Live is Live Each Wednesday - 10PM EDT/7PM PDT on

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