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Mac OS Ken: 10.26.2010

Bernstein Analyst Wants Apple to Pay Dividends and Not Buy Something Stupid / Security Flaw Gives Busybodies Access to Info on Locked iPhones / Some Users See Trouble Upgrading to iPhoto 11 / Apple Inks Deal with Unisys to Support Business and Government Sales and Services / Apple Seeds Ninth beat of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / PBS Launches PBS for iPad with Full Episodes of Shows / Android Market Passes 100k Apps Available / Adobe Throws More Weight Behind Android / RIM Shows Working PlayBook Tablet at Adobe MAX Conference / Conde Nast Goes All-Adobe for Tablet Versions of Magazines / iLounge Says Gourmet Live iPad App Can Seriously Mess with Your Day / Sprint/Nextel to Start Samsung Galaxy Tab at 400-Dollars with 2-Year Data Contract / NC Apple Data Center Set to Go Live as Speculation Bubbles of a Second / Amazon Says Kindle Numbers Are Great Without Sharing Kindle Numbers (Again) / Borders Drops Various eReader Prices to Fight Amazon and Everyone Else / iThings Take Top Spots on Tech-Dominated Duracell 2010 Toy Report

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