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Mac OS Ken: 10.20.2010

Fortune Says 16 Analysts Up Apple Price Targets After 4Q Earnings Call / Barclays Capital Analyst on Good and Bad of Apple 4Q Numbers / Fortune Highlights Analyst Reactions to Apple 4QFY2010 Earnings / iSuppli Ups iPad Sales Expectations on Component Availability / TweetDeck CEO Says Developing for Android Not a Nightmare / RIM Co-CEO Balsillie Strikes Back at Apple CEO Conference Call Swipes / BGR Source Says CDMA iPhone Now in Field-Test Stage / Palm Reenters the Smartphone Fray with the French Release of the Pre 2 / Amazon Adds Notes and Highlighting to Kindle for Mac Software / Barnes and Noble Calls Press to Possible Nook Update Event Next Week / iAd Exec Leaves Apple for Google Mobile Commerce Group

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