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Mac OS Ken: 10.14.2010

CrunchGear Looks at Possibilities for Apple Event Next Wednesday / Apple Insider Looks at Possibilities for Apple Event Next Wednesday / Piper Jaffray Analyst Sees Next Wednesday as Non-Event for Apple Investors / Gartner Sees Apple as Fourth-Largest Computer Maker in the US / IDC Sees Apple as Third-Largest Computer Maker in the US / Wal-Mart Division Sams Club to Carry iPhone and iPad / Apple Insider Hears Rumors of Target Landing the iPhone / T-Mobile Loses iPhone Exclusivity in Holland / Orange Announces Plans to Launch iPhone 4 in Kenya / Report Says Apple Exec to Answer iPhone Service Questions Before South Korean Parliament / Microsoft to Allow Syncing Between Windows Phone 7 Handsets and Mac OS X / Intel Praises and Plans to Bury Apple in Tablets / Apple Opening Redesigned Store in St. Louis This Weekend / Apple Wins Limited Patent for Pinch-to-Zoom Gesture for Multi-Touch Devices / Apple Wins Patent on Texting Filters and Controls

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