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Mac OS Ken: 10.12.2010

Oppenehimer Analyst UPs Apple Target and Doubts Imminent Verizon iPhone / Exec Says Verizon Working on Simultaneous Voice and Data for CDMA / Wedge Partners Analyst Sees Big Qualcomm Chip Orders for CDMA iPhone / NYT Source Says Verizon iPhone Early in 2011 / China Telecom Said to Be in Talks with Apple for CDMA iPhone / Apple Acknowledges iOS 4 Alarm Problem in Australia / ACCC Demands Two-Year iPhone Warranty from Telstra / Intel Plans iOS App Conversion Helper / Apple Trademarks App for That Phrase / CNN Money Looks at the Windows Phone 7 Event / Macworld UK Talks Windows Phone 7 Across the Pond / Survey Indicates Continued Worker Abuses at Foxconn / Apple Issues SMC Firmware Update for Some MacBooks and MacBook Pros / Apple to Discontinue Viewing of .Mac HomePage Pages on 8 November / CNET Says Apple Speaks to Music Labels Against US Deals for Spotify / NY Post Says Apple in Talk for Music Subscription Service

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