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Mac OS Ken: 10.08.2010

WSJ Goes Deeper on Verizon iPhone Story / Verizon Wireless CTO Says 3G Will Be Around Long Into This Decade / JP Morgan Ups Expectations for Apple 4Q FY2010 / GDGT Says Apple in Quiet Panic Over iPhone 4 and Slide-On Cases / Silicon Alley Insider Wonders Over the Lack of Noise Around the GDGT Shatter Story / Intel Says MeeGo Will Not Hit Phones Until 2011 / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Says 7-inch iPad is Coming / Amazon Kindle Landing at Staples This Weekend / Apple Patent Covers Screens That Switch Between Modes for Display and Touch / NYT Blog Says CEOs of Microsoft and Adobe Meet to Discuss Wrecking Apple / Macworld Expo 2011 Announces MacIT Track / Jobs Appears with CA Gov Scharzenegger at Living Donor Legislation Signing / Logitech CEO Questions Price of Cisco Umi Without Questions Price of Logitech Revue

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