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Mac OS Ken: 10.07.2010

WSJ Rekindles CDMA iPhone Talk / Verizon Wireless CEO Fails to Explicitly Deny WSJ Report / Wu Says Bigger and Smaller Screened iPhones in the Works / Motorola Brings Patent Infringement Complaints Against Apple / Motorola Exec Says He Could See a MotoWinPhone 7 at Some Point / Piper Jaffray Sees Record Intent to Buy iPhone Among Teens / Jobs Tops Junior Achievement Survey as Entrepreneur Most Admired by Teens / JMP Research Analyst Notes Continued Sell-Outs of New Apple TV / Logitech Shows Off Revue - the First Ever Google TV Device / Apple Insider Sees Refresh of MacBook Air in Drying Up of MacBook Air Supply / TUAW Hears More Rumors Indicating Imminent Refresh of MacBook Air / Jefferies and Company Initiates Apple Coverage with a Buy Rating / Apple and Mirror Worlds Given Until End of November to Submit Arguments Over Damages Award / Adobe Issues Security Updates for Acrobat and Reader / HP Exec Says New webOS Smartphones Slated for Early 2011 / Apple Settles Lawsuit Over Backdating Stock Options

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