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Mac OS Ken: 10.29.2010

IDC Says Apple Now Fourth Largest Phone Maker in the World / Apple Online Store in China Reportedly Sells Out of iPhone 4s in 10 Hours / Apple Pulls Placeholder for White iPhone 4 Offline / Adobe Finds Critical Flaws for the Mac and Other Operating Systems in Flash Player as Well as Adobe Reader and Acrobat / Apple 10-K Shows Increase in Full-Time Employees and Expected Decrease in Margins / Apple Increases Dollars Spent on Advertising in FY2010 / Verizon and A T and T Start In-Store iPad Sales / Apple Updates iTunes Terms and Conditions to Clarify Rules Around Rented Content / Apple Updates Logic Pro and Logic Express / Apple Releases Two Firmware Updates for Mid-2010 Mac Pro / TSA Says 11-Inch MacBook Air Can Stay in Bag Through Security / Angry Birds Halloween Edition Hits One-Million Downloads in Six Days / Apple Overtakes Microsoft in Quarterly Revenue

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Mac OS Ken: 10.28.2010

SecureMac Spots Critical Mac OS X Trojan Horse in the Wild / Intego Says Risk Around New OSX Trojan is Low Rather Than Critical / Apple to Fix Locked iPhone Security Flaw with November iOS Update / Spotify Says It Is Not for Sale / Entry-Level MacBook Air Shipping Time Slips a Couple of Days / Apple Selling Unlocked and Contract-Free iPhones in Germany / Rumor Has Apple Working on Embedded Multi-Carrier SIM-Cards for iPhones / Far East Report Says Both Foxconn and Pegatron Set to Build CDMA iPhone 4 Soon / SAI Hears Talk of a Secret Special Developer Event in CA Next Week / Apple Reportedly Locking Down iTunes Connect for Third Week of November / Acer Expected to Unveil Android-Tablets in NYC on 23 November / Verizon and Sprint/Nextel and T-Mobile and Best Buy All Set to Sell Samsung Galaxy Tab / Strategy Analytics Says Carrier Subsidies Could Give Significant Boost to Tablet Sales / ABC News App Adds Features with 2010 US Election Theme

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Mac OS Ken: 10.27.2010

Apple Opens Online Retail Store in China and Makes App Store Accessible in Simplified Chinese / Apple Adds Gift-Wrap Service and Laser Engraving Options to iPads Ordered Online / Apple Updates Apple Store App for iPhone / Reuters Says Apple Pushes White iPhone 4 to Spring of 2011 / Latest PRO Kit Update Kills Soundtrack 1.5 / Amazon Releases Windowshop Shopping App for iPad / Greenpeace Lowers Apple Ranking in Latest Greener Electronics Guide / Barens and Noble Nook Color is Part eReader and Part Tablet / Barrons Reporter Savitz Says Sony Spikes Thanks to a Misunderstanding of Savitz / TechCrunch Says Apple and Spotify in Early Acquisition Discussions / The Gleach Wants Apple to Buy Netflix / Mac OS Ken: Live is Live Each Wednesday - 10PM EDT/7PM PDT on

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Mac OS Ken: 10.26.2010

Bernstein Analyst Wants Apple to Pay Dividends and Not Buy Something Stupid / Security Flaw Gives Busybodies Access to Info on Locked iPhones / Some Users See Trouble Upgrading to iPhoto 11 / Apple Inks Deal with Unisys to Support Business and Government Sales and Services / Apple Seeds Ninth beat of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / PBS Launches PBS for iPad with Full Episodes of Shows / Android Market Passes 100k Apps Available / Adobe Throws More Weight Behind Android / RIM Shows Working PlayBook Tablet at Adobe MAX Conference / Conde Nast Goes All-Adobe for Tablet Versions of Magazines / iLounge Says Gourmet Live iPad App Can Seriously Mess with Your Day / Sprint/Nextel to Start Samsung Galaxy Tab at 400-Dollars with 2-Year Data Contract / NC Apple Data Center Set to Go Live as Speculation Bubbles of a Second / Amazon Says Kindle Numbers Are Great Without Sharing Kindle Numbers (Again) / Borders Drops Various eReader Prices to Fight Amazon and Everyone Else / iThings Take Top Spots on Tech-Dominated Duracell 2010 Toy Report

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Mac OS Ken: 10.25.2010

Defendants in Interval Licensing Suit Seek to Have Case Dismissed / New MacBook Air Comes with Keep Out Signs / Apple Not Including Adobe Flash-Player in Future Mac and Mac OS X Releases / Gleacher and Company Analyst Says Apple Increases Margins on New MacBook Airs / Canacord Securities Expects 700k MacBook Airs Shipped This Quarter / iMovie Update Keeps Studio Names Off of Associated Logos on Trailers / Strategy Analytics Says iPhone Beats BlackBerry in 3Q CY2010 / CNET Says Call-Center Hirings May Point to Verizon iPhone Soon / Verizon Subscriber Growth Slows in Most Recent Quarter / MySpace Launches iOS App to Post to Numerous Social Networks / Nielsen Amends iPad App Download Survey Numbers / Apparent Jobs Email Confirms iPad Switch for Mute After iOS Update / WSJ Says News Corp Tablet-centric News Surface Put on Ice / Barnes and Noble Accidentally Ruins Its Own Tuesday Surprise / President Obama Signs Autograph on an iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 10.22.2010

Apple Ups Core i7 Processor Options on MacBook Pros / Apple Updates Java for Leopard and Snow Leopard and Pro Apps for Snow Leopard / Apple May Be Draining the Java / Silicon Alley Insider Looks at the Apple/Java Reduction / Apple Updates Aperture with a Boatload of Fixes and Tweaks / Apple Updates Software for Brand New MacBook Airs / New MacBook Air Ships Without Flash Player Installed / FaceTime for Mac Sees Short Live Security Risk / TidBits Says iMovie 11 Brings Back Traditional Timeline Option (Kind of) / Gleacher Analyst Says New MacBook Air Will Not Hurt iPad Sales / A T and T Activates a Record Number of iPhones in 3QFY2010 / Nielsen Survey Says One-Third of iPad Owners Have yet to Download an App / HP Quietly Launching Windows 7 Slate for Business Only / Ballmer Seems to Indicate Possibility of Windows Phone 7 OS on Tablets / CNET Source Says Next nook a Full-Color Touchscreen Android-Powered eReader / Barnes and Noble nook to Start Sales at Wal-Mart This Weekend / Dell Spending Millions to Market Against Apple / Jobs on the Thursday Schedule of President Obama

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Mac OS Ken: 10.21.2010

Apple Releases iLife 11 / Apple Releases Public beta of FaceTime for Mac / Apple Updates MacBook Air with Two New Models and an Eye on the Future / Apple Shows Off Mac OS X Lion and Mac App Store / Video of Back to the Mac Event Available at Apple Site and Through iTunes / Jobs Bashes Idea of Touchscreen Laptops / Western Digital CEO Feels iPad Effect on Spinning Hard Drives / Acer Chairman Says Tablets Do Not and Will Not Hurt Traditional Computers / Verizon to (Try to) Sell Samsung Galaxy Tab Beginning 11 November

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Mac OS Ken: 10.20.2010

Fortune Says 16 Analysts Up Apple Price Targets After 4Q Earnings Call / Barclays Capital Analyst on Good and Bad of Apple 4Q Numbers / Fortune Highlights Analyst Reactions to Apple 4QFY2010 Earnings / iSuppli Ups iPad Sales Expectations on Component Availability / TweetDeck CEO Says Developing for Android Not a Nightmare / RIM Co-CEO Balsillie Strikes Back at Apple CEO Conference Call Swipes / BGR Source Says CDMA iPhone Now in Field-Test Stage / Palm Reenters the Smartphone Fray with the French Release of the Pre 2 / Amazon Adds Notes and Highlighting to Kindle for Mac Software / Barnes and Noble Calls Press to Possible Nook Update Event Next Week / iAd Exec Leaves Apple for Google Mobile Commerce Group

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Mac OS Ken: 10.19.2010

Apple Reports Record Quarterly Earnings on Stellar Mac and iPhone Sales / Apple Drops 5-Percent in After Hours Trading on Lower Than Expected iPad Sales / Deutsche Bank Analyst Says We Should Count iPad Sales as Computer Sales / Qantas Subsidiary Expanding iPad as In-Flight Entertainment Solution / Dispatch Times Slip for All MacBooks in UK and Europe / HyperMac Pulling MacBook Battteries with MagSafe Chargers from Sale / Apple Opening New Chicago Store This Weekend / Microsoft Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie Stepping Down / Ad Age Names Apple Marketer of the Decade

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Mac OS Ken: 10.18.2010

Best Buy Site Shows iLife and iWork Backordered / Reports and Rumors of Smaller and Less Expensive MacBook Airs / Code Shows the Possibility of More Faces in FaceTime / AMD CEO Sees Cannibalization and Opportunity in the Rise of the Tablet / Gartner Analyst Sees Massive Tablet Growth Driven by iPad / A T and T Deals for the iPad and Business Could be Bad News for Research in Motion / Motorola Seeks to Have Apple Patents Invalidated / Apple Updates Recently Updated Remote App / LA Times Blog: Facebook-Founder and Apple CEO Dine and Discuss Ping / Bloomberg Steve Jobs Bio Available Online / Apple Reports 4Q Earnings Today (10/20/10) at 5PM EDT/2PM PDT

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Mac OS Ken: 10.15.2010

Verizon Wireless to Start Sales of iPad on 28 October / iLounge Looks at 3G MiFi Plans for Verizon Wireless iPad Bundle / UBS Analyst Sees Support for Verizon iPhone Rumors in Verizon iPad Deal / A T and T to Start Sales of iPad on 28 October / Gleecher Analyst Says Verizon iPhone on Track for 1Q 2011 / Wu Says Work on Multi-Touch Macs is Well Underway / Apple Seeds Seventh Build of Snow Leopard Update beta to Developers / MobileMe Calendar Update Exits beta / Mossberg Gives Office for Mac 2011 a Thumbs Up / Apple CEO Reportedly Gives Chilean Miners iPods of Some Sort / Registration Open for Macworld Expo 2011

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Mac OS Ken: 10.14.2010

CrunchGear Looks at Possibilities for Apple Event Next Wednesday / Apple Insider Looks at Possibilities for Apple Event Next Wednesday / Piper Jaffray Analyst Sees Next Wednesday as Non-Event for Apple Investors / Gartner Sees Apple as Fourth-Largest Computer Maker in the US / IDC Sees Apple as Third-Largest Computer Maker in the US / Wal-Mart Division Sams Club to Carry iPhone and iPad / Apple Insider Hears Rumors of Target Landing the iPhone / T-Mobile Loses iPhone Exclusivity in Holland / Orange Announces Plans to Launch iPhone 4 in Kenya / Report Says Apple Exec to Answer iPhone Service Questions Before South Korean Parliament / Microsoft to Allow Syncing Between Windows Phone 7 Handsets and Mac OS X / Intel Praises and Plans to Bury Apple in Tablets / Apple Opening Redesigned Store in St. Louis This Weekend / Apple Wins Limited Patent for Pinch-to-Zoom Gesture for Multi-Touch Devices / Apple Wins Patent on Texting Filters and Controls

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Mac OS Ken: 10.13.2010

Barclays Capital Analyst Ups Apple Price Target to 385-Dollars / Wal-Mart to Start iPad Sales in the US This Friday / O2 and Vodafone Get iPhone in Germany Ending T-Mobile Exclusivity / WSJ Sources Says Two Carriers in India in Talks with Apple for CDMA iPhone / WSJ Says Chinese Buyers Still Face Trouble Getting iPhone 4 / Warranty Provider SquareTrade Says More iPhone 4s Breaking than iPhone 3GSs / Apple Seeks Approval to Sell iPad in South Korea / Ottawa Hospital to Deploy One-Thousand iPads for Patient Record Access / Munster Sees Android Taking Over the Tablet Space at Some Point / DeNA Buys iOS Game Developer ngmoco / Electronista Says Currently Only 80 Apps Ready for Windows Phone 7 / PreCentral Sees Signs of New Palm Pre / Apple Ships Third iOS 4.2 beta and Accompanying SDK to Developers / Two Jailbreaks Released for iOS 4.1 Devices / Netgear Branded Roku HD Lands at Frys Electronics / Foxconn Denies Renewed Allegations of Worker Mistreatment and Abuse / Apple Releases Artist Page Guidelines for Ping / Bloomberg TV Series to Profile Steve Jobs 10/14/2010 9PM EDT / Mac OS Ken: Live Tonight at 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific on

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Mac OS Ken: 10.12.2010

Oppenehimer Analyst UPs Apple Target and Doubts Imminent Verizon iPhone / Exec Says Verizon Working on Simultaneous Voice and Data for CDMA / Wedge Partners Analyst Sees Big Qualcomm Chip Orders for CDMA iPhone / NYT Source Says Verizon iPhone Early in 2011 / China Telecom Said to Be in Talks with Apple for CDMA iPhone / Apple Acknowledges iOS 4 Alarm Problem in Australia / ACCC Demands Two-Year iPhone Warranty from Telstra / Intel Plans iOS App Conversion Helper / Apple Trademarks App for That Phrase / CNN Money Looks at the Windows Phone 7 Event / Macworld UK Talks Windows Phone 7 Across the Pond / Survey Indicates Continued Worker Abuses at Foxconn / Apple Issues SMC Firmware Update for Some MacBooks and MacBook Pros / Apple to Discontinue Viewing of .Mac HomePage Pages on 8 November / CNET Says Apple Speaks to Music Labels Against US Deals for Spotify / NY Post Says Apple in Talk for Music Subscription Service

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Mac OS Ken: 10.08.2010

WSJ Goes Deeper on Verizon iPhone Story / Verizon Wireless CTO Says 3G Will Be Around Long Into This Decade / JP Morgan Ups Expectations for Apple 4Q FY2010 / GDGT Says Apple in Quiet Panic Over iPhone 4 and Slide-On Cases / Silicon Alley Insider Wonders Over the Lack of Noise Around the GDGT Shatter Story / Intel Says MeeGo Will Not Hit Phones Until 2011 / Ticonderoga Securities Analyst Says 7-inch iPad is Coming / Amazon Kindle Landing at Staples This Weekend / Apple Patent Covers Screens That Switch Between Modes for Display and Touch / NYT Blog Says CEOs of Microsoft and Adobe Meet to Discuss Wrecking Apple / Macworld Expo 2011 Announces MacIT Track / Jobs Appears with CA Gov Scharzenegger at Living Donor Legislation Signing / Logitech CEO Questions Price of Cisco Umi Without Questions Price of Logitech Revue

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Mac OS Ken: 10.07.2010

WSJ Rekindles CDMA iPhone Talk / Verizon Wireless CEO Fails to Explicitly Deny WSJ Report / Wu Says Bigger and Smaller Screened iPhones in the Works / Motorola Brings Patent Infringement Complaints Against Apple / Motorola Exec Says He Could See a MotoWinPhone 7 at Some Point / Piper Jaffray Sees Record Intent to Buy iPhone Among Teens / Jobs Tops Junior Achievement Survey as Entrepreneur Most Admired by Teens / JMP Research Analyst Notes Continued Sell-Outs of New Apple TV / Logitech Shows Off Revue - the First Ever Google TV Device / Apple Insider Sees Refresh of MacBook Air in Drying Up of MacBook Air Supply / TUAW Hears More Rumors Indicating Imminent Refresh of MacBook Air / Jefferies and Company Initiates Apple Coverage with a Buy Rating / Apple and Mirror Worlds Given Until End of November to Submit Arguments Over Damages Award / Adobe Issues Security Updates for Acrobat and Reader / HP Exec Says New webOS Smartphones Slated for Early 2011 / Apple Settles Lawsuit Over Backdating Stock Options

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Mac OS Ken: 10.06.2010

Bernstein Retail Analyst Goes Nuts Over iPad Adoption / Fortune Looks at iPad Sales Estimates for 4Q FY2010 / Mercedes Benz Takes iPads to All Dealerships Across US / Neowin Hears Microsoft Tablet Rumors That Microsoft Pretty Much Shoots Down / Nielsen Says Android Outpaces iPhone in Recent Sales / iPhone 4 Shipping Time Down to About a Week / Sophos Warns Against Free iPhone Facebook Links / Netflix Adds Video-Out to App for iPhone 4 and 4th-Gen iPod touch / Nokia VP of MeeGo Smartphone OS Calls it Quits / Apple Wins Patent for Cover Flow One Week After Losing the Mirror Worlds Case / iSuppli Puts Cost of New Apple TV at 64-Dollars in Parts / Sintek Photronics Denies Touchscreen for iMac Rumor / Actor Tony Curtis Laid to Rest with his iPhone / Father and Son Send iPhone into Space / Apple Pays 1.7-Million-Dollars for Less Than an Acre of Property in North Carolina

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Mac OS Ken: 10.05.2010

Ticonderoga Securities Starts Apple Coverage with 430-Dollar Target / iPad Now Available on Amazon / LG Puts Android Tablet On Hold / Deutsche Bank Analyst Sees Tough Times Ahead for iPad Competitors / Apple Questions Mirror World Penalty / Microsoft and T-Mobile and A T and T Set to Launch Windows Phone 7 Next Monday / T-Mobile Gets Android-Powered Video Phone / Microsoft Names New Presidents of Mobile and Interactive Entertainment Divisions / Goldman Sachs Downgrades Microsoft on Weakness in the Mobile Space / A T and T Updates myWireless App for iPhone Users / Apple Drops AirPrint Support for Second-Gen iPod touch / Google Launches Google TV Teaser Site

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Mac OS Ken: 10.04.2010

UBS Says Apple Best Positioned to Own the Consumer in the Global Digital Living Room / Bucknell University Sounds Alarm Over iOS Apps and Privacy / NPD Says iPad Not Cannibalizing Netbooks and Notebooks / iLounge Looks at the NPD iPad Survey / Microsoft Sues Motorola for Patent Infringement in Android Phones / Apple Loses Graphic Display Suit to Mirror Worlds, LLC / Apple Settles Patent Suit Over Online Music Sales / Apple Sued for Patent Infringement by Olympic Developments / DigiTimes Hears Talk of Testing for Touchscreen Macs / Rumor Says Adidas Pulls Out of iAd Campaign Over Control Issues / Apple Updates MobileMe Galllery App with iPad and iOS 4 Support / App Store Runs Sale on 50 iOS Games / MLB Brings Post Season Play to iThings

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Mac OS Ken: 10.01.2010

Stifel Nicolaus Analyst Ups Apple Target on iPad and and iPod and iPhone Strength / DisplaySearch Says iPad Carries Mini-Computing Segment in 2Q 2010 / Target May See iPad Supply Constraints When it Starts Sales This Weekend / Pearson and Virginia Schools Pilot iPad in Education Tests / Gleacher and Company Analyst Sees App Store Access for Apple TV in the Near Future / Report: iPhone 4 Scalpers Lead to Temporary Closure of Apple Store in Beijing / Taiwan Upset Over Exclusion from Free iPhone 4 Case Giveaway / PayPal iOS App to Allow Check Deposits Via Photo / ChangeWave Numbers Show Android Interest Nearing iPhone Interest Levels / Apple Sends Sixth beta of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / Apple Opens New Store in Calgary / Facebook CTO Confident in Eventual Ping Connection / NFL Talking with Verizon About Football on a Tablet

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