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This is daily Apple news. Monday through Friday, Ken Ray brings a short shot of tech happenings to your day. If it's Apple news, Apple-related news, or news related to Apple-related news, you'll hear about it here. News you'll like... this is Mac OS Ken.
Mac OS Ken: 09.30.2010

iFixIt Finds 8GB NAND Flash in New Apple TV / Time Warner Chief Bashes Cheap and Free Online TV Offerings / China Unicom Sells Close to 100-Thousand iPhone 4s in First Four Days / Beta 2 of iOS 4.2 Shows Significant Improvements to Memory Usage / Barclays Analyst Sees Smooth Sailing for Kindle Despite the iPad / Dell Greater China President Talks Tablets / Ballmer on Windows Phone 7 and What We Learned from the Kin / Nvidia Settlement Over Faulty Chips Affects Some MacBook Pros / Apple Looking for Creative Technology Manager to Drive HTML5 Deployment on / Nintendo 3DS Will Miss Holiday Shopping for 2010 / Italian Tourism Minister Threatens Legal Action Over iOS App

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Mac OS Ken: 09.29.2010

Gleecher Analyst Says Apple COO Not Heading to HP as CEO / Jailbreak for New Apple TV Appears Imminent / Roku Signs Deal to Bring Hulu Plus to Its Devices / Apple Updates Remote App with iTunes 10 and Apple TV and iPad Support / Apple Sets 4Q Earnings Call for 18 October / Apple Seeks Trademark for Briefing Room for Business Sales / Apple Sends Second iOS 4.2 beta and First iTunes 10.1 beta to Developers / Goldman Analysts Say New iPad in the Works / Retrevo Looks at Gadget and Media Habits of iPhone and Android and BlackBerry Owners / Nielsen Looks at Demographics and Habits of iPad and Kindle Owners / Apple Sues Nokia for Patent Infringement in the UK / Apple Sues Polish News Site with Apple in its Title / Apple Sued for Patent Violation by Selling Video Through iTunes / Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 to Ship on October 26 / Microsoft Updates Bing iOS App with Travel and Map and Location Improvements / Aston Martin Knocks iPhone Into Second in 2010/11 CoolBrands Survey

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Mac OS Ken: 09.28.2010

DoJ Settles Big-Tech Anti-Poaching Case . EU Ends iPhone and App Store Investigations / Munster Ups Sales Estimates for iPad in 2011 / Target to Start Sales of iPad This Sunday / Canacord Genuity Analyst Sees Apple Owning Tabelts Through 2011 / RIM Announces PlayBook iPad Competitor for 2011 Launch / Amazon Says It Will Have a Kindle App for the RIM PlayBook / RIM Launches BlackBerry Advertising Service / IDC Says iAd Now Ties GoogMob for First in Mobile Advertising / IDG Looks at iPhone 4 Launch in China / iPhone 4 Demand Outstrips Supply in China / No FaceTime for iPhone 4 in UAE and Qatar / iPhone Tops JD Powers Satisfaction Survey for Fourth Year in a Row / Verizon CEO Talks iPhone for 4G with No Mention of CDMA / RBC Analyst Says Apple and Verizon May Not Need Each Other (for Now) / Apple Reportedly Shipping Pre-Ordered Apple TVs / Apple Tweaks Ping and Fixes Bugs with iTunes Update / Apple Opens New Store in Spokane / Microsoft Sends Invites to Likely Windows Phone System 7 System Phone Event on October 11 / Pew Says Apple Grabs Most Press in Tech

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Mac OS Ken: 09.23.2010

Apple Makes Over One-Third of Cellphone Industry Profits with a Fraction of Its Sales / Susquehanna Analyst Says Apple Building 3 Million CDMA iPhones in December / A T and T CEO Reiterates Lack of Concern Over Eventual Loss of iPhone Exclusivity / KT Says Over 1 Million iPhones Sold Before South Korean Release of iPhone 4 / Gameloft Passes 20 Million Paid iOS Game Downloads / Apple Takes Highest Score Ever in American Customer Satisfaction Index / iPad Takes Highest Mark Ever for Product Tracked by ASCI / Dell CEO Mentions 7-Inch Android Tablet on the Way / WSJ Says BlackBerry iPad Competitor Could Debut Next Week / Roku Outs New Set Top Boxes Ahead of Apple TV / NBC Says 99-Cent Apple TV Rentals Not for the Peacock / Apple Updates All Three iWork Apps for iPad / Apple Ships Software Update for 27-Inch LED CInema Display / Apple Sues Sanho Corporation for Patent Infringement / Apple Opening a Slew of Stores Around the World This Weekend / Zuckererg Passes Jobs on Forbes 400 Richest Americans List

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Mac OS Ken: 09.21.2010

Wu Ups Apple Target to 374-Dollars / South Africa to Get iPhone 4 Through Two Carriers on Wednesday 22 September / Many Countries to Get iPhone 4 This Week / Credit Suisse Analyst Upgrade A T and T Because Losing iPhone Exclusivity Will Not Explode the Death Star / Credit Suisse Survey Says Nearly a Quarter of iPhone Owners Would Like to Ditch the Death Star / Analyst Kumar Trots Out 7-Inch iPad Talk Again / Analyst Kumar Talks iPhone 5 / Apple Reportedly Buys Face Recognition Company Polar Rose / TechCrunch Adds Details to the Polar Rose Report / Apple Strikes Secretive Multi-Year Deal with Software and DRM Provider Rovi / Munster Says Rovi Deal Another Stepping Stone to All-In-One Apple TV / Adobe Fixes Critical Vulnerability in Flash Player for Almost Everything / Apple Releases Security Update 2010-006 for Snow Leopard-Only Issue / Sports Illustrated Freezes iPad Magazine in Landscape Orientation / WSJ Says Apple Working Hard on Digital Newsstand Delas / Apple Approves VLC Media Player for iPad App / Napster Launches iOS App / Google Says Google Docs to Support iPad and Android Soon / HP Launches Three New Printers Ready for iOS 4.2 AirPrint / Palm Exec Targets iPad in Pep-Talk Email to Palm Developer Community / BMW Shows Seat Cradles for iPads at Paris Motor Show / Research In Motion Applies for Trademark for Term Surf Book in Canada

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Mac OS Ken: 09.20.2010

Apple Launching iPhone 4 in China and Opening Two New Stores in China on Saturday / Fortune Says Next to No One Shows Up for iPad in China / Apple Insider on Day One of iPad in China / Morgan Stanley Analyst Sees iPads and Tablets Hurting Notebook Growth / Analysts Argue Over the Current Effect of the iPad on PC Sales / DigiTimes Says Component Suppliers Validating 2nd-Gen iPad Parts with Apple for 1Q 2011 Release / Microsoft Games Exec Says Sales of Kinect will Blow Away Sales of iPad / Engadget Spots Windows 7 Tablet Available for Pre-Order / WSJ Says Apple and Others Near Agreement on Non-Poaching Deals / GV Connect Live (Again) on the App Store / Bloomberg Echoes SJ Merc Report of Digital Newsstand for iThings / Apple Starts Sales of 27-Inch LED Cinema Display / Warner Bros. Entertainment Exec Dismisses 99-Cent TV Show Rentals on iTunes / TechCrunch Says Facebook is Working on a Facebook Phone / Facebook Says It Is Not Building a Phone (Which No One Else Says They Are Either) / Microsoft Says It Nixed Verizon WinPhone 7s for Launch to Concentrate on GSM Network Phones / RIM to Stop Reporting Subscriber Numbers in 2011 / Apple Fastest Growing Brand in Interbrand Global 2010 Study

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Mac OS Ken: 09.17.2010

TBR Says Tablets will Form Third Computing Category and Replace Second Computer for Consumers / iPad Goes on Sale in China and Latin America Friday 17 September / ABC App Syncs With Live TV / Samsung Says iPad Competitor Galaxy Tab to be Sold by Big-Four US Wireless Carriers / Samsung Announces Media Hub for Galaxy Tab and Galaxy Phones / Motorola Co-CEO Talks Tablets and the Digital Living Room / Latest iProd Designation Actually New Apple TV / Google Reportedly Hires Netflix Exec for Google TV Content Deals / A T and T Promises 4G LTE Rollout by Mid-2011 / RIM Sees Higher BlackBerry Sales While New Subscriber Growth Slows / LG Electronics CEO Resigns Amid Falling Handset Sales / Verizon Will Not Sell Windows Phone System 7 System Phones in 2010 / Yahoo CEO Says iAd Platform Doomed to Failure

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Mac OS Ken: 09.16.2010

Apple Seeds First beta of iOS 4.2 to Developers / CNET Spots Tweaks to iOS 4.2 beta / Testing New iOS beta Requires Running Latest Snow Leopard Update beta / Sterne Agee Analyst Sees Apple Upping iPhone 4 and iPad Production / Foxconn Says It Is Making 137-Thousand iPhones a Day / Report Has Apple Hiring New Touch Sensor Maker for iPad Production / iPhone and BlackBerry Lose Market Share to Android in the States / Bernstein Research Analysts Say Apple Has to Expnad iPhone Carriers Worldwide / iOS Devices Pass Sony and Gain on Nintendo in Handheld Gaming in US / Pew Internet Study Says More People in the States Have Apps on Their Phones Than Use Them / Nielsen Study Says Most Smartphone Users Willing to Pay for Apps and Content / SJ Merc Says New Newspaper Subscriptions on the Way for iPad / Apple Updates QuickTime for Windows to Kill Security Vulnerability / Apple Releases Pro Applications Update 2010-02

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Mac OS Ken: 09.15.2010

NPD Data Indicates Another Record Quarter for Mac Sales / Apple Insider Says Info About 27-Inch Cinema Display Showing Up on Mac Configuration Pages / Best Buy Says Same Store Sales Hurt by Lack of iPads Last Quarter / Best Buy to Start iPad Sales at Every US Store on September 26 / Target Rumored to Start iPad Sales Soon with Wal-Mart in the Wings / New Amazon Ad for Kindle Attacks iPad / Leaked Screenshot Seems to Show Samsung Galaxy Tab Details / Adobe Finds Zero-Day Flaw in Flash for PCs and Mobiles / Nokia EVP Takes SHots at Apple and Google from Stage of Nokia World / Nokia Chairman Stepping Down in 2012 / Nokia Hires Palm Hardware Design Lead to Handle UX and Services for MeeGo / Apple Owns One-Fifth of Smartphones in Europe at Expense of Nokia / Apple Seeks Engineers to Work with Liquidmetal Technologies Technologies / Apple to Open Third Store in Italy This Weekend / Disney-ABC Exec Down on HTML5 / Report Has Jobs Stopped from Taking Throwing Stars Aboard His Own Plane / Apple Calls Throwing Star Report Pure Fiction

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Mac OS Ken: 09.14.2010

Apple Relaxes Restriction on Developer Tools for iOS Apps / Adobe Addresses the New Apple iOS App Rules / WiFi iPad to Officially Hit China This Friday / Samsung DRAM Division Expects DRAM Price Drop Due to Tablets / UBS Analyst Sees iPad Hitting Netbook and Notebook Sales / Samsung Galaxy Tab Could See NYC Debut This Week / Google Says Most Current Android OS Not Made for Tablets / Gartner Sees Tougher Times Ahead for Research in Motion / IDC Sees Android Not iPhone Beating the BlackBerry / Goldman Sachs Reiterates Sell Rating on Research in Motion / Nokia Replacing CEO with Head of Microsoft Business Division / Head of Nokia Smartphones Also on the Way Out / UBS Analyst Sees 4.5-Million iPhones Activated by A T and T This Quarter / Apple to End Most iPhone 4 Case Giveaways on September 30 / Consumer Reports Reiterates Non-Recommendation of iPhone 4 in Wake of End of Free Case Giveaway / KT Starts iPhone 4 Sales with About 290-Thousand Too Few Units / Report Has Apple Ditching Infineon for Qualcomm in Next Build of iPhone / Intel CEO Bashes Apple TV and Belittles iPad / Apple Deals with Over 5-Thousand Old iPod nanos in August in Japan / Apple Ships iOS 4.1 About a Week Ago / Apple Updates Safari and iWeb / Apple Updates Printer and Scanner Drivers for Seven Manufacturers and Snow Leopard / Apple Updates iMovie for iOS Devices to Version 1.1 / Apple Updates Find My iPhone and MobileMe iDisk / Nike Releases New App for iPhone and iPod touch / Wired Writes Up iPod touch Vibration Feature / 9 to 5 Mac Says Vibrating References for iPod touch Removed from Site

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Mac OS Ken: 09.08.2010

Delaying Mac OS Ken for a few days. Big bummer. Thanks for your patience.

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Mac OS Ken: 09.07.2010

UK Researcher Says Tablets will Beat eReaders / Tablet OEM President Says many iPad Competitors will be Gone in a Year / British Apple Site Indicates iOS 4.1 Update Tomorrow / iLife 11 Family Pack Shows Up for Sale on Amazon (Then Disappears) / Workaround Worked Up for Automator Bug in iTunes 10 / iPhone 4 Could Hit South Korea and Taiwan in Next Two Weeks / Apple Reportedly Notified of QT for Windows Vulnerability Two Months Ago / Ping Tops 1 Million Users in First 48 Hours / Sophos Says Spammers Turn Ping into Spammalot in First 24 Hours / Apple Insider Says Spammers Pulled from Ping and UI Gets Tweaked / Silicon Alley Insider Looks at Which Apple Execs Are Pinging / Apple Movie Trailer Page Adds Theaters and Show Times / Jobs to Receive Vision Award

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Mac OS Ken: 09.03.2010

Tepid to Warm reactions from Analysts to Apple TV Revision / Amazon to Sell ABC and Fox Shows for 99-Cents Each / Ars Technica Says No Update for Old Apple TVs to Add new Apple TV Features / UBS Analyst Likes Apple Product Lineup Heading Into Holidays / Apple Excludes New iPods in Last Week of Back-to-School Mac/iPod Promotion / Macworld Says iTunes 10 Hoses iTunes Automator Actions / iTunes 10 Fixes 13 Flaws for Windows Users / Live Nation and Ticketmaster to Provide Concert Info for iTunes 10 / Apple Nixes Ringtone Maker in iTunes 10 / The Ping/Facebook Connect Disconnect / Big Beneficiary of iTunes 10 Social network Ping / IDC Names Apple Most Environmentally Friendly Cellphone Maker / WSJ Says T-Mobile to Lose German iPhone Exclusivity Soon / Net Applications Numbers Show iOS Beating Linux and Android Online / Apple Ships Fourth Developer Build of Snow Leopard Update with Two Known Devices / Apple Posts iOS 4.2 iPad Update Promo Page / Sony Beats Apple in the PMP Space in Japan for Month of August

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Mac OS Ken: 09.02.2010

Apple Intros iPod touch with Cameras and Facetime and Retina Display / Apple Intros Thoroughly Redesigned iPod nano / Apple Goes Back to Matchbook Look for 2010 iPod shuffle / iPod Classic Survives Sans Updates / Apple Intros 99-cent TV Show Rentals and New Social Network with iTunes 10 / Apple Negotiates Right to Use Ping Trademark with Golf Sporting Goods Company / Apple Intros Smaller 99-Dollar Apple TV for Streaming Content / Apple to Ship iOS 4.1 Next Week / Apple Sends iOS 4.1 Pre-Release Gold Master to Developers / Apple Posts Video of September 1 Event / Cult of Mac Source Says Wednesday Live Stream of Apple Event a Test of North Carolina Server Farm / Deutsche Bank Analyst Says Apple Still Cannot Meet iPhone 4 Demand / Intel CEO Says Apple Happy About Intel  purchase of Infineon / Sony Revamps eReader Line Increasing Prices of Every Model / Sony Intros Streaming Music Service for Some Sony Devices

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Mac OS Ken: 09.01.2010

Apple to Stream September 1 Event to Snow Leopard Macs and iThings / Silicon Alley Insider Does Short Summation on Apple Event Streaming / Apple Insider Says Apple will Not Kill iPod Shuffle / Bloomberg Says New Apple TV at Wednesday Event / LA Times Looks at News Corp. and 99-cent TV Show Rentals / Amazon Said to Be Pitching Online Subscription Video Service of its Own / Telcel Exec Says Reworked iPhone 4 Due By End of September to Fix Antenna Issue / Apple and Nintendo Sued for Using Accelerometers and Compasses in Handheld Devices / AutoDesk to Bring AutoCAD Back to the Mac Next Month / Palm Seeding webOS 2.0 SDK to Select Developers / Staples to Sell Amazon Kindle Beginning This Fall / Borders Takes eReaders Under 100-Dollars / Mac OS Ken: Live Hits the Yerba Buena Event Tonight at 10PM EDT/7PM PDT on

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