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Mac OS Ken: 08.25.2010

Bloomberg Says Apple Working 99-cent Rental Deals for TV Shows in the States / WSJ Says Disney Closer than News Corp on Apple TV Show Rental Deal / Apple Releases Security Update for Leopard and Snow Leopard / Report Says China Unicom to Give Away Free Cases with iPhone 4s / New Nokia Smartphone Strips Features to Compete / Dell Outs Its First U-S Smartphone / RIM Buys Mobile Infrastructure Firm Cellmania / Motorola Looks to Strengthen Its App Space with Purchase of 280 North / Apple to Open Two New Retail Locations This Weekend / Electronista Compares Samsung Galaxy Tab to iPad / Samsung Releases Teaser Video of iPad Competitor Galaxy Tab / Amazon Releases Minor Update to Kindle App for iThings / Barnes and Noble Claims to Be Doing Well in Digital as Traditional Book Sales Suffer / Apple Says iTunes U Passes 300 Million Downloads in Just Over 3 Years / Sumo Association Distributes iPads to Sumo Stables

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