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Mac OS Ken: 08.17.2010

Munster Says Strong 4Q Guidance from Apple May Still Be Conservative / Munster Keeps Plucking the Apple HDTV Chicken / Asustek Lowers Netbook Sales Numbers Thanks to Competition from iPad / Boy Genius Report Sees Hints at CDMA iPhone and iPad II in iOS 4 Code / New Survey Finds Lots of Verizon Customers Waiting for an iPhone from Big Red / iPhone Pre-Orders for South Korea Begin 18 August for September Delivery / Former Apple Employee Pleads Not Guilty in Kickback Case / Pegatron Subsidiary May Have Participated in Kickback Scheme / Burning iPod nano Delays Japanese Commuter Train / Apple Reportedly Giving Support Forums a Social Network Spin / Sony Mocks iOS Games and Gamers in New PSP Ad / FedEx Driver Held Up by Co-Workers for Apple Deliveries / Adobe Fixes Buggy Photoshop iPad App / Adobe CEO Says His Company is Through Fighting with Apple

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