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Mac OS Ken: 08.03.2010

Deutsche Bank Analyst Makes Case for Counting iPad as Computer When Counting Computers / NetApplications Says Mac OS X Loses Market Share to Windows in July / Microsoft Announces Pricing and Upgrades for Office for Mac 2011 / Canalys Has Android Phones Gorwing 886 Percent Worldwide and 851 Percent in the States / Nielsen Says Android Sales Beat iPhoen Sales in June Quarter Ahead of iPhone 4 Launch / Foxconn Reportedly Building New Factory Dedicated to iPhone Production / iPhone Dev Team Fixes MMS and FaceTime for Jailbroken iPhone 4s / Microsoft to Roll Windows Phone System 7 System Phone Phones in Europe in October Followed by the States in November / Amazon Exec Questions Apple Share of the eBook Market / Connecticut AG Investigating Apple and Amazon and eBook Pricing / CNET Wonders Over What the Connecticut AG is NOT Looking Into / BBC Testing iPads and Other Tablets Across the Organization / Leicester City Council Wants iPads for Everyone (on the Council) / Apple Updates Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Software to Support Eight More Cameras

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