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Mac OS Ken: 08.31.2010

Roku Drops Prices of Set Top Boxes Ahead of Apple Event / Nintendo Announces Price Cuts for DSi Line Ahead of Apple Event / CNET Sources Say iTunes Music Previews to Get Longer / Intel Buying Infineon Technologies Wireless Division / AMD Dropping the ATI Technologies Name for Graphics Products / Apple Seeks Marketing Manager for US iBookstore / The New Yorker Gets a Bit More iPad Friendly / Toshiba Dubs Android Tablet Folio 100 / China Unicom Apparently Offering In-Store Jailbreaking of iPhone and iPad / Security Researcher Finds 9-Year-Old Vulnerability in QuickTime Player for Windows / Apple and Other Online Advertisers Sued for Patent Infringement

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Mac OS Ken: 08.30.2010

Microsoft Cofounder Sues Apple and 10 Other Tech Companies for Patent Infringement / Decorations Go Up on Yerba Buena Center for Wednesday Music Event / App Trackers Says App Store Passes 250k iOS Apps / iPad Now Shipping Within 24 Hours from the Apple Online Store / Apple Ends Work with Silicon Valley Design Firm / FTC Settles with PR Firm Over Questionable Reviews in App Store / Apple Staffing Up iAd Division

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Mac OS Ken: 08.27.2010

Wu Plays the Music Event Guessing Game / Muster Sees New iPods and Apple TV and Data Center Announcement Next Wednesday / All Things D Looks at Music Industry iTunes Wish List / Gleeecher and Co Analyst Sees New iPods and Minor Apple TV Refresh Next Week / Silicon Alley Insider Wonders if Day are Numbered for iPod Classic / HTC Answers Apple Complaints of Patent Infringement / Apple and 22 Others Sued for Patent Infringement / Netflix Brings Video Streaming App to iPhone and iPod Touch / Apple Seeds Third beta of Snow Leopard Update to Developers / China Unicom Sees Hefty Loss Despite 3G Superiority and iPhone Exclusivity / Qualcomm Job Listing Fans the Coals Under Verizon iPhone Rumors / Apple to Open First Two Retail Locations in Spain Over Next Two Weeks / Apple Updates EFI Firmware for Specific MacBook Pros / Apple Updates iWork with ePub Support for Pages and Suite-wide Fixes / Target Launches Electronics and Games Trade-in Program / iPhone Dev Team Focusing Jailbreak Efforts on iOS 4.1.x Rather Than Current Versions

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Mac OS Ken: 08.26.2010

Apple Invites Media to Yerba Buena Center in SF Next Wednesday / Wu Works Over Apple TV/iTV Talk / Bloomberg Says TV Focus from Apple will be Rental Agreements Not Apple TV/iTV Hardware / Munster Advises Clients to Buy Apple Shares Ahead of September Event / Sharp Says Its Tablets will Compete Against iPad Soon / iSuppli Expects Apple to Own the Tablet Space Through 2012 / IDC and ZDNet UK Spin Needham Mac Numbers Down / Apple Declines Participation in Eco-Rating of Cellphones by Partner-Carrier O2 / Mozilla Says Firefox 4 Likely to Leave PowerPC Macs Behind / Amazon Trumpets Super Kindle Sales without Supplying Numbers

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Mac OS Ken: 08.25.2010

Bloomberg Says Apple Working 99-cent Rental Deals for TV Shows in the States / WSJ Says Disney Closer than News Corp on Apple TV Show Rental Deal / Apple Releases Security Update for Leopard and Snow Leopard / Report Says China Unicom to Give Away Free Cases with iPhone 4s / New Nokia Smartphone Strips Features to Compete / Dell Outs Its First U-S Smartphone / RIM Buys Mobile Infrastructure Firm Cellmania / Motorola Looks to Strengthen Its App Space with Purchase of 280 North / Apple to Open Two New Retail Locations This Weekend / Electronista Compares Samsung Galaxy Tab to iPad / Samsung Releases Teaser Video of iPad Competitor Galaxy Tab / Amazon Releases Minor Update to Kindle App for iThings / Barnes and Noble Claims to Be Doing Well in Digital as Traditional Book Sales Suffer / Apple Says iTunes U Passes 300 Million Downloads in Just Over 3 Years / Sumo Association Distributes iPads to Sumo Stables

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Mac OS Ken: 08.24.2010

Wu Makes the Case for More iPhone Carriers in the States / Needham and Company Analyst Tracks Mac Growth in Government and Business in the US and Homes in Europe / iPad Shipping Delay Drops Again / Best Buy Plans to Beef Up Tablet Selection Heading into the Holidays / Acer Chairman Says He Expects iPad to Fall to 20 to 30 Percent Tablet Market Share Soon / News Corp Believed to be Staffing Up Its Tablet-Based News Operation / Apple Patent Describes Dual OS iMac with Touchscreen / Apple Patents Easily Blown Out of Proportion Security Tech for Mobile Devices / Engadget Says Developer Kit for Windows Phone 7 Should Be FInalized in Mid-September / Microsoft Says WinPhone 7 Developer Tools Downloaded Over 300k Times So Far / Opposition to Demolition of Jackling House Apparently Withdrawn

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Mac OS Ken: 08.23.2010

Apple CEO Says Fix Still Coming for iPhone 3Gs Running iOS4 / Apple Insider Says Apple Testing New iPad and New iPod Touch and New Something Else in Latest iOS beta / Analysts Kick Around 7-inch iPad Rumor / Analysts See Shorter Wait Times for iPad / Bloomberg Says BlackPad from RIM May Not Use BlackBerry OS / HP Says webOS Tablet to Hit in Early 2011 / LG Marketing Dude Says LG Optimus Will Beat the iPad in Function and Desirability / Rumor Has Google Launching Chrome OS Tablet for Holiday 2010 Sale / Forrester Sees Interest in Tablets Beyond the iPad / RIM Reportedly Eyeing Mobile Ad Network Acquisition / Apple to Shutter Quattro Wireless at the End of September / KT Hits Server Trouble on First Day of iPhone 4 Orders in South Korea / Apple Updates iTunes Terms and Conditions to Address Volume Purchase Program for Apps / iPad Magazine Subscriptions Appear Closer than Ever / Second Build of Next Snow Leopard Update Seeded to Developers / Singaporean Exec Steps Aside in Wake of Comedia del Kickback / SmileOnMyMac Shortens Name to Smile with Growing Importance of iThings

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Alex fills in but not very well.

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Mac OS Ken: 08.18.2010

Rumor has China Unicom Securing Deals to Sell iPhone 4 and iPad / More Asian Suppliers Talk Comedia del Kickback / Macworld UK Focuses on Alleged Roll of Pegatron Manager in Comedia del Kickback / Morgan Stanley Analyst Thinks iPads May Be Cannibalizing Macs / Needham and Company Analyst Says Apple iBookstore May Have Helped Amazon Kindle Business Model / Barnes and Noble Makes Nook App for iPhone and Updates iPad App / 7-Inch iPad Rumor Returns / Apple Ships Snow Leopard Graphics Update Aimed at Games / Midday Tuesday and Things Look Awful for BlackBerry Torch 9800 / End of Day Tuesday and Things Look a Bit Better for BlackBerry Torch 9800 / Microsoft Focuses on Games for Windows Phone 7 / World of Apple Looks at the Overheating iPad Class Action Suit / PA School Will Not Face Federal Charges in MacBook Spying Case / A Number of Pink Floyd Albums Disappear from Online Stores / Mac OS Ken: Live Goes Live Every Wednesday night at 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific on

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Mac OS Ken: 08.17.2010

Munster Says Strong 4Q Guidance from Apple May Still Be Conservative / Munster Keeps Plucking the Apple HDTV Chicken / Asustek Lowers Netbook Sales Numbers Thanks to Competition from iPad / Boy Genius Report Sees Hints at CDMA iPhone and iPad II in iOS 4 Code / New Survey Finds Lots of Verizon Customers Waiting for an iPhone from Big Red / iPhone Pre-Orders for South Korea Begin 18 August for September Delivery / Former Apple Employee Pleads Not Guilty in Kickback Case / Pegatron Subsidiary May Have Participated in Kickback Scheme / Burning iPod nano Delays Japanese Commuter Train / Apple Reportedly Giving Support Forums a Social Network Spin / Sony Mocks iOS Games and Gamers in New PSP Ad / FedEx Driver Held Up by Co-Workers for Apple Deliveries / Adobe Fixes Buggy Photoshop iPad App / Adobe CEO Says His Company is Through Fighting with Apple

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Mac OS Ken: 08.16.2010

ChangeWave Survey Looks at iPhone 4 Owners and A T and T / Apple Insider Says Apple Discussion Forums Appeared Hacks Over the Weekend / Apple Hires Near Field Communications Dude for Mobile Commerce Division / Apple Employee Indicted on Charges of Wire Fraud and Money Laundering and Sued for Taking Bribes and Kickbacks / Apple Adds Restrictions for Multiplayer Games to Game Center beta / Apple Seeds First Developer Build of Next Snow Leopard Update / WSJ Says Apple Has Trouble Out of the Gate with iAds / Technologizer Harry McCracken Rounds Up 32 iPad Competitors in the Works / ITV Rumored to be Upset Over Rumored iTV / MySpace Fires Up Free Music Video App for iPad

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Mac OS Ken: 08.13.2010

Gartner Says Android Overtakes iPhone and BlackBerry in the US / Munster Says US iPhone 4 Supply Improving but Still Sparse / Google Intros Strengthened Voice Search and Chrome-to-Phone for Android / Early Advertiser and App Reviews Look Good for iAds / Bernstein Research Wants Apple to Share Its Billions in Cash with Investors / HP Confirms Windows 7 and webOS Slates / Reg Hardware Says RIM to Debut BlackPad in November / Japan Cool with Apple After Addressing First-Gen iPod Issues / Apple Releases Brightness Fix for Recent 21.5-inch iMacs / Apple Sued for Patent Infringement in iThings / Adobe Update Photoshop iOS App with New Name and iPad Support / Engadget Says Apple Rechargeable Batteries Look to be Sanyo Eneloops in an Apple Wrapper

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Mac OS Ken: 08.12.2010

All Things D Stirs September Apple Event Rumors / Gruber Stokes Talk of CDMA iPhone in Early 2011 / Engadget Renews and Adds to New Apple TV Rumors / Apple Updates iOS to Address Security Vulnerabilities / Apple Replacing Overheating First-Gen nanos in Japan with New First-Gen nanos / Analyst Says Average Smartphone User Consuming 230MB Data Per Month / Microsoft Restoring VBA to Excell 2011 for Mac / Google to Show New Features for Android Today / Reports Says Covent Garden Store Seeing Lines to Get in Four Days Later / RIM Adds Native Support for Podcasts to BlackBerry Line / Links to Apps Discussed on Mac OS Ken: Live 08.11.2010 at

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Mac OS Ken: 08.11.2010

New York Post Says EC Joins FTC in Investigating Apple App Store / Germany Urges Officials to Drop BlackBerry in Addition to iPhone / JP Morgan Analyst Says PC Shipments Fell Off a Cliff in July / Apple Enables Volume Pricing of Apps for Educational Institutions / Microsoft Updates XML Converter and Office for Mac 2004 and 2008 / Dell Streak to Launch This Friday the 13th / Gruber Adds Weight to iPod Touch Camera Talk / UK Survey of BlackBerry Users Shows Lack of Faith in Torch and BlackPad / Engadget Hears Rumors of webOS Tablet from HP in Q1 of 2011 / Plastic Logic Abandons Plans for First-Gen QUE ProReader / Motorola Mobility CEO Talks Potential Growth of iPhone Carriers in the States / Tune in for Mac OS Ken Live - 10PM EDT/7PM PDT Every Wednesday on

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Mac OS Ken: 08.10.2010

Needham Analyst Ups Apple Price Target on Better Than Expected Sales of iThings / Nielsen Examines the iPad/iPhone Halo / Apple Licenses Liquidmetal Technologies IP / Apple Taking Orders for New Mac Pros / Fortune Pokes a Hole in Chowdhry Freshmen Mac Numbers / Microsoft Adds PC Versus Mac Section to Windows 7 Website / Electronista Says Dell Plays Dirty in Mac Comparisons / A T and T Giving U-Verse Subscribers Access to Shows Via iPhone and BlackBerry Torch / Market Researcher Says A T and T Could Be Top US Carrier by Next Year / Apple and RIM Squeezing Out Midrange Phone Makers / Wired Details Cat and Mouse Games in Apple Stores / HP Loses Another Transplanted Palm

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Mac OS Ken: 08.09.2010

Latest iOS beta Adds Ability to Initiate FaceTime Calls by Email Address / Rumor of Apple iPod Event Next Week / BMO Analyst Sees Significant Refresh of MacBook Air and iPod Line / A T and T Says it Sees No Big Loss When it Loses iPhone Exclusivity / TechCrunch Scribe Sees Verizon iPhone for January 2011 / iPhone Hardware Exec Mark Papermaster No Longer Employed by Apple / Daring Fireball Source Says Knowledge of iPhone 4 Antenna Issue Predates Papermaster Tenure at Apple / WSJ: Papermaster and Apple an Ill Fit / HP CEO Resigns at Request of Board of Directors / Best Buy Exec Hints at Best Buy Tablet to Compete with iPad / Japan Orders Apple to Replace Batteries in Some First-Gen iPod nanos / NTT DoCoMo to Officially Support iPhone Unofficially Later This Month / Ono Says No Beatles on iTunes Anytime Soon / Apple Turns on Genius Recommendations for iPad Apps

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Mac OS Ken: 08.06.2010

WSJ: China Unicom to Start Sales of WiFi-Enabled iPhones Next Week / Smartphones: iSuppli Says Android Installs will Top iOS Installs by 2012 / CNN Money Looks at the Importance of Apps to Smartphone Platforms / Google Re-Intros Nexus One as Developer-Only Unit / Global Equities Analyst Downgrades Microsoft on Competition from Mac / iLounge Secret Source Spouts Four Apple Hardware Rumors / Ars Technica Pokes Holes in the iLounge Rumors / Parts Leak Indicate FaceTime Camera for Upcoming iPod Touch / Rumor Has Apple Eyeing Chinese Internet App Company / Amazon Adds Free Word Games for Kindle / Amazon Opens UK Kindle Store / Offers Video Tour of Covent Garden Apple Store / Dish Network Plans to Bring Streaming to iThings (with Special Hardware Requirements)

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Mac OS Ken: 08.05.2010

iPhone Dev Team Releases Unlock for iPhone 4 / Germany Warns Against Exploit Potential in iOS / CNET Says Apple Has Fix for iOS Vulnerability Ready to Go / EC Disses BlackBerry for iPhones and HTC Handsets / ChangeWave Survey Shows Less Satisfied with A T and T than with iPhone 4 Antenna / A T and T Launches WiFi Hot Zone in Chicago / iDigital Says iPad Should Be on Sale in Israel within a Few Weeks / iPad Receives First Approval for Sale in China / Apple Authorized Reseller Opens in Ipswich Next Weekend / News Corp CEO Praises Tablets and the Future of News (Again)

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Mac OS Ken: 08.04.2010

CNET Says iOS4 Jailbreak Points to Potential Security Issue in the OS / Forrester Says Current iPhone and iPad Operating Systems Secure Enough for Most Big Businesses / iPhone 4 Gets Approval for Sale in South Korea (After Five Day Wait) / Apple Seeds Third Beta of iOS 4.1 to Developers / AppleInsider Sees Evidence of Camera for Next Version of iPad / Engadget Finds a Flaw in AppleInsider Evidence of Camera for iPad (Though They Too Think the Next iPad Will Have a Camera) / News Corp CEO Sings Praises of Tablets for News / First iPad Issue of Glamour Hits the App Store / Future of Cloud-based Music Service from Apple Gets Cloudier / RIM Tries at iPhone Space with BlackBerry Torch 9800 / CNET Looks at How and Why the BlackBerry Torch 9800 Became and A T and T Exclusive / Posterous CEO Gives Sneak Peek into Inner Workings of Apple / Some T-Life Stores Reportedly Gouging iPhone 4 Buyers / Join Mac OS Ken: Live - Live Every Wednesday Night 10PM Eastern/7PM Pacific on

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Mac OS Ken: 08.03.2010

Deutsche Bank Analyst Makes Case for Counting iPad as Computer When Counting Computers / NetApplications Says Mac OS X Loses Market Share to Windows in July / Microsoft Announces Pricing and Upgrades for Office for Mac 2011 / Canalys Has Android Phones Gorwing 886 Percent Worldwide and 851 Percent in the States / Nielsen Says Android Sales Beat iPhoen Sales in June Quarter Ahead of iPhone 4 Launch / Foxconn Reportedly Building New Factory Dedicated to iPhone Production / iPhone Dev Team Fixes MMS and FaceTime for Jailbroken iPhone 4s / Microsoft to Roll Windows Phone System 7 System Phone Phones in Europe in October Followed by the States in November / Amazon Exec Questions Apple Share of the eBook Market / Connecticut AG Investigating Apple and Amazon and eBook Pricing / CNET Wonders Over What the Connecticut AG is NOT Looking Into / BBC Testing iPads and Other Tablets Across the Organization / Leicester City Council Wants iPads for Everyone (on the Council) / Apple Updates Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Software to Support Eight More Cameras

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Mac OS Ken: 08.02.2010

Canadian Carrier Rogers Sees Activation Troubles on iPhone 4 Day / Report: New Zealand Gets iPhone 4 Late and Sell Out Early / iPhone Dev Team Releases Easy Jailbreak for All iOS Devices / Mobile Safari Sees Market Share Rise Post iPhone 4 Launch / French iPhone Carrier Advises Against Upgrading iPhone 3G to iOS4 / Apple Running Some of its Own Location-based Services for iOS Devices / Apple Pulls Competitor Phone Videos from Antenna Info Page / Apple Settles One Patent Suit As Another One Rises / Android Wallpaper App Developer Defends Against Malware Accusation / MacRumors Says Mac Pros to Be Available for Order on August 9 / Apple Store Covent Garden to Open Saturday at 10AM / Report: RIM to Launch iPad Competitor in November / Samsung iPad Competitor Could Hit in as Little as Two Weeks / 150-Dollar Android Tablet Shows Up at KMart / News Corp Reportedly Considering Tablet-Centric News Offering

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