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Mac OS Ken: 07.26.2010

Apple Pushes Shipment of White iPhone 4 to Later this Year / Apple Releases App for Free iPhone 4 Case Program / Apple Emails Recipients of iPhone 4 Bumper Refunds / Apple Posts Death Grip Demo Video of Motorola Droid X / Microsoft Becomes ARM Licensee / HTC Plans UI Augmentation for Windows Phone 7 / HP Confirms No More Windows-based Smartphones / Engadget Says WP7 Phone from HTC Spotted Without Sense UI / Yankee Group Survey Shows iOS Beating Android in Terms of Platform Stickiness / Apple Issues Update for Recently Updated iBooks App / Apple Opens Newsstand Section of App Store Aimed at iPad / News Corp Exec Sees Tablets as a Do-Over for Online News / Apple Releases Xcode 4 Developer 2 Preview / MacRumors Sees Possible Signs of Mac Pro Update / Experian Hitwise Says Apple Top Electronics Site in Hong Kong / Apple Tops Laptop Tech Support in 2010 Laptop Magazine Survey

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