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Mac OS Ken: 07.20.2010

The Apple 3Q Earnings Call Tuesday 23 July at 2pm PDT/5pm EDT / The Wuiner and The Wolfman Weigh In on Apple and Antennagate / Apple Pulls iPhone 4 Bumpers from Sale Ahead of Antennagate Case Giveaway / Apple to Launch iPad in Nine More Countries on Friday 23 July / Fortune On Why Investors Should and Should Not Worry About iPhone Sales / Apple Responds to Congressional Concerns Over iTunes and Privacy / Apple Sued for Allegedly Falsely Marking Devices with Inapplicable Patents / Apple Issues Relatively Minor Update for iTunes / iTunes Update Includes Security Fix for Windows Users / Apple Updates iBooks App with Numerous Fixes and Support for A/V Books / Engadget Says It Looks Like the FCC Has Approved a Magic Trackpad for Apple / MacCast: Amazon Listing May Indicate New iLife Suite for the Fall / Google Nexus One Gets Retired / Official: Verizon Discontinues Sales of Microsoft Kin Phones / WSJ Says Nokia May Bo Looking to Replace CEO / HP Seeks Trademark for Term PalmPad / Mac OS Ken - Live Tomorrow Night at 10PM EDT/7PM PDT on UStream-TV

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