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Mac OS Ken: 07.15.2010


Apple to Hold iPhone 4 Centered Press Conference Friday July 16 / Fortune Does the Analyst Roundup on iPhone 4 Antenna Talk / Apple Seeds iOS 4.1 and 4.1 SDK betas to Registered iPhone Developers / One iPhone 4 Owner Calls Attention to Proximity Sensor Issues / WSJ Says Parts Constraints Could Drive Up Prices of CE Goods By Holidays / IDC Says Apple Owns Just Under Nine Percent of US Computer Sales in 2Q / Gartner Says Apple Owns Just Under 10 Percent of US Computer Sales in 2Q / Goldman Sachs Says iPad Set to Eat into Laptop and Netbook Sales / NPD Sees Sizable Interest in Paid iTunes Music Streaming Service / Apple Buys Second Online Mapping Company in Less Than a Year / Microsoft COO Makes Fun of iPhone 4 Issues (Less Than a Month After Killing His Kin)


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