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Mac OS Ken: 07.09.2010


Financial Alchemist Expects Confusing 3Q Leading to Massive 4Q for Apple / Piper Jaffray Analyst Sticks with iPhone Sales Estimates of 9-and-a-half-million for 3Q / Bernstein Analyst Kind of Sort of Guesses and iPad Sales Numbers for FY2011 / Merrill Lynch Analyst Looks at iPhone and the Enterprise / MacNN Says Second Wave of iPhone 4s Appears to be Shipping / Japanese Site Features Pics of Apparent White iPhone 4 Unboxing / comScore Data Shows All Smartphones Losing Some Ground to Android in US in Most Recent Report / Rumor Out of UK of iPod touch Camera Set-Up to Replicate iPhone 4 Camera Set-Up / Parts Suppliers Seem to Support Coming of the Camera-Equipped iPod touch / New Apple TV Rumor Points to 99-cent TV Show Rentals / Developer Claims 13-Hundred-Dollar Payday on Day One of iAds / Microsoft Seeks to Patent Virtual Page Turning for Virtual Books / Good Guys and Bad Music and Fireworks on The Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe


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