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Mac OS Ken: 07.07.2010


Wu Lowers iPhone Sales Expectations for 3Q but Raises iPad Expectations and Apple Price Target / Munster Says iPad not Cannibalizing Mac Sales Right Now / DigiTimes Says iPad Production Up Over 2-Million Units a Month / Apple Acknowledges App Store Book App Developer Fraud / Apple Says Number of Compromised Accounts Was Small / iPhone Users Report Upload-Speed Slowdowns on A T and T 3G Network / EU Considers Apple App Store Antitrust Investigation / Apple Updates MobileMe iDisk App for iOS4 as well as for iPad / Apple Releases Maintenance Update for iMovie for iPhone 4 / Apple to Open Second South Carolina Store in Greenville This Weekend / Mozilla Ships Firefox 4 beta 1 / UK Mobile Reseller Says iPhone 3G Most Recycled Phone in June


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